It's that time of year again!
Continuing the tradition started by Doctor Hmmm? back in 2010, and followed inconsistently since (2011201320142015201620172018 and 2019), here's a catchall thread about any and all shows debuting or returning this fall, with an emphasis on the shows that don't generate their own threads.

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Sad news (at least for me), that All Rise was not renewed for another season. All the backstage turmoil probably didn't help its chances.

I don't know how much advance word the cast and crew got, but this series finale, unlike the one for Mom, felt like a series finale. Several characters moved on to new positions, one burned-out public defender went to go find herself (and decided Puerto Rico was the place to look), one couple got engaged, and the lead character, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Lola Carmichael, rekindled the fire in her belly to run for a full term. '

Judge Carmichael was waffling, disillusioned by the kind of politicking and fundraising necessary, defensive about the attacks on her record in the news media, overwhelmed with being a new mother whose FBI agent husband couldn't swing a transfer out of the D.C. headquarters, and not wanting the fight against an unwanted political enemy -- a businessman and candidate for mayor, the kind of rich, arrogant, elite, upper crust bastard Columbo frequently contended with, whose bratty son was on trial for murder in Judge Carmichael's court.

After the son got convicted and Judge Carmichael sentenced him, our businessman held a press conference declaring he would use all his resources to ensure she loses the election. And I've always wondered about judges running for re-election (or in this case, election; she was appointed, and then is running for a term in her own right): How does a judge campaign? It's not like they can say "I give out longer sentences than the next judge," or "No criminal gets off on a technicality in MY courtroom!"

Anyway, Judge Carmichael was feeling glum about all of these things, and it didn't help that her FBI agent husband says he's got an pending undercover assignment that would take him to Ohio for at least three months. But before the end of the episode, he says he not only turned it down, he resigned. The FBI counter-offered with a leave of absence, so he pledged to be a stay-at-home dad while she ran for election.

Buoyed by that support, the loving couple cemented their love with a joyous second wedding, held on a pier in Los Angeles Harbor, attended by most of their friends (except for the one who was finding herself in Puerto Rico and another who joined in via Zoom). It seemed like a party for the cast and crew and viewers as much as it was for the characters. 

I'll miss this show.

This is belated, but The Hollywood Reporter offers its list of what was canceled and what was renewed for the 2021 season:

"Broadcast TV Scorecard 2021: What’s New, Renewed and Canceled"

NBC cancels Good Girls

from TVLine: "Good Girls Cancelled at NBC — And It (Sadly) Won't Be Moving to Netflix"

Accordingly, TVLine updates its broadcast renewals and cancellations list: "2021 Broadcast-TV Renewal Scorecard"

Canceled even before it began: 

From Deadlne: "‘Law & Order: For The Defense’ Not Moving Forward; New ‘L&O’ Spinoff In Works At NBC"

Here's an interesting essay from Collider on Superman & Lois, making the case that the show has done a better job writing for Lois than for Superman -- and Clark Kent. I particularly am intrigued by the observation that the show was better when Morgan Edge was Lois's villain, so to speak, and the story "fell apart" when he was revealed to be a rogue Kryptonian and became Superman's villain.

"Lois Lane Is the Glue Holding 'Superman and Lois' Together"

B Positive is renewed for a second season, and retooling its premise a bit. It was hung on the friendship of high school acquaintances Drew and Gina, and her generosity in donating a kidney to him. Drew's a counselor and a sad sack (and the weak link in the show); Gina is a driver at a senior citizen's home, and two of the residents are played by old pros Bernie Koppell and Linda Lavin.

Season 1 ended with Drew and Gina actually having the kidney surgery, which surprised me; I thought they would drag that out for one more year. With that done, where does the show go from there?

The plan is to really focus on Gina's job; not only did they elevate Linda Lavin to a series regular, they're adding several residents to the nursing home and bringing in some star power -- Jane Seymour, Ben Vereen, Anna Maria Horsford. Also, they're moving the guy who was Drew's dialysis nurse to a job as nurse at the senior citizens' home. 

From The Hollywood Reporter"CBS’ ‘B Positive’ Overhauls Cast, Premise Ahead of Season 2"

Now, if they were to phase Drew out of this scenario entirely, I would not mind at all. 

The article is very interesting and I generally agree with it. Making Morgan Edge a Kryptonian was a stretch. It was worse that he was Kal-El’s half-brother, saying that (IIRC) one of Kal’s parents (I forget which) was Edge’s parent. Edge was more interesting as a regular A-hole antagonist.

I didn’t realize that Bitsie was married to the star of her previous series Grimm (2011-2017). On recent promos she has self-identified as Bitsie. She was credited with that name until the last season. Even though her character was “the girlfriend” they didn’t give her much to do until they killed her and she came back as a less-than-human version of herself. This made me even more pleased with her portrayal of Lois as the strongest character on the show. It would be nice, however, if Clark had more to do outside of super stuff.

B Positive has been a good show. I wonder whether they were stuck with the kidney transplant when they thought they were ending the series, or whether they had already decided to shift the focus?

This reminds me of how Mom gradually changed from a family interaction show (first they dumped Christy's kids) to a show mainly about the interesting characters in the AA group.

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