It's that time of year again!

We've done this before (hereherehereherehere and here), but now it's time for this year! This is a place for comments about any and all shows, but especially for shows that don't generate their own threads.

Doctor Hmmm? didn't start it this year, and I'm pretty late in doing it myself. But hey, the whole "all the new shows launch in September" approach is increasingly falling by the wayside. 

For my part, I'm sticking with my favorites: The Flash, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Grey's Anatomy, Superstore, Empire, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Chicago Fire, Brooklyn Nine-NineJane the Virgin, and The Big Bang Theory.

Waiting the return of summer series Suits, Wrecked and GreenleafBeing Mary Jane won't do another season; instead, it will wrap with a two-hour finale.

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New shows for me are The Orville and Young Sheldon.

Jeff of Earth-J said:

New shows for me are The Orville and Young Sheldon.

So how is Young Sheldon? Entertainment Weekly really liked it.

It's not new, but I'm also grooving on ER. A few months back, the Pop channel carried the show from the beginning, up to the sixth season. I'd seen most of those, but kind of drifted away. Unfortunately, Pop started over after it ran the last of the sixth season, and then started over again.

Recently, it started carrying episodes from the seventh season. How far they'll go I don't know, but I'm two-thirds of the way through the eighth season. I've seen some but not all of these, including the final fate of Carla Reese*, the final fate of Dr. Cleo Finch**, the final fate of Dr. Dave Malucci***, and the final fate of Dr. Peter Benton****. Still to come is the final fate of Dr. Robert Romano*****.

spoiler photo spoiler.gif

* Carla Reese is the mother of Dr. Benton's kid, Reese. She was killed in a car crash.

** Dr. Finch got a job at clinic for twice the pay and half the stress.

*** After a long series of screwups -- including killing a patient -- and constantly being a thorn in the side of Dr. Weaver, she fired him when she opened the back door of an ambulance parked in the emergency bay and found Malucci shtupping the paramedic.

**** With Carla's death, Dr. Benton got into a messy custody dispute over the boy with her widowed husband (the boy wasn't the biological son of either man; it's a long story), he impressed the judge by quitting County General, and its 12-hour-plus workdays and six- and seven-day workweeks, and took a job at the clinic with Dr. Finch for twice the pay and half the stress.

***** The arrogant, bigoted, obnoxious Romano loses his arm in a helicopter accident ... and then a year later, loses his life when the same helicopter crashed on him.

"So how is Young Sheldon? Entertainment Weekly really liked it."

So far, only one episode has aired... a couple of weeks ago on a Monday. Soon (tomorrow?) it will return on its regular day, Thursday. It's filmed rather than taped, so it has a different look to it. I liked the first episode and expect to enjoy the rest. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys The Big Bang Theory.

Regarding ER, there's also the final fate of Dr. Mark Greene, who spoiler photo spoiler.gif succumbs to a brain tumor. They do it in two parts.

In the first, it's at the hospital, where they receive a fax -- a handwritten letter from Dr. Greene, who has gone to Hawaii to spend his final days with his second wife, their daughter and his elder daughter from his first marriage. Dr. Carter reads it aloud to all; it expresses Dr. Greene's thoughts about life and his appreciation for his colleagues ... and ends with an addendum from his wife, Dr. Elizabeth Corday, that he died.

The next part shows the other side: Greene and his family in Hawaii, where he was born -- he's a Navy brat -- and he tries to connect with his teenage daughter while he can in the time he has left.

Four hankys for the first part, and a whole case of Kleenex for the second.

I made this thread just in time to note the first effective cancellation of the season: "CBS Pulls Comedy Me, Myself & I From Schedule"

These days, networks don't declare a show canceled; they do other things like cut the episode order, take it off the air, and run remaining episodes when they know nobody's watching, like Saturdays at 9. That's the fate of Me, Myself & I, which still has seven episodes to be produced.

ClarkKent_DC said:

These days, networks don't declare a show canceled; they do other things like cut the episode order, take it off the air, and run remaining episodes when they know nobody's watching, like Saturdays at 9.

I was hoping NBC would air the episode of Powerless that has the cast doing death-defying things after they find out Superman can turn back time. Didn't happen.

These days, with all of the options to catch up with a series at a later date, I tend to avoid shows that sound like they are DOA, which usually works out as they are cancelled early. In the case of series that sound (to me) like they could be good or horrible, like Young Sheldon, I figure I will catch up with it if it continues and is generally well-received. I will shortly be catching up with This Is Us, since it has been very well-received.

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World is better than it ought to be, because Jason Ritter is better than I expected.

Once Upon a Time is also better than I expected, given that reboots so rarely work.  I'm enjoying this, but I expect that I'm in the minority, and I doubt the show will survive to see a Season 8.

After suffering through season 4's homage to the movie Frozen, I gave up on Once Upon a Time. My wife was ready to give up before I was.

I enjoyed Jason Ritter's work in Joan of Arcadia and various guest roles in other series. I didn't watch Parenthood. If Kevin (Probably) Saves the World sticks around I'll catch up with it.

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