For those who arrived late... The DC One Million Blogs

There's been a few changes around here since I started my epic series of blog posts on DC One Million, the September 1998 mega-crossover.


The bigeroonie is that what used to be blog-posts have now largely slipped into the ether.  New discussions of that sort will now be called 'Columns' and will be formatted and filed slightly differently. This is a bit of a problem, as the first column in my exciting (at least to me) new series will be a continuation of my DC One Million posts and will build on them somewhat. 


So I thought I'd put up this series of links as a prelude to my next installment, and as a bit of housekeeping in my new section.  


DC One Million - Week 1


DC One Million issue 1... The Games are afoot!... The Mercury Strand - Shazam and The Flash


DC One Million - Week 2


DC One Million #2 ... Bruce Wayne in the 853rd Century... Every comic might be someone's worst.


DC One Million - Week 3


The visiting team take the field ... DC One Million #3 ...  JLA 1,000,000!... There's a Starman waiting in the sky


DC One Million - Interlude


The Search for Dan Jurgens... You Are Not A Gadget... Those who are about to be cancelled salute you


DC One Million - Week 4


Stranded... Plotting Apocalypse... Some Martian dust in my eye... DC One Million #4... The Sun shines out of his...


DC One Million - Week 5


Hitman vs Liefield... Peter David Strikes Back!... Long live the Legion!


DC One Million - Epilogue I


Not the End! ... Hourman Heads Home... An 80-Page Giant... Before Before Watchmen.


DC One Million Epilogue II


Booster Gold! ... Geoff! ... Johns! ... Time-Travellin' Heroes... Whatever Happened to the DCU?




DC One Million Epilogue III


The future ain't what it used to be ... All change, please!


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