A Comic A Day: New Teen Titans #6

The New Teen Titans #6

March 1985

Cover art by: George Perez

Story: Titansmania

Writer: Marv Wolfman & George Perez

Pencils: Dan Jurgens

Inks: Romeo Tanghal

The Titans have returned to New York City with a hero's welcome for defeating Trigon. The city is throwing them a parade and some of the Titans like Changeling are eating up. Wonder Girl and a few others are very uncomfortable with all of the attention.

A bit later the team returns to the site of their base, which has been destroyed. A city employee then informs them, that the cost of rebuilding the base won't be paid by the city. The Titans are own their own on this one. Also, the each member of the Titan is going through their own separate difficulties. Wonder Girl losing her privacy (she never assumed a secret ID or mask), Cyborg being pursued by the press as well because of his body, etc. Well, Donna's boyfriend, the oh-so-creppy, Terry suggest that the teens go on a retreat, get reacquainted, and let everyone know what is on their mind.

The team goes, and it strengthens their bond.

Okay, that doesn't explain much. They flew to the Grand Canyon and they relate what Trigon showed them, which was their deepest fear. They all still suffer nightmares because of what Trigon did to them. Vic also reminds them they are still just a bunch of teenagers who had to grow up quickly.

A nice little transitional issue between arcs. With very solid art by Jurgens and Tanghal.

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  • I always enjoyed these "breathers" right after a multi-part story.  This book and LSH in that era did them very well.

  • John Dunbar (the mod of maple) said:

    I always enjoyed these "breathers" right after a multi-part story.  This book and LSH in that era did them very well.

    Indeed. I always liked them as well.

  • I really miss stories like this, where the heroes got to take a break, and display the friendships that keep their teams together. Too bad they don't fit into the current story telling model. Ok, I thought the "after-party" issues of the latest Young Avengers "mini-series" was fun...

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