Punisher War Journal #70

September 1994

Cover art by: Hugh Haynes & Scott Koblish

Story: Warm Bodies: Last Entry Prelude

Writer: Steve Grant

Pencils: Hugh Haynes

Inks: Scott Koblish

Payback is captured by a member of V.I.G.I.L. who believes Payback killed a police man. The female Punisher shows up in 2 panels. The Punisher himself? We see him for 2 pages as he buys a used car.

This was a pretty spare comic, and I read about 10 issues give or take that had V.I.G.I.L. in it, and I got tired of them pretty fast. I can't imagine how it was like for people who read the various Punisher series for the long haul! They sure got a snootful of them.

There was also a back-up, but I pretty much skipped it as it was part 4.

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