Punisher War Zone #22

December 1993

Cover art by: Hoang Nguyen

Story: Taking Tiger Mountain

Writer: Larry Hama

Art: Hoang Nguyen

Assists: Han Nguyen

ARGH! My eyes!

I often say that the comics from the 90s get a bad rap, but man this cover just about encompasses all that is wrong from that era. No idea why The Punisher has red and black eyes, or why he is so roided up. The only thing that would have made it perfect if it was a chromium cover or some other gimmick. Give me the boring Prime cover.

On to the story!

The Punisher has tracked mad-dog bomber, DX to the country of Madripoor. He shows up unarmed. Gets into some fisticuffs. Meets General Coy who offers to give the Punisher anything he wants if he kills DX for him. DX has taken Tiger Mountain which also has Coy's ammo depot. This works for Frank since he is after DX anyways.

At Tiger Mountain, Trish Gambello is leading an attack already. Trish is the widow of a mafia don, who has vowed revenge on DX. And Punisher too, I think. DX shoots Trish's helicopter down, and he is just about to kill her when the Punisher arrives.

Frank wants DX to fight him hand-to-hand, which DX agrees to. Trish is dangling from the cliff by a rope. The Punisher and DX fight on top of the crates of ammo. DX eventually gets the upper hand and pulls out a pistol. On his end Frank pulls out an asbestos fire suit. It seems General Coy has sent a plane to finish both of them off. DX remains on all of the ammo as bombs drop on them.

Frank lives because of the suit, apparently. To me. NO WAY! There is no way that fire suit would protect from the concussive blast of all of that ammo blowing up. I call total bull on that.

Now that I got that out of my system. Frank walks away and leaves Trish in the the jungle.

Um, yeah. This is just terrible.

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