Ok, here's an idea for a fun contest. I post a section from a comic cover and you guys try and guess what cover it's from.Whoever guesses correctly, gets to post a portion of a cover themselves, and we all get to guess. It's not good form to post a very tiny part of the cover, as it makes the contest too difficult.

Here's my starter - a clue is that this particular cover (like all of mine) is from the Silver-Age.

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And in case anyone is wondering what the original cover that started this thread looks like (The Fly #29), here it is. I bought this on eBay last week for 2 pounds.

Here is my submission, and it's from the Silver-Age:

This had to be a WWII cover, because it's a German tank; and it had to be DC, because the artist is Joe Kubert. But there also had to be a curve. Then I got it:

Showcase #53 (1964).

Right you are, sir!

Thanks! Here's the cover, for those who've not seen it (image from the GCD):

The next issue featured "G.I. Joe" too.

And here's my submission:

This is from another GCG scan. I used to have an Australian reprint with this story.

Superman # 216 (May, 1969)


Thanks, Luke.  This is a fun game, but I think it needs some parameters.  At least, for my submissions, to give everyone a fighting chance.  And since Steve W didn't provide any limitations for the game overall, here will be the ones I use in selecting my excerpts from covers:

1.  I will use only covers of comics published in the Golden and Silver and Bronze Ages; essentially, 1939-94.  Yes, that widens the scope.

2.  The good news is I will draw from covers of issues published by DC and Marvel only.  That narrows the field, I believe, sufficiently.

With those requirements in place, here is my next submission:

Good luck!

Wow -- a Joe Kubert Superman cover!

Commander Benson said:

Superman # 216 (May, 1969)

The GCD found a couple more for me. He drew an unused cover for the Superman vs. Mumammad Ali tabloid - I've seen that online - the Superman/Demon cover and story for DC Comics Presents #66, and an alternative cover for Superman: World of New Krypton #8.

In Superman #216 Superman assists US troops fighting the Vietnam War. It's by Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru, and not very good.

Maybe we need a time limit on each submission?

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