Ok, here's an idea for a fun contest. I post a section from a comic cover and you guys try and guess what cover it's from.Whoever guesses correctly, gets to post a portion of a cover themselves, and we all get to guess. It's not good form to post a very tiny part of the cover, as it makes the contest too difficult.

Here's my starter - a clue is that this particular cover (like all of mine) is from the Silver-Age.

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Here's my first one.

Luke Blanchard said:

In Superman #216 Superman assists US troops fighting the Vietnam War. It's by Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru, and not very good.

From the summary of this story that I read, it really sounds bad. Troops begging Superman for help?

Also, Kubert's cover art is indistinguishable from his WWII covers, and should have been up-to-date.

It's possible the cover was done first and the story written to match it. I don't know one can tell from the cover that Kubert didn't mean the giant to be German.

Come to think of it, that could explain why the giant in the story is American rather than Vietnamese: to fit the cover! On the other hand, the story represents Superman as going to Vietnam because he's been getting letters saying he should be helping the troops, and it's possible DC really was getting such letters. There's an account of the story here.

The Commander's cover is a "Ghost Breaker" cover from Star Spangled Comics #124 with art by Leonard Starr. I found it by accident: I thought the white bubbles top right were parts of an "S" and checked S titles.

Interesting to read the more detailed summary of the Superman "King Cong" story. Pretty grotesque. Those enemy tanks were never out of North Vietnam until years later, by the way, and in 1969 the Viet Cong no longer existed. The actual North Vietnamese Army, which had been infiltrating through Cambodia and Laos since early in the war, was the only remaining force.

Mr. Willis' excerpt is from Doom Patrol # 87 (May, 1964).

I won't be able to post my next submission until late to-night, so if someone else wants to take my slot and post one, it's O.K. with me.

I hope Commander Benson won't mind me jumping in here with a cut from a cover. This is from a silver-age DC.

Action # 301 (June 1963)

Post-Silver, pre-Bronze. That's all the clue you'll need.

Not too difficult Dave, considering your avatar.  Your cut is from Jimmy Olsen #141 "Rushing Towards The Greatest Climax Ever Seen In Comics".  Kirby never was one to undersell himself!

Good luck with this one.

Amazing Adult Fantasy 11, art by Steve Ditko.


Wasn't meant to be difficult. I just used that one because I know how much Mr. Age loves seeing that cover appearing in his forum.

Steve W said:

Not too difficult Dave, considering your avatar.  Your cut is from Jimmy Olsen #141 "Rushing Towards The Greatest Climax Ever Seen In Comics".  Kirby never was one to undersell himself!

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