I haven't done a new timeline in awhile, so I thought I'd try one based on Japanese popular culture as I have known it.  Later, I intend to follow up with an overall history of the timeline, to give sense of what its history would be like.


The Primeval Era

The Universe began with the creation of the great swirling mass of primal energy that later came to be known as the "Galaxy Cauldron". (1) From the heart of the Cauldron, there eventually sprang forth the being known as the Phoenix, which caused life to spread throughout the universe, and the being known as the Great Will of the Macrocosm, which caused selected life forms to develop a sense of purpose.

As life spread, various higher beings also came into existence. these were the gods later worshipped by many raaces, including humanity.  And, as life spread, so did its necessary counterpart, death, overseen by the beings known as shinigami.

On the Earth, the creatures known as dinosaurs arose to dominate the planet. Intelligent humanoids of unknown provenance also dwelt on the Earth in those days, and one of them, the mad witch Queen Bandora, caused a meteor to strike the Earth, brining about the extinction of most of the dinosaurs.

Even as this was happening, the last of the higher beings to spring from the Galaxy Cauldron, Selene and Nephelenia, emerged and began the long journey that would eventually bring them to Earth.

For the next several million years, life on Earth recovered and developed, only to be set back again after a visit by the space dragon known as "King Ghidorah".


Life once again recovered and developed, occasionally abetted and modified by various alien visitors. Eventually, the human race evoled. However, for reasons as yet unknown, human evolution diverged, so that in addition to "normal" humans, there arose races of elves, centaaurs, goat-folk, angel-folk, mer-folk, draconids, and others. Meanwhile, in Antarcitca, the snake-people evolved, unrelated to humanity, but just as intelligent.


13,700,000,000 B.C.: The Universe begins. The Galaxy Cauldron is created.


13,500,000,000 B.C.: The Phoenix and the the Great Will of the Macrocosm are among the earliest-evolved beings.


600,000,000 B.C.: The evil robot Bakkasufundo is banished to deep space.


200,000,000 B.C.: Susano Orbatos manifests in the Yamata People's Empire.


65,000,000 B.C.: A meteor sent by the witch Bandora, impacts the Earth, causing the extinction of most of the dinosaurs. Bandora is subsequently imprisoned by the wizard Barza.          
Selene and Nephelenia are born in the Galaxy Cauldron. They begin their journey to Earth.


50,000,000 B.C.: King Ghidorah visits Earth for the first time, wiping out much of the life on Earth.


9,000,000 B.C.: The first Transformers are constructed.


4,000,000 B.C.: A group of Transformers crashlands on Earth.


650,000 B.C. : Alien scientists experiment on humans, creating shapeshifting creatures called Zoanoids. The leader of the Zoanoids is a Zoalord called Archanfel. The aliens bond a human test subject with a bio-suit called a "guyver". Becoming Guyver Zero, the subject goes berserk, and the aliens send Archanfel to destroy him. Afterwards, frightened by humanity's potential, the aliens attempt to destroy Earth. Archanfel stops them, but is severely weakened. Archanfel goes into a prolonged hibernation to recover.


98,014 B.C.: Lord Deji Devil is born.


The Legendary Age

Humanity grew, and began to divide up into nations.  As they did so, there were the first manifestations of the beings that later came to be known as "Hetalians", strange living national avatars, whose behaviors reflected those of the nations that spawned them.

The founding of the Silver Millennium Moon Kingdom and the Elysian Golden Kingdom marked the beginning of what come to be thought of as a golden age, where the world was divided up into myriad kingdoms, largely at peace with one another. Still there were adventures a-plety during these years, and heroes lived to become legends, including Link of Hyrule, Marth of Altea, and the sorceress Lina Inverse.

In what would come to be known as the Kanto region, a civilization arose which created the bizarre creatures known as Pokémon. However, when this civilization collapsed some ten thousand years later, the Pokémon escpaed into the wild and spread throughout the world, largley supplanting "normal" animals in most ecological niches.

The end of the Legendary Age is generally fixed to the fall of the Golden and Silver Kingdoms, which lead to worldwide convulsions. One fragment of civiliation that did survive was on what would come to be known as Infant Island, where the creature known as Mothra was created to defend the Earth from external threats. Other surviviors included the undersea kingdon of Mu and Seatopia.


50,000 B.C.: In what will one day be known as the Kanto region,  a civilization adept at both science and sorcery arises. From their bioengineering, the first Pokémon are created.
The Moon Kingdom called Silver Millennium first created. The Golden Kingdom in the Elysian realm of Earth first created. Selene becomes Queen Serenity.


40,000 B.C.: The civilization that created the Pokémon has collapsed, and their technology is largely lost. However, Pokémon breed wild, spreading throhghout the world.


20,000 B.C.: The first Sailor Pluto is born on the planet Pluto.


18,011 B.C.: The Faerie Race imprisons the violent Demon Tribes.


14,000 B.C: Link and Princess Zelda of Hyrule battle the evil Ganondorf for control of the powerful magic known as the Tri-Force.


13,000 B.C.: Marth of Altea and Roy of Pharae serve as the guardians of their respective kingdoms.


12,000 B.C.:  The  sorceresses Lina Inverse and Naga the White Serpent seek their fortunes.


11,000 B.C.: Parn begins his quest to clear his father's name. 


10,000 B.C.: Uprising on Earth against the Silver Millennium instigated by Queen Beryl. Most on both sides are killed, including the current Golden kingdom prince, Endymion, and his lover, Silver Millennium princess Serenity. All are sent to the future to be reborn. Queen Serenity dies.
Mothra battles Gigan on Infant Island.


Historical Times

At this point in history, much - though by no means all- of the magic went out of the world.  Many of the world's retreated to remote, inaccessible "hidden kingdoms", some even to extradimensional realms.  Those powerful magical weapons talismans that did remain - such as the cursed sword Soul Edge and the eto gun - were considered all the more precious for their rarity, and were fought over fiercely, sometimes even for centuries. Those magical creatures that still walked the Earth sometimes found themselves hunted by the monster-hunters known "Darkstalkers".

Human history continued much as it did in our own world until shortly after the Second World War, when the Planet Mamango passed through our Solar System, prompting terrestrial scientists to pay it a visit. Humanity was taking a closer look at the wider universe.  As though to return the favor, the wider universe wasabout to start taking a closer look at it.


9,115 B.C.: The Kingdom of Di Gi Charat is founded on the planet Di Gi Charat.


4,067 B.C.: War breaks out between the Dai and Gorma nations in what is now China.

4,045 B.C.: Jedah Dohma is born.


4,013 B.C.: The Dai and Gorma nations vanish.


2,664 B.C.: Anakaris is born.


1,020 B.C.: The Vader Clan destroys the planet Denji. Denji survivors flee to Earth, interbreeding with the local population.


1,002 B.C.: Baruban space pirates attack the hidden forest of Ginga, but are driven off.

976 B.C.: In a fit of jealousy, the goddess Venus curses the unicorn Unico to forever drift through time.

753 B.C.: First appearance of "Rome", the earliest known Hetalian.


100 B.C.: Rival groups of cultists create the monsters known as Astaroth and Charade as part of their battle to obtain the cursed sword Soul Edge.


97 B.C.: Sophitia Alexandra, armed by Hephaestus himself, defeats Astaroth and prevents him from obtaining Soul Edge.


94 B.C.: Sophitia’s younger sister Cassandra, using her older sister’s weapons, defeats Charade and prevents him from obtaining Soul Edge.


28 B.C.: The Shiranui clan begin their plan to conquer Japan.


A.D. 200: Somewhere in Europe, a man contaminated by Soul Edge becomes the monster Necrid.


A.D. 240: Queen Himiko of Yamatai seeks to obtain the blood of the legendary phoenix in order to gain immortality, but in the end her kingdom is overthrown by Lord Ninigi of the Takamagahara.


A.D. 320: The warring nations of Yamato and Kumaso each send representatives to seek the blood of the legendary phoenix.


A.D. 520: Aliens leave the robot Huitzil in Mexico.


A.D. 663: A Korean named Harima, having sided with Japan in a losing battle, is punished by having a wolf's head attached over his own. Fleeing to Japan with a local witch and a wounded Japanese general, he is rewarded for his loyalty and becomes Lord Inugari. Even as he becomes caught up in what will become the Jinshin Rebellion, he dreams of the life of Bando Suguru in the 21st Century.


A.D. 752: Two men, the killer Gao and the woodcarver Akanemaru, have their lives touched by the legendary phoenix.


A.D. 1150: In Japan, the bandit Tajomaru is accused of the murder of a samurai and the rape of the samurai's wife.


A.D. 1172: In Kyoto, a wood-cutter named Benta and his fiancéee, Obu, become caught up in the war between the Taira and the Minamoto, and in Taira no Kiyomori's plan to obtain the blood of the legendary phoenix.


A.D. 1430:  In China, the warrior Kilik is possessed by Soul Edge. His friend, the swordswoman Chai Xianghua, frees him from its influence.


A.D. 1454:Princess Sapphire of Silverland battles Duke Duralumon to gain her rightful throne.

A.D. 1467: Lord Daigo sells the body of his newborn son Hyakkimaru to forty-eight devils in return for a promise of great power. 

A.D. 1481: Hyakkimaru Daigo sets out to reclaim his body from the devils that possess it. While on this quest, he meets the child thief Dororo.

A.D. 1483: Demitri Maximoff is born.


A.D. 1497: Higurashi Kagome arrives in old  Japan, where she meets the half-demon Inu-Yasha, and gets caught up in the search for the Shikon shards.


A.D. 1498: When the warrior woman Sakonnosuke kills Yaobikuni, the healing Nun of Houraiji, the phoenix condemns her to live the Nun's life backwards in time.
The Emishi prince Ashitaka gets caught up in a war between the inhabitants of Irontown, led by Lady Eboshi, and the nature spirits, led by Princess Mononoke.


A.D. 1500: The kami  Majin animates a stone statue, punishing oppressors in Japan.


A.D. 1514: In Japan, the benevolent pirate Yoshimitsu, the warrior woman Taki and the ronin Mitsurugi Heishiro fight to keep Soul Edge out of the hands of a rebellious feudal lord.


A.D. 1554: A small village in Japan hires seven samurai – Kambei, Katsuhiro, Katayama, Kyuzo, Hayashida, Shichiroji and Kikuchiyo – to defend their village from bandits. The samurai help the villagers defeat the bandits, although four of the samurai are killed in the process.


A.D. 1557: Washizu Taketoki becomes lord of Spider’s Web Castle in Japan, but is soon overthrown by the son of his friend Miki Yoshiaki.


A.D.1558: After a battle between the Japanese realms of Yamana and Akizuki, General Makabe Rokurota escapes to the friendly realm of Hayakawa with Princess Yuki of Akizuki and the Akizuki gold reserves, enlisting the unwilling help of peasants Matashichi and Tahei to do so.


A.D. 1585: Lord Ichimonji Hidetora attempts to divide his lands among his three sons and then abdicate, with disastrous results.

The Zoalord Archanfel, still not fully recovered, encounters a human who calls himself Hamilcar Barca, and who claims to be descended from the rulers of Carthage. Together they found the group that comes to be known as the Chronos Corporation, designed to search the world for any surviving "guyver" technology.


A.D. 1593: During a Japanese invasion, a young Korean patriot named Hong Yun-seong sets out to gain control of Soul Edge to use against the Japanese, but is stopped by the swordswoman Se-ong Mi-na, who convinces him that it is too terrible a weapon to use, even in a good cause.


A.D. 1600: A German knight named Siegfried Schtauffen  gains control of Soul Edge and is transformed into the monster Nightmare. In England, Isabella “Ivy” Valentine, whose father was destroyed by Soul Edge, hears rumors of this and sets out for Germany to find him. Likewise, in Valencia, Spain, the undead pirate Cervantes de Leon learns about Nightmare and proceeds to Germany.


A.D. 1601: Ivy, Nightmare and Cervantes meet in Ostrheinsburg, Germany. Ivy and Nightmare ally to defeat Cervantes. With the last vestiges of his humanity, Nightmare buries himself and Soul Edge under a landslide. Ivy returns to England.


A.D. 1620: Ogami Itto is born.


A.D. 1647: Ogami Daigoro is born.


A.D. 1673: Bishamon the samurai is born.

A.D, 1678: Morrigan Aensland is born.


A.D. 1705: The Okinawan pirate Maxi stops a warlord from gaining control of Soul Edge.


A.D. 1730: Hsien-Ko is born.


A.D. 1810: French swordsman Raphael Sorel obtains Soul Edge, but hides it away in his family chateau in Rouen for fear that using it will contaminate him.


A.D. 1823: Hanshichi of Kanda is born.


A.D. 1825: In Palermo, a wealthy merchant known as Vercci buries his personal fortune in what comes to be known as the Money Pit, creating the monster known as Voldo to guard it. Vercci then sets out on a quest to find Soul Edge. He never returns.

A.D. 1830: The creature known as Victor von Gerdenheim is re-animated.


A.D. 1840: In the Philippines, a girl named Talim battles to keep Soul Edge out of the wrong hands.


A.D. 1841: Hanshichi of Kanda solves his first major case.


A.D. 1842: First-known adventure of the blind masseur/swordsman Zatoichi.
Donovan Baine is born.


A.D. 1857:Living in an Edo slum, a thief named Sutekichi finds himself plumbing the lower depths of human existence.


A.D. 1865: A young doctor named Yasumoto Noboru is assigned to an Edo clinic run by Doctor Niide Kyojio, commonly known as “Red Beard”.
The first known appearance of the being known as “Kawakami Tomie”. Tomie takes the form of a teenaged girl, and, for at least the next 150 years, drives men to murder her, only for her to be reborn again and again.


A.D. 1875: Kashima Yuki is born.


A.D. 1877: Lady Crystal "Christie" Hope, niece of the great detective Sherlock Holmes, is born.


A.D. 1878: A Chinese girl named Mingchao, living in the American West, gets caught up in the battle to control the mystic eto gun.


A.D. 1882: Sugata Sanshiro begins studying  judo.


A.D. 1887: Christie Hope meets Mina Tepes. 

A.D. 1889: Lord Raptor is born.

A.D. 1890: Murakashi Kinya meets Mizushima Tomo.


A.D. 1893: Mizushima Tomo is executed for the murder of Iwabachi Gozo. Murakoshi Kinya kills himself shortly afterward.


A.D. 1895: In Steam City, Detective Narutaki, Nurse Ling Ling, butler Kawakubo and the robot Koriki begin operating as the "Steam Detectives".


A.D. 1903: The yeti known as "Sasquatch" is born.


A.D. 1919:Mifune Daisuke is born in Tokyo, Japan.
Isono Sazae is born.


A.D. 1921: Kazami Aya is born in Tokyo, Japan.


A.D. 1923: Tokyo Prefectural 49th Junior High School is established.


A.D. 1924: Sister Rosette Christopher and the demon Chrono begin fighting demons for the Magdalene Order in New York City. 
A.D. 1928: Kuruma Torajiro, later known as “Tora-san”, is born in Tokyo.


A.D. 1930: First known appearance of the Golden Bat.


A.D. 1936: Adolf Kaufmann meets Adolf Kamil.


A.D. 1939: Mifune Daisuke marries Kazami Aya.
With the start of the Second World War, the Hetalians begin their own version of the conflict.


A.D. 1940:  Mifune Kenichi is born in Tokyo, Japan.
Jon Talbain is born.


A.D. 1941: When her dissident boyfriend is killed, Yagihara Yukie goes to live on his parents' farm.


A.D. 1943: Tokyo Prefectural 49th Junior High School is renamed Tokyo Metropolitan 49th Junior High School.


A.D. 1944: Watanabe Tsuru works for the East Asian Optics, Ltd. Hiratsuka Factory.


A.D. 1945: The beating, undying heart of Frankenstein’s Monster is taken out of Germany by U-boat and delivered to a Japanese submarine in the Indian Ocean. It is then taken to Hiroshima, where it is presumed destroyed in the atomic blast.
Grade schooler Nakaoka Gen loses several members of his family during the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.
The Yamamori yakuza family is founded in Kure City, Japan. One of its founding members is Hirono Shozo.
Ayako Tenge is born.


A.D. 1947:  Yamamura Sadako is born.
The planet Mamango passes through Earth's Solar System. Doctor Shikishima Kenichi leads an expedition to visit it.


A.D. 1948: Tokyo Metropolitan 49th Junior High School is reclassified as Tokyo Metropolitan 49th High School.
The super-intelligent rabbit Mimio helps humanity battle a race of subterranean termite people.

A.D. 1949: Mifune Goh, Tateishi “Sparky” Sabu and Shimura “Trixie” Michi are born in Tokyo, Japan.
Jiro Tenge returns to Japan after having been a P.O.W.


A.D. 1950: Tokyo Metropolitan 49th High School is renamed Tokyo Metropolitan Cromartie High School.


A.D. 1951: The plumbers Mario and Luigi are born.
When a large toxic cloud approaches the Earth, the mutant creatures known as the Fumoon make plans to evacuate. 


A.D. 1952: Dying of stomach cancer, Tokyo bureaucrat Watanabe Kanji struggles to understand life and death, and to leave a legacy by getting a patch of waste ground remade into a children’s park.
Norimaki Senbei is born.


A.D. 1953: Rikuo the merman is born.


The Age of Monsters and Heroes

the beginning of this age is usually fixed at the first appearance of Godzilla, first of myriad kaiju that would both ravage and defend the Earth for decades to come. The kaiju attacks led to great advances in technology, as humans began developing the giant robots and robot warsuits known as "mecha" to defend humanity. As awell as human-controlled machines, this era saw the first development of artificial intelligence, with the invention of such androids as Cutie Honey, Senbei Arale and later, Astro Boy. These would be much needed as this era saw the commencement of numberless attempts by various alien groups to conquer the Earth. 

Additionally, the age was marked by an explosion in the number of super-heroes. the first modern "super-hero", the golden Bat, had first appeared in 1930. However, their numbers really began to grow in the 1960's and 1970's. Some heroes came form space, but most were home-grown.

One positive effect of the alien invasions was that humanity finally came to understand that they could no longer afford to fight amongst themselves, and so it was that in the year 2000 the human race was united under the titular reign of Neo-Queen Serenity and King endymoin of the newly-established Silver Millennium Kingdom of Crystal Tokyo.


A.D. 1954: Nuclear testing in the Pacific awakens and mutates a hibernating dinosaur that comes to be known as “Godzilla”. It attacks Tokyo, but is defeated by Doctor Serizawa’s Oxygen Destroyer.


A.D. 1955:  Godzilla battles and defeats the monster Anguirus before being frozen in an iceberg.
Nakajima Kiichi becomes obsessed with the possibility of a nuclear war.


A.D. 1956: Seismic activity in Japan awakens two hibernating pterosaurs that come to be known as Rodan. One Rodan is destroyed by the Japanese military and the other is forced back into hibernation.
Haneda Shotaro gains control of the robot called “Tetsujin 28”.


A.D. 1957: Aliens known as the “Mysterians” attack Japan with a giant robot called MOGUERA, making territorial demands. They are defeated by Japanese scientific and military forces.
The alien known as Supergiant comes to Earth.
A.D. 1958: Mifune Kenichi runs away from home.
The Kusakabe family moves to rural Japan, where they encounter the nature spirits they call "Totoro".
A monster named Varan is discovered in a Japanese lake. It attacks Tokyo, but is driven off.


A.D. 1959: Mifune “Spritle” Kurio is born in Tokyo, Japan.


A.D. 1960: A Japanese scientist working on a teleportation machine becomes an immaterial killer known as the Telegion.
Another Japanese scientist learns how to convert himself into a human vapor.
Even as the Vietnam War rages,  groups of humanoid cats and rabbits begin fighting their own  parallel version of the conflict.


A.D. 1961: Mifune Kenichi joins Interpol.
Rolisican businessman Clark Nelson kidnaps the Twin Fairies from Infant Island and takes them to Newkirk City. Mothra goes to Rolisica and retrieves them.
Tokyo police Inspector Imanishi Eitaro solves the murder of police officer Miki Ken'ichi.


A.D. 1962: An expedition to Faro Island by the Pacific Pharmaceutical Company finds a giant ape they call King Kong. They bring it back to Japan even as Godzilla revives. Godzilla and King Kong battle inconclusively in Japan before vanishing into the sea.
An asteroid called Gorath threatens to collide with the Earth, but U.N. forces manage to deflect it.


A.D. 1963: The undersea Mu Empire attacks surface shipping with the monster Manda. The Japanese government sends the submarine Gotengo to Mu, where it defeats Manda and the Mu Empire.
Wealthy Japanese industrialist Gondo Kingo is targeted by a kidnapper.
A group of Japanese are stranded on the island of Matango, where they discover a race of intelligent mushrooms.


A.D. 1964: The space monster Dagorah attacks Tokyo, but is driven off.
Godzilla attacks Tokyo, but is driven off with Mothra’s help.
King Ghidorah attacks Japan, but is driven off by Godzilla, Mothra and a newly-revived Rodan.


A.D. 1965: Mifune Kenichi begins operating undercover as the Masked Racer, Racer X. The Mifune family acquires a pet chimpanzee they name “Sanpei”.
The inhabitants of Planet X attack the Earth using the mind-controlled monsters King Ghidorah, Godzilla and Rodan. They are defeated with the help of Earth's scientists and military.
The heart of Frankenstein’s Monster has mutated into a giant humanoid. The giant Frankenstein battles the monster Baragon.
An accidental atomic explosion revives the giant turtle Gamera. It attacks Tokyo, but is trapped in a rocket and shot into space.
Aliens from the planet Natal attempt to conquer the Earth, but are driven off by Earth’s space forces.
Soramame Taro is born.


A.D. 1966: A consortium of arms dealers hoping to promote conflict forms the Black Ghost organization. The Black Ghost converts several people into cyborgs, hoping to use them as weapons. Nine of the cyborgs rebel against the Black Ghost and form a team to oppose them. The team consists of Cyborg 001 (Ivan Whisky), Cyborg 002 (Jet Link), Cyborg 003 (Françoise Arnoul, Cyborg 004 (Albert Heinrich), Cyborg 005 (Geronimo Junior), Cyborg 006 (Chang Changku), Cyborg 007 (Great Britain), Cyborg 008 (Punma) and Cyborg 009 (Joe Shimura).
The alien known as Ultraman comes to Earth, merging with the pilot Hayada Shin. 
First known appearance of Marine Boy.
The Red Bamboo, a communist paramilitary group working from a South Pacific base, oppresses the local islanders using the giant lobster Ebirah. Godzilla destroys both the base and Ebirah, while Mothra rescues the islanders.
In Japan, cells from Frankenstein’s Monster have grown into Sanda, the benevolent Brown Gargantua, and Gailah, the cannibalistic Green Gargantua. The Gargantuas battle to their mutual destruction in a volcanic eruption.
Gamera returns to Earth, where it battles the monster Barugon.
Five human infants are kidnapped by an alien race known as the Mess. They are rescued by another group of aliens called the Flash, who take the children to their home worlds to raise them.
Manjoume Jun, Edogawa Yuriko, Togawa Ippei and Professor Ichinotani begin investigating the unknown as Ultra Q.


A.D. 1967: Mifune Goh begins his career as a race car driver. He soon acquires the nickname “Speed Racer” He is assisted by his girlfriend Shimura Michi and his childhood friend and mechanic Tateishi Sabu.
A U.N. weather control experiment in the South Pacific accidentally “creates” the monsters Kumonga and Kamacurus, as well as reviving an immature Godzilla that they call “Minya”. When Kumonga and Kamacurus attack Minya, Godzilla responds to its distress and drives them off. The weather experiment goes further awry and freezes the island, putting Godzilla and Minya into hibernation.
Gamera battles the monster Gyaos in Japan.
Japanese scientists capture an immature Gappa and study it until its parents reclaim it from them.
The Chinese government sponsors the criminal scientist Doctor Huu to mine a deposit of Element X. He builds the robot Mechanikong to do it. When this fails, he captures King Kong  after watching it battle Gorosaurus. King Kong escapes and destroys Mechanikong.
A Japanese Mars mission brings back a spore which grows into the monster Guilala, which has to be destroyed.
The Cyborg team defeats Black Ghost, although Cyborgs 002 and 009 are killed in the battle.
Kimidori Akane and Soramame Peasuke are born.
Dan Moroboshi becomes Ultraseven.
The cat-woman Felicia is born.
Kusama Daisaku gains control of Giant Robo and joins Unicorn in their battle against Emperor Guillotine and Big Fire.


A.D. 1968: Gamera defeats the alien monster Viras.
A yakuza named Takeo attempts to build a new life after finding love with a girl named Yoshie.
Fukamachi Sho is born.


A.D. 1969: A young Tokyo boy who dreams of travel to "Monster Island" helps capture two bank robbers.
Aliens from the planet Terra capture two Earth boys. Gamera pursues them to their homeworld, where he battles their guardian monster Guiron, rescues the two boys, and returns them to Earth.
Ten year-old Nobita Nobi meets the robot cat Doraemon.
The fast-growing merman Triton is born and soon begins his feud with the creature known as Poseidon.


A.D. 1970: Gamera defeats the monster Jiger.
Hirono Shozo retires from the yakuza.
Doctor Osanai Kirihito struggles to cure Monmow Disease.
Kuririn is born.
Kagura Tatsuo becomes the Skull Man.
The goddess of love condemns Shogo Chikaishi to live out a doomed romance over and over.


A.D. 1971: Godzilla defeats the monster Hedorah.
Gamera defeats the alien monster Zigra.
First known adventure of Arsene Lupin III.
Nebula 71 sends Spectreman to Earth to defend it from Doctor Gori.
New Ultraman comes to Earth, merging with racer Goh Hideki.
Takeshi Hongo becomes Kamen Rider (Takeshi Hongo) and Ichimonji Hayato becomes Kamen Rider 2.


A.D. 1972: Alien cockroaches from Nebula M Spacehunter use King Ghidorah and Gigan to attempt to conquer the Earth but are stopped by Godzilla and Anguirus.
Meiou Setsuna is born in Tokyo, Japan.
The mecha Mazinger Z is constructed.
Ultraman Ace comes to Earth to defend it against the invading Yapool.
The Saiyan known as "Kakarrot" is sent to Earth, where he is adopted by Son Gohan, who names him "Son Goku".
Fudo Aikira becomes Devilman (Fudo Akira).
Kirishima Goro becomes Iron King.  He and Shizuka Gentaro begin fighting the Shiranui Clan.

A.D. 1973: Nuclear tests disrupt the undersea kingdom of Seatopia. The Seatopians send Megalon and Gigan to attack Japan. They are defeated by Godzilla and the robot Jet Jaguar.
Higashi Kotaro becomes Ultraman Taro.
Kazami Shiro becomes Kamen Rider V3.
Aasu Nanase is born.
Hazama Kuro'o - also known as "Black Jack" - begins his medical career.
Secret Scientific Investigation (S.S.I.) agent Ken Kurenai pilots the giant robot Red Baron in battle against Professor Deviler and the Iron Alliance.
Adolf Kamil kills Adolf Kaufmann.
Author Yosuke Misura meets the mysterious woman he knows only as "Barbara".
The android known as "Cutie Honey" is constructed.


A.D. 1974: Alien Simians attack Japan with the robot Mechagodzilla, but are defeated by Godzilla and the Okinawan guardian monster, King Seesar.
Chiba Mamoru is born in Tokyo, Japan.
Ultraman Leo comes to Earth to defend it against the invading Magma.
Yamamoto Daisuke becomes Kamen Rider Amazon and Jin Keisuke becomes Kamen Rider X (Jin Keisuke).
Yuki Joji becomes Riderman.
Galactic Patrolman Jaco Teirimentenpibosshi comes to Earth, where he meets the scientist Tokunishin Omori and would-be science fiction writer Tights.


A.D. 1975: The Simians send the dinosaur Titanosaurus and a rebuilt Mechagodzilla to attack Japan, but they are defeated by Godzilla and the JSDF.
When the terrorist group Black Cross attacks the Japanese bases of the intelligence group EAGLE, Commander Edogawa Kenpachi organizes the survivors into Secret Task Force Goranger, whose members include the Pink Ranger (Peggy Matsuyama), the Blue Ranger (Shinmei Akira), the Green Ranger (Asuka Kenji), the Red Ranger (Kaiju Tsuyoshi) and the Yellow Ranger (Oiwa Daita).
Jou Shigeru becomes Kamen Rider Stronger.


A.D. 1976: Kindaichi Hajime and Nanase Miyuki are born in Tokyo, Japan.
Ten’ou Haruka and Kaiou Michiru are born in Tokyo, Japan.
Naomi Misora is born.
Michio Yuki  begins his murderous quest to gain control of MW, the chemical weapon that scarred him psychologically when he was a child.


A.D. 1977: Commander Kujirai Daisuke, using the codename "Joker", organizes a crimefighting team called the JAKQ Blitzkrieg Force, whose members include Spade Ace (Sakurai Goro), Diamond Jack (Higashi Ryu), Heart Queen (Karen Mizuki) and Clover King (Daichi Bunta). The team is later joined by the Big One (Banba Sukichi).

A.D. 1978: Tsukino Usagi, Mizuno Ami, Hino Rei, Kino Makoto and Aino Minako are born in Tokyo, Japan.
Yamashiro Takuya becomes Spider-Man.
The succubus Lilith is created.

A.D. 1979: Ultraman Jonias comes to Earth, merging with Hikari Coichiro.
Aasu Mutsumi is born.
L. Lawliet is born.
Akiyama Jan and Gobanchou Kiriko are born.
Tukuba Hiroshi becomes Skyrider.


A.D. 1980: First known appearance of the The two-dimensional Mr. Game & Watch in the Flat Zone.
Norimaki Senbei builds a robot in the shape of a 13 year-old girl, which he names "Arale" and passes off as his kid sister. She attends the local school where she befriends Soramame Taro, Kimidori Akane, and Soramame Peasuke.
Pac-Man first battles the Ghosts.
The Vader Clan targets Earth. A surviving Denji computer selects five Denji-descended humans to fight them as the Denjimen: Denji Red (Akaki Ippei), Denji Blue (Oume Daigoro), Denji Yellow (Kiyama Jun), Denji Green (Midorikawa Tatsuya) and Denji Pink (Momoi Akira).
Amy Rose the Hedgehog, self-proclaimed as "Sonic's Girlfriend", is born.
Ultraman 80 comes to Earth.
Oki Kazuya becomes Kamen RIder Super 1.


A.D. 1981: The plumber Mario first meets the ape known as Donkey Kong.
Kobayashi Hanako, Ayasugi Chihaya and Munakata Kasumi are born.
Pac-Man meets Ms. Pac-Man.
VulEagle (Owashi Ryusuke), VulPanther (Hyo Asao) and VulShark (Samejima Kinya) form the team Sun Vulcan to battle the evil Black Magma.

A.D. 1982: Tomoe Hotaru is born in Tokyo, Japan.
Doctor Hongou forms the Great Task Force Goggle V to battle the evil Deathmark. Team members include Goggle Red (Akama Kenichi), Goggle Blue (Aoyama Saburo), Goggle Yellow (Kijima Futoshi), Goggle Black (Kuroda Kenpei) and Goggle Pink (Momozono Miki).
Aasu Itsue is born.
Minky Momo comes to Earth to help people recover their lost dreams.


A.D. 1983: A Tokyo apartment complex becomes a battleground between two powerful psychics, one an old man named Uchida Chojiro and the other a young girl named Etsuko.
Science Task Force Dynaman is formed to fight the Jashinka Empire. Team members include Dyna Red (Dan Hokuto), Dyna Black (Hoshikawa Ryu), Dyna Yellow (Nango Kusaku), Dyna Blue (Shima Yusuke) and Dyna Pink (Tachibana Rei).
Aasu Shii is born.
Yu Morisawa becomes Creamy Mami.


A.D. 1984: Godzilla attacks Tokyo, but the JSDF manages to seal it into a volcano.
Red One (Go Shiro), Green Two (Takasugi Shingo), Blue Three (Nanbara Ryuta), Yellow Four (Koizumi Mika) and Pink Five (Katsuragi Hikaru) form the team Super Electron Bioman to battle the evil Doctorman and his New Empire.
Miles "Tails" Prower is born.
Takino Tomo, Mizuhara "Yomi" Koyomi, Sakaki Yu, Kagura Houko and Kasuga "Osaka" Ayumu are born.
Son Goku meets Bulma Briefs. They begin their first quest for the Dragon Balls. Son Goku first participates in the Tenka'ichi Budokai.
Amane Misa is born.
Murasama Ryou becomes Kamen Rider ZX.


1985: The intrepid Ice Climbers, Nana and Popo, assume protectorship of Icicle Mountain.
Ness is born in Onett.
Mario first travels to the Mushroom Kingdom. He meets Princess Peach and battles the evil Bowser.
Saeba Ryo works as an “equalizer” in the Shinjuku section of Tokyo, becoming known as the “City Hunter”.
Autobots and Decepticons revive on Earth and renew their ancient conflict.
Kamiyama Takashi, Hayashida Shinjirou, Maeda Akira, Takenouchi Yutaka, Hokuto Takeshi, and Hokuto's henchman are born. Mechazawa Shinichi is constructed.
The Excitebike motorcycle races are first held.
When Earth is invaded by planet Gozma, five people are transformed into the Changemen to fight them: Change Griffin (Hayate Sho), Change Mermaid (Nagisa Sayaka), Change Pegasus (Ozora Yuma), Change Phoenix (Tsubasa Mai) and Change Dragon (Tsurugi Hiryu).
Fukamachi Sho bonds with a guyver unit, becoming Guyver One. He battles the Chronos Corporation. Son Goku battles the Red Ribbon Army. During this battle, he meets Norimaki Senbei and his "sister" Arale.


A.D. 1986: Baby Bonnie Hood is born.
Hinomura Yo becomes the assassin known as “Crying Freeman”.
A cat named Chatran and a dog named Poosky have several adventures together.
An unknown Japanese man invents the sport of Balloon Fighting.
Magami Eiko becomes known as A-Ko.
In order to learn more about humanity, the Great Will of the Macrocosm creates a human avatar called "Maria".
The Flash aliens return the children they rescued to Earth, there to battle the Mess as the Flashmen: Red Flash (Jin), Pink Flash (Lou), Blue Flash (Bun), Green Flash (Dai) and Yellow Flash (Sara).
The angel Pit helps the goddess Palutena stop the evil Medusa from taking over Angel Land.
Aasu Mitsuki is born.
Kamiyama Itsuki, Morino Yoru, Morino Yuu and Yagami "Light" Raito are born.
Aliens convert an injured cat into the heroic Atomcat.


A.D. 1987: The brilliant but bizarre surgeon known only as “Black Jack” practices his own unique form of medicine in Tokyo.
Maria, the avatar of the Great Will of the Macrocosm, falls in love with a Colombian named Pedro Domingo.
Blue Mask (Akira), Yellow Mask (Haruka), Black Mask (Kenta), Pink Mask (Momoko) and Red Mask (Takeru) form the Maskmen to battle the subterranean Tube Empire.
Sawamura Seiji is born.
Minami Kotaro becomes Kamen Rider Black.
Policewomen Tsujimoto Natsumi and Kobayakawa Miyuki are stationed at the Bokuto Precinct in the Sumida Ward in Tokyo.


A.D. 1988: The United Nations Godzilla Countermeasures Center (UNGCC) is formed in Tokyo. One of its first recruits is a young psychic named Saegusa Miki.
Pedro Domingo marries Maria.
The Red Falcon (Amamiya Yusuke), the Yellow Lion (Ohara Jo), and the Blue Dolphin (Misaki Megumi) form the Super Beast Task Force Liveman. They are later joined by the Black Bison (Yano Tetsuya) and the Green Rhino (Aikawa Junichi).
Morisato Keiichi first meets the goddess Belldandy.
Kamen Rider Black becomes Kamen Rider Black RX.
Son Goku and his friends battle the Namek "demon" Piccolo, who is killed in the battle.
Princess Di Gi Charat (a.k.a. "Dejiko"), Rinna Charat, and meeK Charat are born on the planet Di Gi Charat. Pyocora Analog III (a.k.a. "Piyoko") is born on the planet Analog. Usada Hikaru (a.k.a. "Rabi-en-Rose") is born in Japan. 

A.D. 1989: An experiment with plant life creates the monster Biollante. It battles Godzilla to a standstill.
The toon cat known as  Kitty “Hello Kitty” White is born in London.
The Infinity Delta in Tokyo Bay is repossessed from the ernment by a Professor Tomoe after a building fire.
Pedro and Maria Domingo have a son they name "Sandora".
The Violent Demon Tribes break free. Seelon, last of the Faeries, and Doctor Dazai, a scientist, turn five high schoolers into the Turborangers to fight them. Members include Black Turbo (Yamagata Daichi), Pink Turbo (Morikawa Haruna), Red Turbo (Hono Riki), Yellow Turbo (Hino Shunsuke) and Blue Turbo (Hama Yohei).
Ultraman Chuck (Chuck Gavin), Ultrawoman Beth (Beth O'Brian) and Ultraman Scott (Scott Masterson) form the Ultra Force to battle the invading Sorkan.
Mihama Chiyo is born.
Mihael "Mello" Keehl is born.
Yu Ominae goes to work for the ARCAM Corporation.

A.D. 1990: High school student Urameshi Yusuke is killed saving a child from a speeding car. Since he died performing a selfless act, Botan, spirit guide of the dead, with the approval of her superior Koenma, grants Urameshi a second chance at life, provided he acts as their “spiritual detective”, helping them recover escaped demons and lost magical objects.
Soramame Taro becomes a policeman.
The Hoshikawa siblings Gaku, Ken, Fumiya, Kazumi and Remi become Five Red, Five Blue, Five  Black, Five Pink and Five Yellow, the heroic team known as the Fivemen.
Izumi Shinichi encounters the alien Parasyte he names "Migi".


A.D. 1991: A group of humans calling themselves Futurians attack Japan using King Ghidorah II. Godzilla destroys King Ghidorah II and the Futurians’ ship. Emi Kano, a Futurian defector, helps rebuild King Ghidorah II into Mecha-King Ghidorah, which is destroyed driving Godzilla II away from Japan.
Tokyo reporter Asakawa Kazuyuki discovers a videotape that kills those who see it. He and his friend Takayama Ryuji are drawn into the mystery of Yamamura Sadako. In the end, Takayama is killed, as are Asakawa’s wife and son. Asakawa himself is left catatonic. Another friend of Takayama’s, coroner Ando Mitsuo, is drawn into the mystery when he performs Takayama’s autopsy.
Mario meets the dinosaur known as Yoshi. Later, he meets the evil Wario.
Aino Minako becomes Sailor V, then later Sailor Venus. Chiba Mamoru becomes Tuxedo Mask.
Mechazawa Beta is constructed.
Sonic the Hedgehog first battles Eggman.
Red Hawk (Tendo Ryu), Black Condor (Yuki Gai), Yellow Owl (Oishi Raita), White Swan (Rokumeikan Kaori) and Blue Swallow (Hayasaka Ako) form the Jetmen to battle the alien Vyram.
Ultraman Great comes to Earth, merging with astronaut Jack Shindo.
Aasu Futaba is born.
Son Goku marries Chi-Chi, daughter of Gyu-Mao. He then defeats Piccolo II, offspring of Piccolo, and thus wins the 22nd Tenka'ichi Budokai.
Nate "Near" River is born.
Pyron is born on the planet Hellstorm.


A.D. 1992: Godzilla attacks Japan, but is driven off by Mothra and its dark twin, Battra. Battra is killed in the battle.
Tsukino Usagi, Mizuno Ami, Hino Rei and Kino Makoto first become Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter, respectively. The become the original Sailor Senshi. Tsukino Usagi and Chiba Mamoru are found to be the reincarnations of the legendary Silver Millennium princess, Serenity, and of the legendary Golden Kingdom prince, Endymion. Queen Beryl is defeated.
The miniature dinosaur known as “Gon” first appears in the Twentieth Century.
Hattori Haruo goes to Tokyo to study. She works evenings at a bar called Club 9.
Kindaichi Hajime solves the murders of cast members of his high school Drama Club’s production of “The Phantom of the Opera”. He subsequently goes on to solve several other murders.
The being known as “Kirby” has his first known adventure in the region known as “Dream Land”.
The witch Bandora is awakened, but the wizard Barza prepares the Dinosaur Squadron Beast Rangers to battle her. Team members include Geki the Tyranno Ranger, Goshi the Mammoth Ranger, Dan the Tricera Ranger, Mei the Ptera Ranger and Boy the Tiger Ranger.
Sonic the Hedgehog is first seen working with Miles "Tails" Prower.
Son Goku and Chi-Chi have a son, whom they name Son Gohan, after Goku's adoptive father.
Enomoto Chihiro is born.
Kazamatsuri Shin becomes Shin Kamen Rider.


A.D. 1993: The UNGCC has built its own Mechagodzilla. An expedition to Birth Island in the Bering Strait discovers that a new Rodan has hatched from an egg. They discover an unhatched egg that they take back to Japan while Godzilla battles Rodan. The egg hatches into a Baby Godzilla. Both Rodan and Godzilla travel to Japan to retrieve it. Rodan is destroyed by Mechagodzilla. Godzilla destroys Mechagodzilla, then returns to Birth Island with Baby Godzilla. The UNGCC rebuilds the remnants of Mechagodzilla into a new MOGUERA , a new robot based on the Mysterians’ design.
While training in China, martial artist Saotome Genma and his son Saotome Ranma fall into cursed hot springs. Thenceforth, whenever they are doused with cold water, they are transformed: Genma into a panda and Ranma into a girl. Dousing with hot water transforms them back.
A nine year-old boy named Amatsuka Megumi rescues a wizard from a gang of bullies and is granted a wish from a genie as a result. When he wishes to become the “manliest of men”, the genie (perhaps deliberately) mishears this as “the womanliest of women” and transforms him into a girl. The nature of the spell is such that only Megumi and his/her best friend Hanakain Miki is aware that Megumi was not always a girl.
Chiba Small Lady “Chiba-Usa” is sent from the future to aid the Sailor Senshi. She becomes Sailor Chibi Moon. Ten’ou Haruka and Kaiou Michiru become Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, respectively. Death Phantom comes from the future and is defeated by the Sailor Senshi.
The Gorma revive. The Dairangers are formed to combat them. Team members include Dragon Ranger (Tenkasei Ryu), Lion Ranger (Tengensei Daigo), Pegasus Ranger (Tenjyusei Shuji), Kirin Ranger (Tenjisei Kazu) and Phoenix Ranger (Tenpusei Lin).
Petit Charat (a.k.a. "Puchiko") is born on the planet Di Gi Charat.
Asou Masaru becomes Kamen Rider ZO.
Shidou Hikaru, Ryuuzaki Umi and Hououji Fuu are are summoned from Earth to the magical realm of Cephiro to become the Magic Knights who will save it from destruction.


A.D. 1994: Godzilla, MOGUERA and the monster Space Godzilla have a three-way battle in Tokyo in which Space Godzilla and MOGUERA II are destroyed. A young psychic named Ozawa Meru joins the UNGCC.
Faye Valentine is born on Earth.
Nineteen year-old Tokyo woman Rashomon Emi begins operating as the bounty huntress called Bomber Girl, coming into conflict with the terrorist group Megalith.
Meiou Setsuna becomes the second Sailor Pluto. Tomoe Hotaru becomes Sailor Saturn. The Infinity Delta is destroyed. D
Ninja Red (Sasuke), Ninja White (Tsurehime), Ninja Blue (Saizo), Ninja Yellow (Seikai), Ninja Black (Jiraiya) and the mecha Ninjaman form the Ninja Squadron Hidden Rangers.
Sonic the Hedgehog first fights Knuckles the Echidna.
Unabara Takako becomes Octopus Girl. A short time later she meets Utsubo Sakae.
Segawa Kouji becomes Kamen Rider J (Segawa Kouji).


1995: Godzilla and Baby Godzilla, now known as “Godzilla, Junior” battle the monster Destroyah in Tokyo. Destroyah is defeated, but Godzilla melts down. Godzilla, Junior absorbs the energy released and matures into the new Godzilla.
Gamera defeats a swarm of Gyaos creatures.
Alien heroines Miyu and Maika, who are called “the Hyper Dolls”, come to Earth to defend it from alien enemies. They adopt secret identities as Japanese high school students Minazuki Maika and Fumizuki Miyu.
Akiyama Jan goes to work at the Gobancho Restaurant in Tokyo.
Kuju Mai’s mutant psychic powers manifest themselves. Becoming known as “Mai the Psychic Girl”, she battles rival psychics employed by the evil Wisdom Alliance.
Skilled but dimwitted fighter Ryuzoji Junpei, actress Komiyama Airi, and high school girl and military buff Inoue Ritsuko are swept into an extradimensional elven realm along with a T-74 tank that Inoue had somehow acquired. Once there, the tank is possessed by a cat spirit and given the nickname Miké. With the help of an elf named Celcia Marieclaire, who is trapped in the form of a dog , the three hunt down the fragments of the spell that will send them home.
Japanese high schooler Mizuhara Makoto is transported to El-Hazard.
When Saeki Takeo kills his wife, it sets in motion a curse that results in several deaths.
Ness uses his psychic powers to save Onett from an alien invasion.
Queen Nephelenia is defeated by the Sailor Senshi.
Asami Chiaki is elected Prime Minister Prime Minister of Japan, even as his childhood friend Hojo Akira becomes a yakuza leader.
A young Tokyo couple adopts the cat Michael.
Bakkasufundo returns. The Overtech Hardware (or "OH") Rangers are formed to combat him. The OH Rangers include OH Red (Hoshino Goro), OH Green Yotsukaichi Shohei), OH Blue (Mita Yuji) and OH Pink (Maru Momo).
Ultraman Powered comes to Earth, merging with Kai Kenichi.


A.D. 1996: Gamera defeats the monster Legion.
Mothra defeats Death Ghidorah.
In the Kanto region, a young boy named  Satoshi receives a Pikachu and begins his quest to become a Pokémon Master.
Asahina Daigo joins Company M of the Sengoku City Fire Department.
Sailor Galaxia is defeated by the Sailor Senshi. Sailor Cosmos returns to the past in the form of a little girl, Chibi Chibi, to aid Sailor Moon. The Galaxy Cauldron is saved from Sailor Chaos.
The Japanese assassin/artist called Benkei takes up residence in New York City.
The alien Dappu transforms five garage workers into the Car Rangers: Red Racer (Jinnai Kyosuke), Green Racer (Uesugi Makoto), Blue Racer (Domon Naoki), Yellow Racer (Shinohara Natsumi) and Pink Racer (Yagami Yoko).
Ultraman Zearth comes to Earth. An Earthman named Daigo becomes Ultraman Tiga.
Saotome Ranma marries Tendo Akane.
Son Goku discovers that he is a Saiyan when he meets Vegeta.
On the planet Di Gi Charat, Princess Di Gi Charat (a.k.a. "Dejiko") and Petit Charat (a.k.a. "Puchiko") meet Rinna Charat and meeK Charat. Pyocora Analog III (a.k.a. "Piyoko") comes to Planet Di Gi Charat with Lord Deji Devil.
Other Super-heroes debuting this year include Cardcaptor Sakura (Kinomoto Sakura) and Eat-Man (Bolt Crank).


A.D. 1997: Mothra defeats Dagarah.
When incompetent yakuza Hagane Kensuke is killed along with his boss, he is resurrected as a cyborg by the eccentric scientist Hiraga Kenpaku. Hagane then takes vengeance on those who killed him.
Japanese schoolgirl Higurashi Kagome falls into a magical well and emerges in the past.
Nanahara Shuuya and Nakagawa Noriko are the joint winners of Japan’s hottest game show, Battle Royale. (2)
Michael the cat's owners adopt a female cat named Popo as a mate for him. Popo subsequently has a litter of kittens. While their owners give away most of the kittens, they keep one, a male they name Mini-Mike.
A toon dog named PaRappa becomes a successful rapper.
MegaRed (Date Kenta), MegaBlack (Endo Koichiro), MegaBlue (Namiki Shun), MegaPink (Imamura Miku) and MegaYellow (Jogasaki Chisato) form the Mega Rangers.
Asuka Shin becomes Ultraman Dyna.
Son Goku and friends travel to Namek, where they battle Freeza.


A.D. 1998: Mothra defeats King Ghidorah III.
The town of Kurozu-cho in Japan is haunted and then destroyed by supernatural spirals.
Sakuragi Kenichiro is elected Prime Minister of Japan.
In Tokyo violence breaks out between rival street gangs the Wu-Ronz and the Musashinokuni Saru.
First known appearance of Kamen Tenshi Rosetta.
The Baruban space pirates return. The Gingaman team is formed to battle them. Members include Red Gingaman (Ryoma), Blue Gingaman (Goki), Yellow Gingaman (Hikaru), Green Gingaman (Hayate) and Pink Gingaman (Saya).
Takayama Gamu and Fujimiya Hiroya become Ultraman Gaia and Ultraman Agul.
The super-hero Super Milk-chan, answering to the man known only as “The President”, begins her crime-fighting career accompanied by her robot companion Tetsuko and her faithful slug, Hanage, and utilizing technology supplied to her by Doctor Eyepatch of the King’s Idea Laboratory, particularly including the mechanical canine known as RoboDog.
Aasu Hitomi is born.
Freeza and his father, King Cold, come to Earth, but are killed by an alternate future version of Trunks.
Hoping to become an idol singer, Princess Di Gi Charat (a.k.a. “Dejiko”) of the Planet Di Gi Charat comes to Earth along with her kid sister Petit Charat (a.k.a. “Puchiko”) and their aide Gema, where Dejiko finds work as a clerk at a Tokyo store called “Gamers”. She is befriended by co-worker Usada Hikaru (a.k.a. “Rabi-en-Rose”) and harassed by Pyocora Analog III (a.k.a. “Piyoko”), her aide Nazo Gema and the Dark Gema Gema Gang: Rik Heisenberg, Ky Schweitzer and Coo Erhard.
The Tokyo Police Department begins using the robots known as "Patlabors".

The U.N. gathers the monsters Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, Manda, Varan, Baragon, Anguirus, Gorosaurus, Kumonga and Minya and confines them in a facility called “Monsterland”.


A.D. 1999: Would-be martial artist Pon Fujio is among the first to discover an outbreak of the living dead near Tokyo.
That Man founds ACROSS, recruiting Il Palazzo to lead its Japanese branch. Il Palazzo decides to start out by conquering the city of Fukuoka. He hires Kobayashi Kotono, who is given the codename "Excel" and Ayasugi Chihaya, codenaming her "Hyatt." Excel adopts a pet dog (and emergency food supply) she names Menchi. Doctor Kabapu, head of the Fukuoka City Department of Environmental Security, detects that someone is trying to conquer the city, and, believing it to be Il Palazzo, takes it upon himself to oppose him. He hires Matsuya Misaki, Sumiyoshi Daimaru, Iwata Norikuni, Watanabe Toru and a secretary named Momochi to help him. Shortly thereafter, their forces are supplemented by the female android Ropponmatsu, built by Doctor Shiouji Gojo. When she is promptly destroyed, she is replaced by the less reliable Ropponmatsu II. That Man seduces Maria Domingo, using her to control the Great Will of the Macrocosm. Nabeshin recruits Pedro and Sandora Domingo to help him fight That Man.  (3)
Godzilla defeats the monster Orgah.
Gamera defeats the monster Iris.
Taba Yoichi joins Kagura Security, whose employees include company president Kikushima Yuka, weapons expert Umezaki Maki, computer expert Sakuragi Takami, mechanic Rando Eiko and driver Himehagi Yu.
Frog-like aliens from the planet Keron make a failed attempt to invade Earth. A Keron called Sergeant Keroro is left behind and becomes the prisoner/guest of Japanese schoolboy Hinata Fuyuki, his older sister Hinata Natsumi, and their mother Hinata Aki.
Outside Tokyo, A gang of jewel thieves, some yakuza and U.S. military people battle zombies created by a secret U.S.-Japanese experiment.
Aoyama Shigeharu, a lonely widower who is a film producer, stages a fake film audition in order to meet a potential second wife. Through this ruse, he meets Yamazaki Asami, who turns out to be more than a little disturbed.
Tokyo resident Myoujin Hinako returns to her childhood home in Shikoku after many years.
There she discovers that her childhood friend Hiura Sayori died a few years after she left. Hinako and her other childhood Akizawa Fumiya discover that Sayori’s mother Teruko is attempting to resurrect Sayori using a ritual that will open the gates of the Land of the Dead. Hinako and Fumiya work to stop her, but Fumiya is killed in the process.
Tsukino Usagi and Chiba Mamoru marry.
The Tatsumi siblings Matoi, Nagare, Sho, Daimon and Matsuri form the Go Go V rescue team as Go Red, Go Blue, Go Green, Go Yellow and Go Pink.

Donkey Kong, Kirby, Fox McCloud, Link of Hyrule, Samus Aran, Captain Falcon, Ness, Mario, Luigi, a Pikachu, a Jigglypuff and a Yoshi found the Super Smash Brothers.
Ultraman Nice comes to Earth to try to sell toys to Earthlings.
Takino Tomo, Mizuhara Yomi. Sakaki Yu, Kagura Houko, Kasuga Ayumu and Mihama Chiyo begin attending Azuma High School in Tokyo.
Kagura Nakahito encounters the android known as Steel Angel Kurumi.

Aliens called the Kilaaks attempt to conquer the Earth using King Ghidorah as well as the mind-controlled monsters from Monsterland. The Kilaaks are defeated through the combined efforts of Earth’s defense forces, super-heroes and monsters.


2000: Godzilla defeats the extradimensional monster Megaguirus.
The original Ropponmatsu is rebuilt and joins Fukuoka City's Department of Environmental Security alongside her replacement. The whole team becomes super-heroes as Municipal Force Daitenzin, Sumiyoshi as Daiten Aigan, Iwata as Daiten Core, Watanabe as Daiten Ism, Matsuya as Daiten Ladies, Ropponmatsu as Daiten Solaria One and Ropponmatsu Two as Daiten Solaria Two. The Puchuus launch an invasion of Earth, but are defeated by Excel, a rebel Puchuu faction, and Earth's super-heroes, who prevent the wrecked Puchuu mothership from crashing into Fukuoka. During the confusion generated by the invasion, Il Palazzo attempts to conquer Fukuoka City. The attempt fails, but Il Palazzo, Excel and Hyatt escape capture. Nabeshin, Pedro and Sandora defeat That Man, freeing the Great Will of the Macrocosm and destroying the main body of ACROSS. Il Palazzo's branch of ACROSS is the only one left at large.
Munakata Kasumi, given the codename "Elgala", joins Excel and Hyatt as the third agent of Il Palazzo's ACROSS. British girl reporter Becky Burdock becomes a vampire.
Kenneth Yamaoka is elected President of the United States of America.
The Tokunaga family gets caught up in the Saeki curse.
The Silver Millennium Kingdom of Crystal Tokyo is officially created. Tsukino Usagi and Chiba Mamoru are crowned and become Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion. Small Lady “Chibi-Usa” is born.
An adolescent male gorilla takes up residence in Japan, taking the name Go Hiromi.
An alien calling herself "Haruhara Haruko" arrives in the Japanese city of Mabase, disrupting the life of young Nandaba Naota in her pursuit of the entity known as Atomsk.
The Time Rangers arrive in pursuit of Don Dorunero. Ryuya Asami joins the Time Rangers as Time Red.
Trunks, son of Vegeta and Bulma Briefs, is born.
Godai Yuusuke becomes Kamen Rider Kuuga.

A.D. 2001: Godzilla, possessed by restless spirits, attacks Japan. He is defeated by Mothra, Baragon and King Ghidorah, who are guided by spirits of light.
Momomiya Ichigo, Aizawa Minto, Midorikawa Retasu, Fon Purin and Fujiwara Zakuro form Tokyo Mew Mew.
The Katakuri family opens an inn in rural Japan, only to find many of their guests ending up dead.
When his boss is kidnapped and killed, the sadistic yakuza Kakihara tears the Tokyo underworld apart until he is killed by the assassin known as Ichi.
In Japan, the female assassin “Stray Cat” struggles to survive when she is marked for death.
Kamiyama Takashi begins attending Cromartie High School. His classmates include Hayashida Shinjirou, Maeda Akira, Takenouchi Yutaka, Hirai Ken, the enigmatic Freddie, Hokuto Takeshi, Hokuto’s henchman, Go Hiromi and the robot Mechazawa Shinichi.
Japanese mystic/accupuncturist Doctor Taima travels to Dunwich, MA to battle demons.
The Animal Crossing Railroad is completed, connecting several coastal towns in a region inhabited by sentient animals.
Il Palazzo makes another attempt to conquer Fukuoka City. He is defeated and captured by Doctor Kabapu and Municipal Force Daitenzin. The Great Will of the Macrocosm restores Hyatt to normal. Elgala is imprisoned. Excel escapes with Menchi, vowing to one day free Il Palazzo.
When the mysterious organization known as Galactor attacks Earth, Professor Nambu Kozaburo of the International Science Organization sends the Science Ninja Team out to fight it. Team members include Owashi no Ken, Kondoru no Jo, Shiratori no Jun, Tsubame no Jinpei and Mimizuku no Ryu.
Gao Red (ShishiKakeru), Gao Blue (Samezu Kai), Gao Yellow (Washio Gaku), Gao White (Taiga Sae) and Gao Black (Ushigame Sotaru) form the Gao Rangers.
Sonic the Hedgehog first encounters Shadow the Hedgehog.
Ultraman Cosmos and Ultraman Justice come to Earth. Son Goku and his friends battle Cell. Son Goku and Chi-Chi have a second son, who is called "Son Goten".
Naruhodo Ryuichi begins his career as a defense attorney.
Kurosaki Ichigo first meets the Soul Reaper Kuchiki Rukia.
Other super-heroes debuting this year include Dokkoida (Sakurazaki Suzuo) and Puni  Puni Poemy (Watanabe Poemy).


A.D. 2002: The JXSDF constructs  a new Mechagodzilla, which battles Godzilla to a draw.
Suzuki Nana is temporarily split into seven different versions of herself by a magical crystal.
Tokyo nine-year-old Spencer Takahama acquires a magical pig he calls “Sunny”.
Tsukishima Hana sets out to become gang boss of Suzuran High School.
In Italy, a young orphan girl named Henrietta is made into one of the cyborg assassins known as the Gunslinger Girls.
Two teenagers named Tadashi and Kaori are visiting Okinawa when it is overrun by bizarre cyborg fish.
With the help of their new pitcher, Jubeh, the Seido High School baseball team defeats the team from Gedo High School.
Hurricane Red (Shiina Yosuke), Hurricane Yellow (Bito Kuta) and Hurricane Blue (Nono Nanami) form the Hurricane Rangers to battle the alien Sakanja.
Ultraman Cosmos merges with Ultraman Justice to become Ultraman Legend.
Ryugasaki Momoko meets Shirayuri Ichigo.
Naomi Misora captures the serial killer known as "Beyond Birthday".
Onigawara Mao, Tsukishima Misora and Maruyama Sylvia become the Special Defense Corps to defend Japan against aliens led by Emperor Galactica.


A.D. 2003: The death of his son Tobio inspires Doctor Tenma to create the robot that will come to be known as “Astro Boy”.
Mothra and Mechagodzilla battle Godzilla.
In Osaka, twelve year-olds Imamiya Satoshi and Asahina Arumi discover the secret history of the Abenobashi Shopping Arcade.
Wario starts a video game company in Diamond City.
Japan is haunted by the evil spirit known as the Mantis Woman.
Shirayuki Berry joins Tokyo Mew Mew.
Hisago Mitsukazu, Shimeki Mori and Tsukumo Nagi form the Suehiro Detective Agency.
Yakuza Kokobu Seiji gets caught up in a war between the Tendo and Date gangs.
Takemine Kiyomaro meets Zatch Bell.
Abare Red (Hakua Ryuga), Abare Yellow (Itsuki Ranru), Abare Blue (Sanju Yukito) and Abare Black (Asuka) form the Abarangers.
The Gransazer Fire Tribe (Sazer Tarious, Sazer Mithras and Sazer Lion), Wind Tribe (Sazer Remis, Sazer Velsou and Sazer Dail), Earth Tribe (Sazer Tawlon, Sazer Visuel and Sazer Tragos) and Water Tribe (Sazer Gorbion, Sazer Pisces and Sazer Gans) unite to form the Super Star-God Gransazers.
Kuririn marries the cyborg known only as "#18".
Yagami "Light" Raito finds the Death Note left on Earth by the shinigami Ryuk. He uses it to kill criminals, becoming known as "Kira".  Within a month, he is tracked down by the detective L  Lawliet with help from Cardcaptor Sakura, and his Death Note is confiscated. (4)
Okajima "Rock" Rokuro joins the crew of the Black Lagoon.
Kita Michiru joins Z-Loan.
Amanoha Koromo starts high school.
Kobayashi Nana and Fujimori Hitomi fall in love.
Inui Takami becomes Kamen Rider 555.


A.D. 2004: A being known as the “Black-Shadowed Person” leaves a trail of death in Tokyo.
A revanchist faction takes control of Planet X and attacks Earth using the monster Kaiser Ghidorah, as well as the revived monsters Zilla,  Gigan, Hedorah, Rodan, Anguirus, Manda, Kumonga, Kamakiras, Ebirah and King Seesar, but are defeated by Godzilla, Mothra and a new Minya.
Nagisa Misumi becomes Cure Black and Honoka Yukishiro becomes Cure White, and together they form Pretty Cure. They battle the evil of the Dusk Zone.
Sawamura Seiji meets Kasugano Midori in a very unusual way.
Kindaichi Hajime marries Nanase Miyuki.
Deka Red (Akaza Banban), Deka Blue (Tomasu Hoji), Deka Green (Enari Senichi), Deka Yellow (Reimon Marika) and Deka Pink (Kodo Kome) form the Deka Rangers.
Kenzaki Kazuma, Tachibana Kazuya and Aikawa Hajime become Kamen Rider Black, Kamen Rider Garren and Kamen Rider Chalice.
Justiriser Glen (Date Shouta), Justiriser Kageri (Sanada Yuka) and Justiriser Gant (Hiraga Shinya) form the Phantom Star-God Justirisers.
Komon Kazuki becomes Ultraman Nexus.
Kanzaki Niko begins attending St. Lunatic High School.
Marron, daughter of Kuririn and #18, is born.
Amane Misa obtains a Death Note, using it to become the "Second Kira". She is tracked down and captured by the detective L. Lawliet, who disposes of her Death Note himself.
Sho Amano becomes Spider-Man J.
Izumi Konata, Hiiragi Kagami, Hiiragi Tsukasa, Takara Miyuki, Minegishi Ayano and Kusakabe Misao begin attending  Ryoo Gakuen High School.


A.D. 2005: The Decepticons flee Earth.
The Ozu siblings, Kai, Tsubasa, Urara, Houka and Makito form the Magi Rangers as Magi Red, Magi Yellow, Magi Blue, Magi Pink and Magi Green.
Adami Asamu meets Hidaka Hitoshi, a.k.a. Kamen Rider Hibiki.
Dr. Gori returns to attack Earth again, but is defeated by Kamiyama Takashi and friends.
The Sazer-X team arrives in search of the Cosmo Capsules.
Touma Kaito becomes Ultraman Max.
Mina Tepes, ruler of Earth's vampires, gains permission to create the Bund, a special district for vampires off the coast of Japan.
Yasaka Ko begins attending  Ryoo Gakuen High School.


A.D. 2006: After years of battles, the Chronos Corporation is destroyed and Guyver One kills Archanfel in battle.
Suzumiya Haruhi founds the S.O.S. Brigade.
David "Snake" Soriddo is recruited to battle the threat of Metal Gear.
To defend their collection of dangerous artefacts against those who would misuse them, the benevolent organization known as Sargess assembles the Roaring Squadron Boukenger, consisting of Bouken Red (Akashi Satoru), Bouken Black ( Inou Masumi), Bouken Blue ( Mogami Shouta), Bouken Yellow (Mamiya Naysuki), Bouken Pink ( Nishibori Sakura) and Bouken Silver (Takaoka Eiji). Gamera battles the monster Jidas.
In Tokyo, Akatsusumi Momoko, Gotokuji Miyako and Matsubara Kaoru become Hyper Blossom, Rolling Bubbles and Powered Buttercup, the Powerpuff Girls Z.
The alien force Boskito attacks Earth, but is defeated by the combined forces of the Gransazers, Justirisers, Sazer-X and the crew of the rebuilt Gotengo.
Hibino Mirai becomes Ultraman Möbius.
Tensou Souji becomes Kamen Rider Kabuto (Tensou Souji).
Kobayakawa Yutaka, Iwasaki Minami, Patricia Martin, Tamura Hiyori and Wakase Izumi begin attending  Ryoo Gakuen High School.
Ohashi Akiko, Kumakura Mariko, Kuno Chiharu, Taguchi Urara, Sekine Tamara, and Sugiyama Satoko begin attending O-Hana Girls' High School.


A.D. 2007: The Subspace Army attacks Earth, but is opposed by the Super Smash Brothers.Doctor Thomas Right builds the robot known as Rockman.
An amnesiac known only as "Jin" becomes Ultraseven X.
Nogami Ryotaro becomes Kamen Rider Den-O.
Geki Red (Kandou Jan), Geki Yellow (Uzaki Ran), Geki Blue (Fukami Retsu), Geki Violet (Go Fukami) and Geki Chopper become the Beast-Fist Squadron Gekiranger. )
Arai Setsuna, Karasuma Kaname, Maki Izumi and Nagumo Yuko begin working at Asashio Integrated Public High School of Tokyo.
Enomoto Chihiro begins attending Rikkyoin High School.
Kasuga Kotoko meets Gokokuji Kuro.
Issei Hyodo begins attending Kuoh Academy.


A.D. 2008: In Japan, Bando Suguru battles the Church of Light, which has captured the legendary phoenix. Even as he prepares to infiltrate their headquarters to liberate the phoenix, Bando dreams of the life of Lord Inugari in early Japan.
Son Goku and his friends battle the warlock Bobbidi and the djinn Boo.
Princess Di Gi Charat (a.k.a. "Dejiko") meets Senba Takuro.
Kurenai Wataru, Nago Keisuke and Nogori Taiga become Kamen Rider Kiva, Kamen Rider Ixa and Kamen Rider Saga.
Go-on Red (Esumi Sosuke), Go-on Blue (Kosaka Ren), Go-on Yellow (Royama Saki), Go-on Green (Jo Hanto), Go-on Black (Ishihara Gunpei), Go-on Silver (Suto Miu) and Go-on Gold (Suto Hiro) form the Go-ongers.
The vocaloid Hatsune Miku debuts. She is subsequently joined by Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Ren and Megurine Ruka.


A.D. 2009: Kadoya Tsukasa becomes Kamen Rider Decade. Shotaro Hidari and Philip become Kamen Rider Double.
Shinken Red (Shiba Takeru), Shinken Bleu (Ikenami Ryunosuke), Shinken Pink (Shiraishi Mako), Shinken Green (Tani Chiaki) and Shinken Yellow (Hanaori Kotoha) form the Shinkengers.


A.D. 2010: Bra, daughter of Vegeta and Bulma Briefs, is born.
The Pictonians invade Earth, but are defeated by the Hetalians.
Hino Eiji becomes Kamen Rider OOO.
Gosei Red (Arata), Gosei Pink (Eri), Gosei Black (Aguri), Gosei Yellow (Mone) and Gosei Blue (Haido) form the Goseigers.


A.D. 2011: Kisaragi Gentaro becomes Kamen Rider Fourze.
Gokai Red (Captain Marvelous), Gokai Blue (Jo Gibuken), Gokai Yellow (Ruka Mirufi), Gokai Green (Don Dogoiya), Gokai Pink (Aimu do Famiyu) and Gokai Silver (Ikari Gai) form the Gokaigers.
The young centaur Kimihara Himeno starts high school.
Toshinari Seki begins attending high school with Rumi Yokoi.


A.D. 2012: Soma Haruto becomes Kamen Rider Wizard.
Red Buster (Sakurada Hiromu), Blue Buster (Iwasaki Ryuji), Yellow Buster (Usami Yoko), Beet Buster (Jin Masato) and Stag Buster (Bito Jei Sutaggu) form the Go-Busters.
Ooarai Girls' Academy revives their school tankery team.  Akiyama Yukari joins the team.
Koro-sensei begins teaching Class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Juniro High School.


A.D. 2013: Son Gohan marries Videl, daughter of Hercule.
Raido Hikaru becomes Ultraman Ginga.
Kota Kazuraba becomes Kamen Rider Gaim.
Kyoryu Red (Kiryu Daigo), Kyoryu Black (Ian Yorkland), Kyoryo Blue (Udo Nobuharu), Kyoryu Green (Rippukan Soji), Kyoryu Pink (Amyi Yuzuki) and Kyoryu Gold (Utsemimaru) form the Kyoryugers. 

A.D. 2014: Satoshi marries  Kasumi.
Pan, daughter of Son Gohan and Videl, is born.
Shinnosuke Tomari becomes Kamen Rider Drive.
Right, Tokatti, Mio, Hikari and Kagura form the ToQgers.


A.D. 2015: Ayanami Rei, Ikari Shinji, Soryu Asuka Langley and Suzuhara Toji become EVA pilots.
Wajima Takeru and Nanami Akane become police officers.
A one-eyed woman named Hitomi becomes a high school nurse.


Space Age

Although space colonization efforts had begun in the late Twentieth Century, it was in the Twenty-First that humanity began to spread out into space, colonizing the Solar System. Tensions beween humanity on Earth and in space broke out into violence as a group of colonies calling itself the Principality declared war on Earth. The Earth Federation developed the weapon known as the Mobile Suit Gundam, which eventually hleps them to win the war.

Most of the Twenty-second Century was a time of peaceful expansion, until at the century's end, Earth wa ssuddenly attacked by the Gamilon Empire. There followed a series of short, sharp conflicts with the Comet Empire, the Black Star Cluster Empire, the Bolar Federation and the Dinguil Empire. At the end of these conflicts, Earth found itself in alliacne with their former Gamion enemies, now known as the Galman Emoire. Humanity then began to spread across the universe in earnest.

A.D. 2017: Faye Valentine is placed in suspended animation.


A.D. 2018: Son Goku meets Oob.


A.D. 2023: The Tokyo police create a special division called the "Attacked Mystification Police".


A.D. 2030: Sylia Stingray founds the Knight Sabers.


A.D. 2035: Jet Black is born on Ganymede.


A.D. 2044: Spike Spiegel is born on Mars.


A.D. 2045: Ozora Mirai becomes Moldiver.


A.D. 2047: In Metropolis, criminal Duke Red commissions Doctor Charles Lawton to create an artificial human that comes to be known as Michi.


A.D. 2058: The girl known as Edward “Ed” Wong Hau Pepeplu Tivrusky IV is born on Earth.


A.D. 2071: Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine and Ed join Jet Black in the crew of the spaceship Bebop


A.D. 2074: Hoshino “Hachimaki” Hachirota begins his career as an astronaut as part of a crew clearing space garbage.


A.D. 2079: The Principality of Zeon declares war on the Earth Federation. Earth develops the weapon known as the Mobile Suit Gundam.


A.D. 2094: Ross Sylibus meets Naomi Armitage on Mars.


A.D. 2112: The descendants of Nobita Nobi send the robot cat Doraemon back in time to guide his life.


A.D. 2198: Led by Leader Dessler, the Gamilons attack and begin bombarding Earth with Planet Bombs. Earth's fleet is virtually wiped out.


A.D. 2199: Earth is nearly uninhabitable. Queen Starsha of Iscandar offers Earth the Cosmo DNA, a device which will restore Earth’s biosphere. She also sends them plans for the Wave-Motion Gun. A new starship is built from the remains of the battleship Yamato. The Yamato sets out for Iscandar.


A.D. 2200: Having reached Iscandar and the defeated the Gamilons, the Yamato returns to Earth with the Cosmo DNA. Earth is restored, and a new fleet is built, based on the Yamato design. Later that year, the Comet Empire attacks Earth with the help of Leader Dessler. Led by the Yamato, the Earth fleet defeats the Comet Empire. Dessler renounces his enmity with Earth.
Death Phantom is banished from Crystal Tokyo.


A.D. 2201: Earth and the Gamilons battle the Black Star Cluster Empire. Subsequently, Dessler finds Galmania, the ancestral home of the Gamilons, and liberates it from the oppressive Bolar Federation. War erupts between the Galman Empire and the Bolar Federation.


A.D. 2202: Earth gets caught up in the Galman-Bolar War. In a battle near Earth, the Bolars are defeated. 


A.D. 2203: Earth and the Galmans battle and defeat the Dinguil Empire.


A.D. 2469: George and Romy Hazama settle the planet Eden 17, watched over by the legendary phoenix.


A.D. 2482: A man named Leon Miyatsu is killed and then transformed into a cyborg. He discovers that his family had him killed because they believed that he had obtained the blood of the legendary phoenix.


A.D. 2484: Leon Miyatsu falls in love with a female robot named Chihiro. A criminal scientist combines the two of them into a new type of mechanical being called a “robita”.


A.D. 2500: The elite team codenamed Sazer-X is sent back in time to collect powerful artifacts called "Cosmo Capsules".


A.D. 2533: Daisuke Ido finds the cyborg that will become known as "Battle Angel Alita".


A.D. 2577: The survivors of a wrecked space probe land on a planet inhabited by the legendary phoenix, which transforms some of them and sends one of them back to Earth.


A.D. 2917: By this time, the robita has been copied and put into wide use.


A.D. 2977: Captain Harlock of the Arcadia defends the Earth and its colonies from invading aliens.
The interstellar railway known as the Galaxy Express 999 begins operation.


A.D. 2981: On the distant Earth colony Arus, Kogane Akira, Kurogane Isamu, Seido Tsuyoshi, Shirogane Takashi and Suzuishi "Chibi" Hiroshi pilot the five robotic lions that form the giant mecha called "Voltron" to defend their world from the forces of the evil Emperor Daibazar. When Shirogane is injured, he is replaced by Princess Farla.


A.D. 2982: On a distant planet, a tunneler known as "Dig Dug" battles pookas and fygars.


A.D. 2986: Space Pirates raid the planet SR388 and capture an alien life form called a “Metroid”, returning with it to their base on Zebes. The government calls in the bounty hunter Samus Aran, and she defeats the space pirates and the evil Mother Brain.


A.D. 2991: Samus Aran battles more Metroids on SR388.
The F-Zero races have their heyday. The best known F-Zero racer is the bounty hunter known as Captain Falcon.
An advanced, spacefaring civilization descended from sentient Earth animals has arisen in the Lylat system. Its chief protector is Fox McCloud, along with his colleagues Slippy Toad, Falco Lombardi and Peppy Hare.


A.D. 2994: Samus Aran once more battles the space pirates and the Mother Brain on Zebes. This time Zebes is destroyed, although Samus escapes.


A.D. 3000: Death Phantom returns and the Black Moon attacks Crystal Tokyo. Losses are heavy, but Death Phantom is eventually defeated.
On a failed Earth colony, the pacifist gunslinger Vash the Stampede is pursued by insurance agents Meryl Stryfe and Millie Thompson.
The criminal Don Dorunero escapes through time. The Time Rangers, including Time Blue (Ayase), Time Green (Sion), Time Pink (Yuri) and Time Yellow (Domon) set off in pursuit.


A.D. 3001: Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo battles the Maruhage Empire.


A.D. 3002: Samus Aran battles the space pirates and Metroid Prime on Tallon IV. Later, she battles the “X” on SR388.


A.D. 3004: Samus Aran is drawn into a battle between the Luminoth and the Ing on the planet Aether.


A.D. 3006: Samus Aran battles rival bounty hunters in the Alimbic Cluster.


A.D. 3009: A robita begins to recall its human origins, and befriends a small boy. When the boy is accidentally killed, the robita is blamed.


A.D. 3030: Having achieved human feelings, the robitas destroy themselves en masse. One robita, on the Moon, is unable to destroy itself and kills its master instead.


A.D. 3344: Doctor Saruta finds the last robita. Together, they set out for deep space.


Decline and Rebirth

While humanity spread far and wide, Earth itself fell into decline. By the early thirty-fifth Century, there were only five cities left on the planet, and in 3404, they destroyed themselves in a cataclysmic war. The Earth lay fallow for millennia, until in the year 15,000, the Phoenix, with the hlep of Yamanobe Masato, re-started life on the planet. Sometime after this, the Earth was resettled by human space colonists under the reign of the re-born Neo-Queen Serenity.  They lived in peace  until the year 100,000, when Earth was attacked by Sailor Chaos, who destroyed Earth civilization. Serenity became Sailor Cosmos, and Sailor Cosmos and Sailor Chaos continued their battle into space, their final fate unknown. humanity survived on countless colony world, continuing to thrive wherever they could... 


A.D. 3404: Earth has gone into decline until it has only five cities left: Yuork, Lengud, Pinking, Ralais and Yamato, each dominated by a massive computer. When the cities are destroyed in a nuclear war, the phoenix grants long-life and invulnerability to a survivor named Yamanobe Masato.


A.D. 3982: A lone human vessel penetrates and destroys the Zaxxon defense system.


A.D. 12,090: First-known appearance of Vampire Hunter D. (5)


A.D. 15,000: Yamanobe Masato dies and his body dissolves into the ocean, re-starting the evolution of life and fulfilling the phoenix’s plan. Masato’s spirit lives on, watching over the world.


A.D. 100,000: Neo-Queen Serenity becomes Sailor Cosmos. Sailor Chaos appears and destroys the civilizations of Serenity's realm, as well as all of the Sailor Senshi. Sailor Cosmos and Sailor Chaos disappear into space to continue their battle.



(1)Legend has it  that just before the creation of the Galaxy Cauldron, a male voice was heard to shout "Haruhi, no!"


(2)I'm positing that Battle Royale is somewhat less lethal in this timeline.


(3)I'm kind of mixing up the anime and manga continuities, here.


(4)I'mm positing that in a world where magic is known to exist, L would be alot quicker to consider a supernatural solution to the problem of Kira, and would quickly call in an experienced sorceress, which I'm assuming Sakura would be by this time.


(5)Since I'm positing that the Earth is empty at this point in its history, I'm arbitrarily shifting the events of this series to an Earrh colony world.














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Updated and cleaned this up a bit. It's now divided up into sections, and each section is prefaced with a summary discussing the general course of history therein.

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