Hey,Dudes-has anyone here seen the new Fox TV series "ALCATRAZ"? Aside from sounding kinda interesting,a major character in it is " a comics devotee" (sed my local newspaper's Sunday TV supplement piece on the show,IIRC)??????? Maybe he likes Dennis the Meanace and Carl Barks:-)?SURE

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  • Yeah, Jorge Garcia's character, Diego "Doc" Soto owns a comic shop in addition to being an Alcatraz expert

  • He also mentions in the show he wrote a comic book about Alcatraz.


    The show itself is decent. All the characters are pretty interesting. Jorge Garcia plays the lovabale genius. The main character is a very capable and determined woman, I don't know the actresses name at the moment. Sam Neil is the great as the shady government agent.


    It has the same feel as Fringe, honestly. It doesn't have the crazy science stuff like fringe but the set up is similiar. A female cop stumbles onto a major conspiracy and works for a shady government agency with the help of a eccentric genius. Actually the character in the Fringe already worked for the FBI, I think, but you get my point.


    The show is about the prisoners of Alcatraz who were supposedly transferred off the island in 1963 but that's not what happened. Some 50 years later they start returning looking like they did 50 years before. The show has potential but I see the "convict of the week" approach getting old quick.

  • ...Do you think they might factor in the American Indian Movement occupation of Alcatrz in the late 60s into the storylines ???????

      On another level - Did they specify that there EXACTLY 100 ( or 110 , 120 , say...I suppose ) convicts left on The Rock that were transfered and disappeared ??? Hee hee hee !!!!!!!!!!!

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