I just picked up some of my books from my LCS last Monday (1/16). I haven't been there since mid-November due to work, the holidays, the weather, my health (once) and the state of my finances (usually). I read Avengers #19 by Bendis and Acuna and the Old Order Changeth....Again!

Now with three seperate Avengers titles out there ((Just) Avengers, New Av... and Secret Av..), there should be spots for 75% of the Marvel Universe but luckily that's not the case. But in this issue the (Just) Avengers seem to be:

  1. Captain America--Steve Rogers back in the role he was destined to be.
  2. Iron Man--Tony Stark now 100% back in the heroes' good graces but still taking charge but not sharing!
  3. Hawkeye--accepting a "lesser" role and resembling his movie counterpart with no reason given. (I think).
  4. Spider-Woman--the real one this time! (I think).
  5. The Protector--the former Marvel Boy and presumbly Figs' pet peeve! ;-)
  6. Red Hulk--AKA Rulk. Suddenly a public figure again. How will Thunderbolt Ross react?
  7. Storm--recommended by her husband the Black Panther. A powerful addition yet she, like Wolverine, will still be part of the X-Men.
  8. SHIELD Agent Daisy Johnson/Quake-"promoted" by Cap. Not sure if she even wanted to join but you can't say "No" to the Star-Spangled Avenger!

All-in-all, an impressive roster, strong with new and old members. Wait a minute, old members? I almost forgot! Rejoining the team is.....

  • THE VISION ---not the teen version, the version 2.0 or the Golden Age version! The real Vision is back!!! And by Bendis, no less! After declaring him a toaster, Bendis seems to acknowledge our favorite synthezoid's place in Avengers history and their make-up. However, if this is just some ruse for yet another Ultron story, I will not be happy!


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  • When Marvel launched Spider-Man in 1990, fans took to calling it the “adjectiveless” Spider-Man although Web of Spider-Man didn’t have an adjective in its title, either. I think a case can be made for calling the current Avengers adjectiveless, though, since both “new” and “secret” are adjectives. Just sayin’.

    Regarding the Vision, frankly there's no one I would rather see handle him less than BMB.

  • I would have the Vision, even with BMB writing, at least he is back in the conversation now, so to speak.  Although, it has occurred to me that Viz would be great leading the Secret Avengers ...

  • My main concern is that Tony Stark was rebuliding the Vision and is not sure how he came back on line. That troubles me.

  • Philip Portelli said:

    My main concern is that Tony Stark was rebuliding the Vision and is not sure how he came back on line. That troubles me.

    First World problems! LOL :-)
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