The Avengers is still playing in some dollar theaters, but for this Labor Day weekend only, it's returning to many of the bigger ones.  It's a promo for the blu-ray coming next month...but, if you want to see the gang kick Loki in the can one more time bigger than life...

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  • ...Ah , thank you , I was going to mention that , it seems that here in Santa Cruz County , CA (where I think?? all the " blockbuster "-oriented movie theaters - three?? - are owned by the same company) , I had noted that two/more of those theaters were listing Avengers (which , BTW , is , technically , titled MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS unless it's the full MARVEL COMICS' THE AVENGERS , isn't it ?????????) re-starting up to-morrow - though for only one/two shows a day - and I had thought along those lines .

      It's " dumping ground " late August/immediately pre-Labor Day (USA) , so.........

  • ...There's no " dollar theaters " (even used as a generic phrase) in Santa Cruz County , BTW , Doc , BELIEVE YOU ME :-) !!!!!!!!!!!

  • ...I've run into a suggestion that this Labor Day version is an actually re-edited version with new scenes in it .

      Is this so ???

      My LCS souce wasn't sure , and the 15 sec spot I saw on YT for the reish said nothing...On the other hand , with digital prints , I suppose one could re-edit a film FAIRLY fast nowadays.........I am tempted to go ___ But I din't really like , the last 1/3 of monster-smashing/Enn Yey Cee-busting , the film all THAT much !!!!!!!!!!! So...

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