• You couldn't price the tickets high enough that I wouldn't go see that.

  • "I've got an army."

    "We've got a Hunt."

  • Who is Gene Hunt?

  • Just include Modesty Blaise!

  • David Warren said:

    Who is Gene Hunt?


    Apparently, he's from something called Life on Mars. I'd never heard of him, either.

  • That's a deeper question than you know (unless you do know, and you're just pulling our legs).

    The short answer is that Gene Hunt was a major character in two BBC period piece cop shows: the unbelievably terrific Life on Mars (set in 1970's Manchester) and the not-quite-so-unbelievably-terrific-but-still-pretty-darn-good Ashes to Ashes (set in 1980's London).  DCI Hunt was an unrepentent harda$$ cop.  A "civil rights are for innocent people", knock heads 'til you get a confession type.  A caveman with a badge.

    Even Daniel Craig's Bond would think Gene tended to go a little over the line.
    David Warren said:

    Who is Gene Hunt?

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