• There will be a lot of Iron Fist and Power Man on Disney XD as teen versions of the characters will also be on Ultimate Spider-Man.

  • Hmmm ...

    I like some of the costuming -- HATE Doc Samson's look -- and the Flying Bathtub. 

    But the perspectives in this shot are really warped.  Even if you believe that gamma rays supersize you and that The Thing should be 12 feet tall, how do you explain some of the others?  Is the Black Panther that much taller than Iron Fist?  Does the Vision really tower over the Black Widow?  Is Hank Pym wearing his Ant-Man helmet but Giant-Man-sizing himself for the photo?

    So we have an Ant-Man and a Yellowjacket?  Is this "Earth's Mightiest Heroes Forever"?

    Cheap shot (I think), but has Johnny Storm been replaced by Namor?

    Still really looking forward to the new season, though.  Season 1 was fantastic.

  • Marvel version of JLU?

  • They mentioned the Fantastic Four and mutants in the first season but why no Captain Mar-Vell?

    Really great to see Spider-Man there. He's usually left out of these things.

  • Carol Danvers gained Kree powers from Mar-Vell in the first season.

  • Hank Pym, wore the helmet in season one as well. he shrunk and grew as circumstances required. Which really makes the most sense, really.

    The Thing probably is too tall. I always figured Iron Fist was on the short side for a hero, so I can believe Black Panther is that much taller. Vision would be taller than Black Widow, but probably not as tall he would have to be if that picture is correct.

    I wonder if this Yellowjacket is the Scott Lang of this universe?

    I can't wait for this season to start, my old roommate used to make me watch the show with him to identify a lot of the characters.

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