• Coincidentally, I was just reviewing the Big Finish web-site earlier today. Ever since I realized their "per order" charge was eating me alive, I've been putting together one big order per year (or so). It also saves $ to order "bundles" and, if you order in advance, your shipments may be spaced out over the course of a year or even two. I tend not to look at the website until I'm ready to order; I rely on the "Vortex" magazine, free with each shipment (or free online). I received an order yesterday and discovered there was a ton of stuff I was interested in, too much to even post about (some of it's listed above), so I figured I'd wait to post in dribs and drabs (as I've been doing) whenever it arrives. 

  • A month later, I just put together the order that will carry me through the next couple of years.

    I've ordered stories of the 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th, 11th, 12th and War Doctors among others. 

  • Add Martha Jones to the list of former companions who have been awarded their own solo series.


    This one is set during the year the Master held the (Tenth) Doctor captive and Martha travelled the world telling stories of the Doctor so as to keep hope alive. 

  • Susan, too...


    This one is set after the Doctor left her behind and deals with her efforts to rebuild society.

    (I did not order the Martha one, but I do have the Susan one and will get to it eventually.) 

  • Here's another one I did not buy (volume one, either).


    "Scattered through time and space, many women have crossed paths with the Doctor. Some were fellow TARDIS travellers, some were allies defending the Earth, and one was the Doctor’s daughter..."



    Back in the '80s, RTD wrote his first ever script for Doctor Who but it was never filmed. When the show was cancelled the script was returned to him, and he forgot about it for more than 30 years. He recently found it among his belongings and mentioned it on a podcast. A great hue and cry arose for "Mind of the Hodiac" to be produced by Big Finish. It is written as two 45-minute episodes. The first one is written full script, the second one is detailed notes. It was turned over to Scott Handcock to finish, but not without RTD's input. Working together they completed a "Lost Story" that is both a product of its time as well as a hint of things to come. 


    Out of Time 1 featured the Tenth Doctor and the Fourth against the Daleks; Out of Time 2 featured the Tenth Doctor and the Fifth against the Cybermen; Out of Time 3 will feature... well, just look.


    Colin Baker and David Tennant have met before (they were both in 2004's Medicinal Purposes, plus Baker visited the set of Voyage of the Damned while performing a play in Cardiff), but this is the first time they'll both be playing the Doctor opposite each other. July. 

  • Got my latest Vortex in the mail and thought I'd point out some things of interest. (It's issue #157 if you want to read the entire issue online on Big Finish's web-site.) 



    Back when Big Finish first started, they did a series of "Doctor Who: Unbound" adventures which cast new actors in the role of the doctor in "What If?" situations. With hundreds of in continuity stories to choose from, I had little interest in following stories set in an alternate timeline. This one sounds interesting, though. It's based on that moment in "Genesis of the Daleks" in which the Fourth Doctor ponders the questions, "Do I have the right?" What if the Doctor decided that he did "have the right"? In this scenario, his actions bring about "The Doctor of War" several regenerations early, but he's played by Colin Baker!



    This is the first in a new set of "First Doctor Adventures" in which the Doctor has been recast. Continuing from the previous set is Lauren Cornelius as Dodo Chaplet. Regular Big Finish actor Mark Elstob auditioned for the role and said something along the lines of, "I want this job and I will do the audition for you but it would be remiss of me not to mention that my good friend Stephan Noonan, who is an actor and a Doctor Who fan, does a rather brilliant William Hartnell voice." I haven't heard either Cornelius or Noonan, but I have been very impressed by BF's recasting choices in the past. 



    I will (someday) be covering this in depth in the dedicated thread, but what I find intriguing is that, in this set, the Curator has been recast. Tom Baker as already reprised his role of the Curator early on in this series, but now that character will be played by Colin Baker. (Him again!) "When David [Richardson, producer] spoke to Stephen Moffat about the Curator, the intention was that he was a fluid character so he's someone who can wear different faces as the mood takes him. What's nice is that this also reflects changes in the story. History is in flux so the Curator's face is one of those things that's changing around the Doctor and his friends as they try to fix everything."

  • Just announced today:


    Details here.

  • About a year ago I order a buttload of Big Finish audios in order to save on the "per order" fee. Most of them were already available, which means they shipped all at once, and I don't see a Vortex magazine until something that wasn't available at the time I placed the order ships. Consequently, I have fallen way out of touch with new series. (Note I haven't posted to this thread in more than a year.) But I received an order yesterday, though, and the latest Vortex magazine. One thing that caught my eye is the new "Once and Future" set, released to coincide with the show's 60th anniversary.


    The second release in the series brings the Fifth Doctor together with Jenny (the "Doctor's Daughter"), played by real life father/daughter Peter Davidson and Georgia Tennent.

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