• Dear Batman,

    Excuse me for saying so but I have seen you on television and I think you are getting a slight pot belly.

    You better watch out or you may lose all your fans. People with pot bellys aren't very popular.

    Jeffrey H.
    Reading, Pa.

  • Dear Batman,

    If you get into any real trouble why don't you call James Bond?

    I don't have his phone number, but you could look it up in the yellow pages under detectives.

    Yours truly,
    Alfred W.
    Boston, Mass.

  • Dear Batman,

     I like to watch the Batman Show. The best one I think is Batman vs. F.F. (False Face). But why do you have girls in 'em? I like it when Blaze (the girl helper of F.F.) hugs Robin and out comes knockout gas. Well, I'm a great fan of Batman and Robin.

    Richard K.
    New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Dear Batman,

    BATMAN is my favorite comic-book hero. I like him because he has no super powers. Because he has no super powers he has a utility belt which I think is a WONDERFUL! idea as everytning else in BATMAN & DETECTIVE. Also WORLD'S FINEST. Lots of times I think there could be some pockets that could be filled with some useful things such as:

    1. A small helium balloon that could be compressed so it could fit into one of his pockets in his utility belt. It could be opened at the yank of a cord. 
    2. He could have a special light in or on his buckle that could blind people temporarily. He could use it to blind his victims while he's fighting with them.

    He and ROBIN could bopth have a BAT-ring that they could communicate with if they can't reach their utility belts. 

    I just thought you'd like to know my suggestions.

    James W.
    Orlando, Florida

  • Dear Batman,

    Batman on television is a smash! (Which anyone would expect). But having a model and a book is a Wowee! Batman 179 March was terrific! Clay Pidgeon for a killer had me hanging over a cliff. On page one of that story the armed truck was turned over I don't know how Iago and his two playmates did it but it wasn't easy. But he got his when Batman messed up his gang. The other story The Riddless Robberies of the Riddler was terrific too. When the Riddler took those century old coins without giving Batman any riddles that I could not believe my eyes! (Repeat) But he was very wacky the second time to think that he didn't give away any riddles. that whole book was great!

    Harry L.
    Canton, Ohio


    • !γɘʞ noɈɘlɘʞƨ ɒ ʜɈiW

      !nɒɔ I ƨɿoƆ'

      )ƨɿɘϱniʇ 0Ɩ = ƨɿɘϱniʇ ɘvolϱ nɘɈ oɈni ƨɿɘϱniʇ lɒɘɿ nɘɈ( ɘvolϱ ɒ no Ɉυq υoγ nɘʜW
      ʞɔolɔ'o nɘɈ oɈ nɘɈ ƨ'Ɉi nɘʜW

      !Ɉi ɿɘɈʇɒ ƨγɒwlɒ ƨi ઘ ɘʜɈ ɘƨυɒɔɘઘ


    • Oh, very good! iXq5XRp.gif

  • Dear Batman,

    Why don't you make a story with some of the TV crooks in it. Like the Riddler. I have a good plot. The riddler kidnaps an atomic scientist and forces him to make a A-bomb to blow up Gotham City unless he recieves ten million dollars within twenty-four hours.

    Yours truly,
    Peter T.
    St. Petersburg, Florida

  • Dear Batman and Boy Wonder,

     My brother and I are thrilled to see your shows. Each Wednesday after the show is half finished, I just cannot wait until the next day to see what happens. My brother always thinks he knows that you and Boy Wonder will always get out of trouble because good people always win. We have been dreaming that we can get pictures of you. Hope our dream comes true.

    Your fans,
    Diane A. & Larry A.
    Sacramento, Calif.

  • Dear Batman,

    I would like to join you and Robin.

    I could go with you and help you catch crooks.

    I could be with you all the time, but I have to be home at 5 for my bath.

    Joyce W.
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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