I'm going to start a thread here where we can find out about the availability of book editions and what's in them. Quite frankly, this would help me find out about the book availability of various stories, but I'm sure we can talk to each other. (We can talk about individual issues, on-line versions, etc. too.) Amazon and the like sources Don"t always say exactly what is in the book collections, so we - and I - could find out just what's in the book versions - and what might have been left out, or revised, how the mastering is. So let's!!!!!!!!!

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I have been one of the world's great loyalists to buying in magazine form, but even I can eventually tell when the wind has blown differently.

How far along has DC"s chronological Batman reprinting program gone? I have hoped it would reach the early 50s.
IIRC, DC did a reprinting of the depowered-" Diana Rigg Wonder Woman " Silver-into-Bronze Age Wonder Woman some years ago, spread over several To be. I thought they've more recently done an GC Ommnibus reprinting all of these issues in one place. Have they? And does the Omnibus include letter columns, as I understand Omnibuses tend to do? Post-the deposited period but before going to Julius Schwarz, Process Diana spent a peculiar year or so back in Robert Kanigher's hands. Has that period been reprinted? I guess there are complete books of the Schwarz " Twelve Trials " period? The empowered Diana made quite a few appearances in other DC titles in her time - you cannot say DC didn't reasonably promote her, I guess - a
Are those in the books?
I want to get the recent book collection of the comic-book version of Peanuts that Dell and Gold Key published (Were the Gold Key issues 100% reprints of Dell material? Even fillers/covers?). Apparently the book that has come out reprints all the material from the Dell PEANUTS title (But not the back-ups of other characters? What was there?). However, it does not reprint the Peanuts stories that appeared in non-eponymous titles, is that correct? Presumably, a second volume would reprint those. Is it in fact fully known by now how many Peanuts stories appeared in non-eponymous titles such as NANCY and TIP TOPLER? A few years ago new stories kept being discovered. FTM, I recall that a company/ies other than Dell had the PEANUTS franchise prior to Dell? Was their version entirely strip reprints? The dailies would've been colorized for comic-book appearances, and I think even the strips might have been retouched a little for comic book publication? Any new covers? And filler material in general - I always want to know about that.
I gave recently found out that IDW has been putting out book collections of the newspaper strip versions of Walt Disney characters. I saw a listing for three volumes of the DONALD DUCK newspaper strip. This covers how much? All dailies? All B&W? Was the strip strict gag, some kind of " full " continuity, or maybe sometimes light continuity of a situation stretched out for a week or so? IDW has a SILLY SYMPHONIES volume, which IIRC was the Disney anthology strip, with different characters used. This reprints what? How long/til' when? Dailies and Sundays? Color/B&W? How long did that Fantavraphics series of reprints of the Gottfredson MICKEY MOUSE step continue? I had one, but it's gone - Dailies or Sundays too? Color or B&W (Okay, I'm always going to ask that about strip reprint collections.)? BTW, did Gottfredson absolutely draw for the strip only or did he ever occasionally draw a cover or pinup for the funnybookss?
There is apparently now a more complete book collection of the DARK SHADOWS newspaper strip? Back when, one came out that, however, reprinted the Sundays in incomplete form - which seems odd. I saw the strip then in I presume its" true " three-tier form in the NEW YORK SUNDAY NEWS, a widely circulated paper - Admittedly. not widely saved by libraries, I suppose. So, full run? In the " True "/showing the most art version? (Again, this is a question for all newspaper strip reorints, especially.) The DS newspaper strip is the only manifestation of DS I have a at really followed.
Speaking of strips that appeared in the NEWS - are there ANY collections of WINNIE WINKLE? Especially of its
Postwar-era glossy soap opera version? The 80s era of comics had quite a lot of not-quite-book reprints of newspaper strilps, often in Prestige Format or just flat out comic books - I'd like to know about any of these too. for all strips, not just these! For another NEWS strip, was that series of B&W Leonard Starr's MARY PERKINS ON STAGE reprints concluded? By any chance, it never did the not-by-Starr one?? MARY PERKINS comic book? And what about Bill Holman's SMOKEY STOVER and his other strips (sigh)?
How eeply has DC reprinted the Phanto. Stranger? I had a Showcase of the Silver/Bronze title's first dozens? The supernatural-debunking Atomic Age version? The post- Crisis miniseries and SECREF ORIGINS issue? There's two TPBs of the short-lived New 52 version? I've never read the Dr. 13 series that was in early-80s GHOSTS. I've always though D13 could make a goid Vertigo/etc. series. Speaking of which...what if the different versions of The Human Target have been book's
Has every issue of the New 52 ACTION COMICS and SUPERMAN been reprinted? Up through making the married Mylar Age Superman and Lois the protaginists? The MR. AND MRS. SUPERMAN series/mini too? Are all of George Perez's SUPERMAN issues in one volume? How co.plerely has the original SUPERMAN newspaper strip been reprinted? Has that late-Seventies attempt at one ever been reprinted - even at the time?
How late have DC's reprinting of BATMAN starting with the New Look gone? All of the camp era? And into that fascinating, to me, period post-Camp and pre-the O'Neill/Adams approach when the book, it seemed both rather eschewed costumed villains and the O'Adams approach in favor of kind if newspaper strip-U non-fantastic crime stories - perhaps influenced by the newspaper strip still running at that time and, are those books of the 60s/7£s newspaper strip complete? For the Amazo non-DC authorized period? And the syndicate plowed along with an Amazon strip for a while post-Batman - Is THAT reprinted anywhere?

STEVE ROPER AND MIKE NOMAD in all its formats, including CHIEF WAHOO. Anything? I became interested in this strip in recent years. COMICS REVUE has been reprinting it recently.

Didn't Marvel do at least one mass-market paperbaco each of every one ofthe daily strips they essayed in the late Seventies and early Eighties? Edited and colorized? 

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