According to Mike's Amazing World of Comics, it was 50 years ago on this date that this wonderful issue of Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen was released! Oh, Goody! Happy Anniversary!


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Thanks for not letting this very special day go by unnnoticed, Hoy. No doubt we'll need another celebration in one month. I'll be braced.

-- MSA

How could I forget it!?! Why, that date is so near and dear to my heart that I (secretly) arranged to marry The Lovely and Talented on the 25th Anniversary of that momentous event.
Which makes today...oh crap ...

Fifty years ago I bought it off the spinner rack at Arnold's Drug Store. It was too wacky to pass up.

I did the same (only a different spinner rack), I bought up all the Kirby DCs without thinking. It doesn't really stick in my brain that it was 50 years ago! That is WAY too long ago for comics I still remember buying. That would make me really fairly old, I think.

-- MSA

I'm not sure whether I ever saw this in the racks back in the day.  However, I certainly saw adverts for it plastered all over the DC comics I was collecting.  As a Brit with not the remotest idea who Don Rickles might be, I was not inspired to pick up a copy.  I still have no idea who he was!

After you watch this you'll know who he was. (22 minutes)

The Very Best of Don Rickles


Wow! Of course, SPJO 139 pales in comic book significance when compared to its far-more-celebrated partner in wonderfulness, SPJO 141. What I find most awesome is that May 26 is also my wedding anniversary! However, on clicking through to the above-mentioned Mike's Amazing World website, the Amazing Mike claims the on-sale date for SPJO 139 was May 25, not May 26. So, to the eternal relief of my wife, she will not have to share our anniversary with this admittedly all-time-great comic book. Whew!

Happy belated anniversary, Dave! I'm glad to hear you can spread your celebrations over two days rather than overdose with Don and Nancy all on one day. The combination might give you whiplash.

I'm just happy this amazing date in history didn't coincide with my birthday a few days earlier and overshadow the rest of my life.

-- MSA

Here it is! It was 50 years ago today - July 8, 1971 - that we witnessed the greatest climax ever seen in comics!* Happy golden anniversary, Jack, Jimmy and Don!

* This statement has yet to be verified by a qualified, objective source. Holding your breath until that happens may resut in dizzy spells, unconsciousness and ultimately death. No asking is allowed. Buying is advised. Reading may cause brain to explode. Your mileage may vary.

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