There are a few things that are worth discussing in this thread.

  • The mostly now-defunct spin-off books: Damage, Sideways, The Unexpected, The Immortal Men, New Challengers, The Terrifics, and Silencer.
  • Scott Snyder's Justice League, The Batman Who Laughs, and the other Justice League books (Odyssey and Dark, as well as the ones that are now stationed along in the Hall of Justice--Titans that I know of...are there others?).
  • The new Hawkman series, which I have not read.

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It's been a year by now, hasn't it? 

I have to admit what spawned this thread to me was the fact that I did read Justice League, which came out last week, because I saw that Starman was in it. (Will Peyton Starman, that is.)

One of the things that Starman did when he arrived was do his best (and Scott Snyder through him) to fix at least Hawkgirl's continuity. My question is, is this supposed to ripple out to Hawkman? I have to admit, this is the first issue of this arc that I picked up.

Of the spin-offs, I've read a few of them. The ones I see as having some staying power (as characters within the DCU, if not as titles) are Silencer and Sideways. I can see them both working well as guest stars in other books, or members of teams. The Terrifics will probably last the longest as a comic, but I don't think they have staying power as a team -- the members will go their separate ways when the series ends. (Oh and you left off The Curse of Brimstone; maybe that concept will show up later in a Spectre or Hellblazer comic down the line.)

I think it was a good idea to give the Justice League a relaunch, and I believe it's been pretty successful. I think positioning them against the Legion of Doom is a smart idea, too. Unfortunately, Scott Snyder has underpinned the series with so much head-scratching pseudo-philosophy that even stuff that I would adore -- a miniature smartass Starro in a jar nicknamed "Jarro" -- gets crowded out by plot points I barely understand.

(Pretty much everything since "Metal" has reminded me of the 70s JLA storyline where Thanagar was quarantined because of some sort of "equalizing" disease -- not because the plots are similar, but because as many times as I read the explanations about what the disease did, they never made a lick of sense to me. Same goes for the trees of Wonder or Mystery or whatever, and the Totality and the magic doorknob, and Hawkgirl's new wings, and...shrug.)

Anyway, of the JLA relaunch -- which included both Titans books as well -- I've pulled back to just reading Justice League Dark. At least there, I expect mystic mumbo-jumbo. Plus, there's Detective Chimp. 

I'm not entirely sure what Starman did to Kendra. The Hawks' timelines are a mystery to me. 

Whoops, I did forget about Curse of Brimstone. I didn't think that series was too bad (for the handful of issues I read).

Absolutely agreed on Silencer and Sideways. I'm especially fond of Silencer--I love the way they immediately tied her to Talia al Ghul.

As for Detective Chimp, I don't mind him if he is treated as a capable detective first, and as a joke second (if at all). I mean, he's a monkey, so automatically there is a little humor there whether you try to infuse it or not. It doesn't take much.

It's probably also worth mentioning that Silencer has appeared on Arrow. That's a really quick move from inception to TV adaptation for a comic character. 

Seriously? I have never gotten into that show (nor Flash, Supergirl, or any of the DC shows), but I've heard nothing but good about it. I really need to check it out.

Silencer is a brilliant character. Simple but highly effective power, and a great backstory. She always reminds me of one of the assassins on Kill Bill.

Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod) said:

It's probably also worth mentioning that Silencer has appeared on Arrow. That's a really quick move from inception to TV adaptation for a comic character. 

Oh, I enjoy Arrow, but I've certainly said things that aren't good about it. The characters sometimes make ridiculous decisions that come from not trusting the people they're trusting with their lives, and Ollie in particular has spent entire seasons being a jerk. (Not this season, thankfully.) And often the overarching plot just seems like it's marking time with inconsequential macguffin missions. But the action is well-choreographed, I like most of the characters (even when they're dopey), and, I mean, it brought Wild Dog, of all people, to the screen. And Ragman. That's gotta count for something! 

I'm going to watch it at some point--Silencer, Ragman, and Wild Dog in action. It sounds interesting at the very least!

Rob Staeger Johnson is right!

I think it would be too bad if the Metal characters became like the Bloodlines characters, where 90-something percent of them end up in limbo. I'm kind of hoping that they end up permeating the DCU in more ways than just Silencer and Sideways. If they end up here and there, like guest spots in Dark Justice League, Action Comics, or Hawkman, for instance. That way maybe they can earn some staying power.

I think 90 percent of everything falls by the wayside but get revived sporadically when things circle back around, whether it's the Red Bee, Claw the Unconquered, or Gunfire. But those same eras gave us Green Arrow, Shade the Changing Man, and Hitman. Some things come around again after decades, like Amethyst or the Wonder Twins.

I hope they stick around too...but honestly, if just Silencer and Sideways do, that's really not too bad.. and also not necessarily the end of the story.

Well that's the truth for sure, Rob. And you're right--Sideways and Silencer are definitely worthy additions to the DCU, and maybe the rest in the future at some point.

It's only through perseverance that some things stick around. Firestorm was cancelled after five issues, initially... and then didn't appear for more than a year, until a guest-appearance in DC Comics Presents set up his joining the JLA (and he got a backup in Flash at about the same time).

Black Lightning lasted 11 issues (and then assorted backups (and a JLA appearance) for a year or two...but then was out of sight for three years, until he showed up in Batman & the Outsiders. 

It's one of the things I love about the DCU -- nothing goes away forever. When Amethyst came back briefly for the New 52, I remember being just as excited to see backups of Stalker and Beowulf showing up -- I was just happy to see those old characters get a new turn at bat.

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