Deadly Class, Volume 11: A Fond Farewell, Part One
Rick Remender, writer; Wes Craig, artist; Lee Loughridge, colorist
Image Comics, 2022

This is the first chapter of the final arc of the series. Years after the events at Kings Dominion, the series checks in on Marcus and Saya: what if they were hired to kill each other? Will she choose to take her place as head of the Kuroki Syndicate, or will she choose revenge? The narrative begins in 2001, and before long we also see what happened to Maria. She put out a contract on her husband and his mistress, which Marcus comes to fulfill. 2006 finds Marcus and Maria getting married in Las Vegas, with Helmut and two other classmates as witnesses. The collection closes with gay couple John and Stephen commenting on the Marcus and Maria wedding, before they are both assassinated by a mystery assailant. At first I thought the Marcus and Maria story was a fantasy or an imaginary future, but the assassinations that conclude the collection would indicate that it was real. Looking forward to learning the assassin's identity, and I expect it to tie in to the twisted history of plots and double-crosses that have characterized the series.

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