When I got a tablet for Christmas, I signed up for Marvel Unlimited. My first couple forays into the library were relatively self-contained. I read what I hadn't picked up of Jonathan Hickman's Fantastic Four (which became FF, and then later the two titles ran concurrently, so I alternated reading them). Then I read what's there so far of James Robinson's Invaders series -- which is pretty much entirely self-contained, as long as I didn't feel sucked in to reading Original Sins and just took the premise of the crossover issues at face value. (They read fine that way.)

But next, I decided to read Guardians of the Galaxy. And, toward the end of its first year, it crosses over with All-New X-men. Which is fine; I'd planned to read that too, eventually. So I started catching up on that before continuing.

But now I've read 15 issues of All-New X-Men -- a really fun series, btw -- and now the Battle of the Atom crossover is at hand. I've decided to go back and read Bendis's Uncanny X-Men issues that lead up to it (another 12 issues), and maybe the Brian Wood X-Men issues that lead up to it, too. Another 3 or 4. Plus the two Battle of the Atom bookend issues. Then it's back to All-New X-Men for another 10 issues or so before I can finally get back to Guardians of the Galaxy, which I was reading in the first place!

Then again...I'm actually enjoying All-New X-Men more. Which is astonishing for a non-mutant fan like me to admit, but I've never been the biggest fan of Marvel's space stories, either. I just like talking raccoons.

So there you have it! Down the rabbit hole I go, for a whole ton of reading, all for one annual charge that looks more and more reasonable every day.

Has anyone else gone down a similar rabbit hole?


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And I can't speak to the Bendis spine of the Marvel U -- I bailed on that years ago for money reasons. But he provided a great jumping-on point to the X-Men, and I'm loving every issue of it. The last writer I jumped one with -- Brubaker, whose work I tend to like better than Bendis's -- left me cold. But Bendis's work breezes along, perfect for binge-reading. 

I thought I would absolutely loathe All-New X-Men, but it was a great ride from the get-go. Just goes to show that you can't pre-judge things without reading them!

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