And this is the book that did it.  Before this, I would pick up a Disney or an Archie...maybe a Batman...but this one was the first that made me go back to the drugstore next month to get the newest issue...and I was hooked.


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  • And that's why I can't wait until this May...there will be a big-time Joss Whedon...with THOSE guys! 

  • Moondragon's in the new movie?!?

  • ps. I'm teasing.

    Chris Fluit said:

    Moondragon's in the new movie?!?

  • She may not be...but I really hope that Janet makes an appearance. 

  • Even though Whedon is denying she's in it.

  • New poster for the film:



  • Does it look to anyone else like Downey's face has been photoshopped in (perhaps over an image that was originally "full suit")?

  • It doesn't look any more so than the others. They all seem to have had their faces better illuminated, which I can understand for the poster. I'd like to hope they don't spend the entire movie without their masks.

    BTW, just how tall is the Hulk supposed to be?

    That's a pretty cool looking comic to bring you back, Doc. I don't know that the artwork was outstanding considering the Avengers' lineup of artists, especially with the all-hands-on-deck approach to inking. But those characters together were always pretty compelling.

    1936061053?profile=RESIZE_320x320Not to sidetrack this thread back onto the notion that it's supposed to be about, but I have a strong image of the first comic I remember, too, in that I know most of the ones after it and none of the ones before it, and I think it's one of the greatest comics ever published. It's a little older than yours, though.

    -- MSA

  • I have a strong image of the first comic I remember, too, in that I know most of the ones after it and none of the ones before it. It's a little older than yours, though.

    I wonder if everybody figures out their "first" that way?  I do (and it was even an Avengers, too). A little {ahem} earlier than Doc's.

    Hmmm ... that might make an interesting thread.

  • I kinda like the poster, though they look photo shopped.

    I can't remember what comic sucked me in. I always liked comics and superheroes. I think it was Spider-man the Mutant Agenda #2 because it had Spidey, Beast and Hobgoblin all characters I knew from the cartoon. I relied on my parents to get my comics. That was the first one that made me want to keep getting comics but having only the supermarket to rely on, I never got a full run of anything.

    I won't mention that 30 years ago today, I was only a couple of weeks old.Oops. :p

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