Favorite Wrap Around Covers

Do you have a favorite comic that the cover wraps around to the back.
I enjoy displaying my comic book collection almost as much as reading them.
I've collected  various wrap-arounds which include Worlds Finest #255, X-Men #1 and 

Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe

I think I like Immortal Hulk #16

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  • I read this post last week then gave it some thought over the weekend. (But when I got back online this week I forgot to say anything about it until now.) When I think about wraparound covers, I think back to the first ones I saw. Those were on Marvel’s three “direct sales only” titles: Micronauts, Moon Knight and Ka-Zar the Savage. Right around the same time, Marvel Fanfare often featured wraparound covers, as did sundry reprint series from both of the “Big Two” on Mando and Baxter paper stocks. I thought wraparound covers were the wave of the future (and I still think they’re pretty nifty). They stuck around for a good long while, but I don’t seem to see too many of them anymore. Unfortunately, images of the entire wrap may not be as readily available as images of front covers, which probably account for the lack of response to this topic so far. Good idea, though.

  • The new artwork Marshall Rogers did for The Shadow of the Batman reprint series have always been some of my favorite wraparound covers. Number 4 is probably the technical masterpiece, but issue 5's atmospheric confronting Clay-Face atop a bridge is my personal favorite.


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