Fifty Favorite Movies Timeline

As I said once in the My Fifty Favorite Movies thread, I had always intended to try to create a timeline that combined the continuities of my Fifty Favorite Movies, in order to create a timeline that was simpler and somewhat less complex than the "Earth-44" timeline, and so, I hope, easier to read. Now, as anyone familiar with these films would know, this will mean some alteration of the events that occur in some of the films - it's impossible to perfectly reconcile the future of Star Trek II with that of Planet of the Apes. Anyway, what I post below will be my attempt.

2,000,000 B.C.: Beings of unknown origin have placed the objects that will be known as the Monoliths on Earth and the Moon.(1)

30,000 B.C.: By this time, an advanced technological society has developed on Earth comprised of several rival nations.(2) They are masters of genetic engineering, breeding bizarre, gigantic creatures to serve as living weapons.(3) They also explore the Solar System, encountering the Martians (4) and the Kilaaks (5), who live in the Asteroid Belt. They settle two planets - Planet X (6), actually a moon of Jupiter, and Terra (7), a sort of "Counter-Earth" on the opposite side of the Sun from Earth. Resources on Planet X are scarce, and the settlers develop a very regimented society as a response. Terra is more like Earth, but conditions there are just different enough that the settlers there begin to evolve into beings that are somewhat other than human.

25,000 B.C.: Around this time, a cataclysmic conflict causes society on Earth to collapse into barbarism. Only the undersea colonies that will come to be known as "Seatopia"(8) and the Mu Empire (9) survive, cut off from the surface world. Otherwise, knowledge of this civilization's existence and technology is largely lost, with only the legends of Atlantis and Lemuria, and small pockets such as Skull Island (10), Infant Island (11), Faro Island (12) and in the so-called "Center of the Earth"(13), remaining. Additionally, many of this civilization's living weapons remain in hibernation in various parts of the globe.The X-ists and the Terrans, caught up in their own survival, pay no heed to the events on the parent world.

A.D. 0: Brian Cohen is born.(14)

A.D. 33: Brian Cohen is crucified.(14)

A.D. 922: Ahmed Ibn Fadlan joins a group of Norsemen led by the warrior Buliwyf in their battle against the Wendol, a relict group of Neanderthals. Ibn Fadlan's record of the adventure survives to become a legendary tale.(15)

A.D. 1150: In Japan, the bandit Tajomaru is accused of the murder of a samurai and the rape of the samurai's wife.(16)

A.D. 1300: The time-lost Ash Williams battles the Deadites in England, before returning to his own time.(17)

A.D. 1554: The elders of a mountain village in Japan hire seven samurai - Shimada Kanbei, Katayama Gorobei, Shichiroji, Hayashida Heihachi, Okamoto Katsushiro, Kyuzo and Kikuchiyo - to defend them from bandits.(18)

A.D. 1640: Europeans first visit the island that will become known as Rolisica. (19)

A.D. 1807: British colonizers claim Rolisica for their Empire, founding the settlement that will come to be known as "New Kirk City". (19)

A.D. 1815: In the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars, the warriors Hamlet and Fortinbras seize the thrones of Denmark and Norway, and make war upon one another and on Poland. (20)

A.D. 1845: Hamlet's brother Claudius poisons him and seizes the throne of Denmark. Hamlet's son, also called Hamlet, launches a campaign of revenge which results in the deaths of all the Danish royal house. Fortinbras' son - also called Fortinbras - seizes the throne of Denmark. (20)

A.D. 1863: Three men - the hired killer known as "Angel Eyes", the gunslinger known as "Blondie" and the bandit Tuco Ramirez - compete to find a hidden cache of Confederate gold. (21)

A.D. 1864: Sir Oliver Lindenbrook leads an expedition to the "center of the Earth". The party finds a series of massive underground caverns containing a subterranean environment and ruins relating to the lost pre-historic civilization. (22)

A.D. 1865: Henry Frankenstein discovers the secret of reanimating dead tissue, creating the being that will come to be known as Frankenstein's Monster. Subsequently, Doctor Pretorius convinces him to create a mate for the creature. (23)

A.D. 1874: Sheriff Bart and the Waco Kid help stop Hedley Lamarr from destroying the town of Rock Ridge in the American West. (24)

A.D. 1879: British forces battle Zulus at Rorke's Drift. (25)

A.D. 1892: Vito Andolini is born in Sicily. (26)

A.D. 1897: The vampire Count Dracula travels to England, where he is defeated by Professor Abraham van Helsing. (27) Dracula's body is claimed by Countess Marya Zaleska, who claims to be Dracula's daughter. (28)

A.D. 1900: Wolf Frankenstein, son of Henry, encounters his father's creation. (29)

A.D. 1901: Vito Andolini moves to the U.S., where he adopts the name "Vito Corleone". (26)

A.D. 1903: Ludwig Frankenstein, younger brother of Wolf, also encounters his father's creation. (30)

A.D. 1904: A vampire calling himself Count Alucard appears in New Orleans. (31)

A.D. 1907: Lawrence Talbot becomes a werewolf. (32)

A.D. 1909: Lawrence Talbot, seeking a cure for his lycanthropy, encounters Frankenstein's Monster. (33)

A.D. 1912: Lawrence Talbot, Count Dracula and Frankenstein's Monster each get caught up in the vengeful schemes of Doctor Gustav Niemann. (34)

A.D. 1913: Lawrence Talbot and Count Dracula each seek out Doctor Edelmann to find cures for their conditions. (35)

A.D. 1916: Santino "Sonny" Corleone and Thomas Hagen are born. (26)

A.D. 1919: Frederico "Fredo" Corleone is born. (26)

A.D. 1920: Michael Corleone is born. (26)

A.D. 1924: The Corleone family adopts Tom Hagen. (26)

A.D. 1927: Constanzia "Connie" Corleone is born. (26)

A.D. 1930: Frederick Frankenstein, son of Wolf, creates a creature of his own, with somewhat more positive results. (36)

A.D. 1933: Rufus T. Firefly becomes President of Freedonia. Freedonia soon becomes embroiled in war with neighboring Sylvania. (37) Carl Denham leads an expedition to Skull Island, where he captures the giant ape, King Kong and brings it to New York City to exhibit it. Kong escapes in the city, and is killed by the U.S. military. (38) Denham subsequently returns to the island, where he encounters the Son of Kong, which is killed when the island sinks into the sea. (39)

A.D. 1939: Kansan Dorothy Gale, struck on the head during a tornado, dreams of a visit to the Land of Oz. (40)

A.D. 1944: British POWs carry out the "Great Escape" from Stalag Luft III. (41)

A.D. 1945: Working from Henry Frankenstein's notes, a Nazi scientist has succeeded in reanimating a human heart. At the war's end, the heart is sent to Japan, arriving in Hiroshima just as the atomic bomb is dropped. (42)

A.D. 1948: Lawrence Talbot helps save Chick Young and Wilbur Grey from Count Dracula and the original Frankenstein Monster. (43)

A.D. 1951: An alien, humanoid vegetable crashlands in the Arctic. It encounters and is destroyed by military personnel from a nearby American base. (44)
Anthony Corleone is born. (26)

A.D. 1953: A nuclear test in the Arctic revives a prehistoric creature called a Rhedosaurus, which makes its way to New York City, where it is killed by the American military. (45)
Martians invade the Earth. While they easily overcome all human opposition, they are wiped out by terrestrial bacteria. (46) Among those killed during the invasion is Colonel Jack D. Ripper. (47) Subsequent to the battle, the German-American scientist calling himself Doctor Strangelove is placed in charge of the U.S. efforts to salvage and reproduce the invaders' technology. (48)
In the wake of the invasion, Michael Corleone assumes control of what is left of New York's underworld. (26)
Mary Corleone is born. (26)

A.D. 1954: Ants, grown to giant size as a result of residual radiation from nuclear testing, appear in New Mexico. They are eradicated by the U.S. military. (49)
The monster Godzilla attacks Tokyo for the first time. (50)
In the wake of the Martian invasion, scientists working in a subterranean lab begin experimenting on ways to "improve" humanity. After initial successes on various lower primates - chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans - they begin working on humans. (51)

A.D. 1955: Godzilla battles the monster Anguirus. (52)

A.D. 1956: Two monsters known as Rodan attack Tokyo and various other cities. (53)

A.D. 1958: The monster Varan attacks Tokyo. (54)

A.D. 1959: Aliens led by Commander Eros attempt to influence Earth's development by resurrecting the recently-deceased. (55) The plan fails, but filmmaker Edward D. Wood, Jr., learns the details of the attack and makes a "quickie" motion picture about the events, called Plan 9 From Outer Space. (56)

A.D. 1960: Hotel-keeper Norman Bates commits a series of murders before he is captured by the police. (57)
Merkin Muffley is elected President of the United States of America. (58)

A.D. 1961: In New York City, two teenagers named Tony and Maria meet and fall in love. (59)
The monster Mothra attacks Tokyo and New Kirk City in Rolisica. (11)

A.D. 1962: Godzilla battles the second giant ape to be known as King Kong. (12)

A.D. 1963: Seven Japanese people are shipwrecked on an island inhabited by intelligent mushrooms called matango. (60)
As part of an officer exchange program, RAF Group Captain Lionel Mandrake is sent to Burpleson Air Force Base in California to serve as adjutant to the base's commander. (47)
On Halloween night, six year old Michael Myers murders his sister Judith. (61)
The undersea civilization of Mu uses the monster Manda to attack the surface world. They are defeated by the submarine Gotengo. (62)

A.D. 1964: Mothra battles Godzilla.(63) Later that year, Godzilla, Mothra and Rodan battle King Ghidorah. (64)

A.D. 1965: An accidental nuclear explosion awakens the monster Gamera. (65)
Planet X attempts to conquer the Earth using the monsters King Ghidorah, Godzilla and Rodan. (66)
The"Frankenstein" heart, having absorbed radiation, has grown into a gigantic humanoid, which battles the monster Baragon. (42)

A.D. 1966: Gamera battles the monster Barugon. (67)
Godzilla battles the monster Ebirah. (68)
The Gargantuas, Sanda and Gailah, battle in Tokyo. (69)

A.D. 1967: Gamera battles the monster Gyaos. (70)
Godzilla battles the monsters Kumonga and Kamacurus to protect Minya. (71)
King Kong II battles the monster Gorosaurus, then battles the robot Mechani-Kong, built by the evil scientist Dr. Who. (72)

A.D. 1968: Gamera battles the alien monster Viras. (73)

A.D. 1969: Gamera travels to the planet Terra, where he battles the monster Guiron. (74)
In Tokyo, a young boy dreams of life on Monster Island, the name that Monsterland was originally known by. (75)

A.D. 1970: Gamera battles the monster Jiger. (76)

A.D. 1971: Chocolatier Willy Wonka gives away free tours of his candy factory in a contest. One of the contest winners is a young boy named Charlie Bucket, who becomes Wonka's hand-picked heir. (77)
Gamera battles the alien monster Zigra. (78)
In Britain, a young man named Alex DeLarge is subjected to an experimental treatment for his violent tendencies. (79)
Godzilla battles the monster Hedorah. (80)

A.D. 1972: An experimental interstellar spaceship launched from Earth vanishes and is presumed lost. (81)
Aliens from Nebula M Spacehunter send the monsters Gigan and King Ghidorah to attack Earth. Godzilla and Anguirus battle the alien monsters. (82)

A.D. 1973: Miles Monroe is cryogenically frozen. (83)
The undersea civilization of Seatopia sends the monsters Megalon and Gigan to attack Japan. They are defeated by Godzilla and the robot Jet Jaguar. (84)

A.D. 1974: The alien Simians send the robot Mechagodzilla to attack Earth. It is defeated by Godzilla and the monster King Seesar. (85)

A.D. 1975: A great white shark begins attacking bathers off of Amity Island, causing Police Chief Martin Brody to take steps to have it destroyed. (86)
The Simians send a rebuilt Mechagodzilla to attack Earth again, this time in concert with the monster Titanosaurus. they are defeated by Godzilla, in concert with human forces. (87)

A.D. 1978: On Halloween night, Michael Myers returns home to Haddonfield, Illinois to resume his killing spree. (61)

A.D. 1980: Ted Striker pilots a Los Angeles-to-Chicago flight safely to land after its crew falls ill. (88)
Pamela Voorhees is killed. Her son Jason begins his relentless murder spree to avenge her death. A few months later, Tommy Jarvis kills Jason Voorhees.(89)

A.D. 1981: Ash Williams battles the Deadites, and is sent hurtling back in time. (17)

A.D. 1982: Ted Striker pilots the lunar shuttle Mayflower One to a safe landing on the Moon after its computer fails. (90)

A.D. 1983: Norman Bates is released and returns home, only to get caught up in the revenge scheme of Lila Loomis. (91)

A.D. 1984: Winston Smith, a divorced copy editor for the Times of London, begins a love affair with a girl named Julia. (92)
The malignant revenant Freddy Krueger begins killing the teenagers of Springwood, Ohio, through their dreams. (93)

A.D. 1985: Roy Burns commits murders in imitation of Jason Voorhees. (94)

A.D. 1986: Tommy Jarvis accidentally reanimates Jason Voorhees. After committing several murders, Jason is imprisoned at the bottom of Crystal Lake. (95)
Norman Bates is re-institutionalized after another series of murders. (96)

A.D. 1988: Telekinetic Tina Shepard accidentally releases Jason Voorhees, and battles him with her psychic powers. (97)

A.D. 1989: Jason Voorhees travels to Manhattan. (98)

A.D. 1990: Having been once again released, Norman Bates is now married to a woman named Connie. (99)

A.D. 1991: FBI agent Will Graham, who captured the serial killer Hannibal Lecter, battles the serial killer Francis Dolarhyde. (100) Subsequently, Agent Clarice Starling seeks Lecter's aid in tracking down the serial killer known as "Buffalo Bill". (101)

A.D. 1993: A group of genetically-engineered superhumans led by Khan Singh attempt to seize control of the Earth. When they are defeated, they escape into deep space in the hibernation vessel Botany Bay. (102) U.N. agents who seek to discover the origins of Khan and his compatriots discover the subterranean labs in which they were bred, as well as a colony of intelligent chimpanzees, orangutans and gorillas. After some deliberation, the humans leave the apes in peace underground.
Jason Voorhees is dragged down to Hell. (103)

A.D. 1996: Police chief Marge Gunderson investigates the kidnaping of Jean Lundegaard. (104)

A.D. 1997: Upon her father's death, Mary Corleone assumes control of the Corleone "family".(105)

A.D. 1998: Japanese reporter Asakawa Reiko, investigating the legend of a "haunted" videotape, becomes caught up in the ghostly vengeance of Yamamura Sadako.(106)

A.D. 1999: The Kilaaks attempt to conquer the Earth using the monsters confined at Monsterland.(5)

A.D. 2001: The Katakuri family opens a guest house in the remote Japanese countryside.(107)
A mysterious monolith is discovered on the Moon. The American spaceship Discovery One is sent to investigate a similar anomaly near Jupiter, but is lost when the ship's computer malfunctions and begins killing the crew. (1)
Clarice Starling is caught up in Mason Verger's attempt to seek revenge on Hannibal Lecter.(108)

A.D. 2002: Nanahara Shuya and Nakagawa Noriko become the first joint winners of the "reality show" Battle Royale.(109)
Michael Myers succeeds in killing Laurie Strode.(110)

A.D. 2003: Tokyo home health aide Nishina Rika is caught up in the ghostly vengeance of Saeki Kayako.(111)
Freddy Krueger revives Jason Voorhees for his own purposes, but the two soon come into conflict. Shortly after this, Jason is captured by government forces and placed in cryogenic suspension. A government researcher - a young woman named Rowan - is accidentally placed in suspension with him. (112)

A.D. 2004: The dead begin to rise and attack the living. Among those battling the zombies is an Englishman named "Shaun".(113)

A.D. 2010: A joint Russian-American expedition investigates the Jupiter anomaly, and witnesses the planet Jupiter's transformation into a small sun.(114)

A.D. 2019: Rick Deckard, a retired "blade runner", is brought back to hunt down several replicants that have come to Earth.(115)

A.D. 2079: The space vessel Nostromo, investigating a mysterious distress call, inadvertently takes aboard a hostile Alien, which kills all of the crew except Lieutenant Ellen Ripley and the ship's cat, who survive in a hibernation pod.(116)

A.D. 2136: Ripley's hibernation pod is found and she is revived. She accompanies a group of Colonial Marines aboard the starship Sulaco. they again encounter the hostile Aliens, and Ripley is among the few survivors. The Sulaco crashlands on the prison planet Fiorina 161, and this time Ripley is the only survivor. Ripley and the prisoners again battle the Aliens, and this time, Ripley dies at the end of the battle.(117)

A.D. 2161: The United Federation of Planets is founded.(102)

A.D. 2173: Miles Monroe is revived.(83)

A.D. 2266: Captain James T. Kirk assumes command of the Federation starship Enterprise.(102)

A.D. 2267: The Federation starship Enterprise, commanded by Captain James T. Kirk, finds Khan Singh and his followers in deep space and revive them. Khan attempts to take control of the ship, but Kirk and his crew defeat him, and the superhumans stranded on Ceti Alpha V.

A.D. 2282: Khan Singh escapes from his exile and seeks revenge on James T. Kirk. Khan is killed by the detonation of the Genesis Device.(102)

A.D. 2336: Federation scientists aboard the starship Auriga clone Ellen Ripley. The clone again battles the Aliens, escaping to earth aboard the starship Betty.(118)

A.D. 2455: A human expedition to the abandoned Earth finds and revives Jason Voorhees and the researcher Rowan. The humans battle a cybernetically-enhanced Jason, who falls to ground near a human colony on the planet called "Earth Two".(112)

A.D. 3978: The long-lost experimental interstellar spaceship crashlands on an unknown planet. The surviving astronaut, a man named Taylor, discovers that the planet is a future Earth inhabited by intelligent apes.(81)  The apes explain that humanity abandoned the Earth centuries before, and that the apes now rule the planet. The apes contact a passing human starship, and Taylor is taken to live on a human colony in another solar system.(119)

(1)See 2001: A Space Odyssey.

(2)Note that for both Gojira and Gamera vs. Zigra, I have included only the Showa Era Toho and Daiei films. so as to avoid having to reconcile the Showa, Heisei and Millenniun continuities for both. I thought about including the Daimajin pictures on the Daiei side, but decided against, since there's nothing that definitely ties them into the same continuity as Gamera.

(3)I rationalize the various kaiju as being surviving artificially-constructed creatures intended as living weapons designed by the ancient civilization, rather than as hibernating dinosaurs or more atomic mutations. This, I think, helps explain some of their more outre capabilities.

(4)See War of the Worlds. I am going with the assumption that they were Martians, and not critters from further out, using Mars as a base.

(5)See Destroy All Monsters.

(6)See Godzilla vs. Monster Zero.

(7)See Gamera vs. Guiron. I placed "Terra" within the Solar System as a sort-of "Counter-Earth" largely because Gamera was able to travel there unaided. I can sort-of buy the notion of Gamera being able to fly interstellar distances, but can't buy him (It?) being capable of interstellar travel. The idea of X-ists remaining basically human while the Terrans become something "other" just come sfrom my sense of both races as they are depicted in their resepctive films.

(8)See Godzilla vs. Megalon.

(9)See Atragon.

(10)See King Kong (1933). I'm positing that the original Kong (and the other odd creatures on Skull Island), and critters like the Toho Kong, Gorosaurus and Mothra (and the Twin Fairies) are surviving remnants of the genetic engineering of the pre-historic civilization.

(11)See Mothra (1961), and note 10 above.

(12)See King Kong vs. Godzilla, and note 10 above.

(13)See Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959). My rationale is that Lindenbrook and company didn't go to the literal "center of the Earth", but instead discovered long-forgotten, vast, underground caverns, created either by some natural geological upheaval, or perhaps deliberately excavated by the pre-historic civilization.

(14)See Monty Python's Life of Brian. I didn't include the other Python films, as I've never had the sense that they were meant to comprise a continuity.

(15)See The 13th Warrior.

(16)See Rashomon. I thought about including all of Kurosawa's films, but again, they didn't seem to me to represent a continuity. We see in this film the first sign that magic - or at least, certain types of it - works in this universe.

(17)See Army of Darkness.

(18)See Seven Samurai.

(19)See Mothra (1961). "Rolisica" was a fictional stand-in for the U.S. in the original Mothra film. Since the U.S. was shown to exist in later films of the Showa Era Toho Kaiju Eiga, and since Rolisica had a sort of "Pacific Island" feel to it, I am positing "Rolisica" as a large island (Say about the size of New Zealand) that exists in the Pacific some distance south of Hawaii - a landmass that does not exist in the "real world".

(20)See Hamlet (1996). Since this is the Branagh film, which had the characters early 19th Century dress, I have put it into this timeframe as the best fit. Obviously, Central European history was slightly different in this timeline, as there was still a Poland to fight. I'm positing that a "rump" state survived the Napoleonic Wars, perhaps as a compromise between Prussia, Russia, and a Denmark that was somewhat more militaristic than it was in our timeline. My feeling is that this Poland's independence didn't last must past Fortinbras the Younger's assumption of the throne of Denamrk.

(21)See The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. I didn't include the other films featuring Clint as "The Man With No Name" because I'm uncertain that they were meant to represent a continuity.

(22)See note 13 above. I assigned this date to Lindenbrook's expedition because that's when the original book was published. It's interesting to speculate that a rush to explore, and perhaps even colonize and exploit the "interior world" would have followed. Perhaps, just as nations claim the airspace above their territory, they would have tried to claim the "interior space" beneath them. One could certainly imagine a rush of paranoia by nations fearing an attack from "below".

(23)See Frankenstein (1931)/Bride of Frankenstein. I picked this date somewhat abritrarily. The Universal horror pictures tended to be notoriously vague regarding the time and place they were set in. I set the first Frankenstein in this tinmeframe, because I believe it allows ample scope for the subsequent generations to fit in. I didn't tie it to the original date of the novel, as I feel that carries it too far back. I'm including the various Dracula and Wolfman pictures as part of this continuity as they crossed over with the Frankenstein pictures at one point in time or another, whereas the pictures featuring the Invisible Man, the Mummy and the Creature form the Black Lagoon didn't, to the best of my recollection.

(24)See Blazing Saddles. I picked this date as being 100 years before the film's release, and thus within a suitable timeframe for a Western. For the purposes of this timeline, I am ignoring the film's anachronisms and "fourth wall breaking" elements.

(25)See Zulu.

(26)See The Godfather/The Godfather Part II.

(27)See Dracula (1931).

(28)See Dracula's Daughter.
(29)See Son Of Frankenstein.

(30)See The Ghost of Frankenstein.

(31)See Son of Dracula.

(32)See The Wolf Man (1941).

(33)See Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman.

(34)See House of Frankenstein.

(35)See House of Dracula.

(36)See Young Frankenstein.

(37)See Duck Soup. "Freedonia" and "Sylvania" are European countries that exist in this timeline, but not in ours. I'm positing them as "postage stamp" type nations existing somewhere on the Franco-Italian border.

(38)See King Kong (1933). Actually, I can posit the original Kong as something more of a "naturally" occurring giant ape, whereas the Toho Kong could only be the product of some serious genetic engineering.

(39)See Son of Kong.

(40)See The Wizard of Oz. I am accepting the film's treatment of Dorothy's adventure as a dream.

(41)See The Great Escape. Though I have posited some differences in European history, I am also positing that it followed the same overall pattern as it did in our timeline, at least up through the end of the war.

(42)See Frankenstein vs. Baragon.

(43)See Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein.

(44)See The Thing from Another World. My rationale is that the public revelation that the Earth had been visited by a being from another world - and a hostile being, at that - would be a watershed moment in this world's history. People - not everyone, and slowly, at first - would begin to consider the possibility that humanity's nations could no longer afford the "luxury" of fighting among themselves.

(45)See The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms. Unlike my rationale for the kaiju, I am positing the Rhedosaurus as an actual "dinosaur revived by nuclear testing" and not "an ancient bio-weapon" - just because I felt like it.

(46)See The War of the Worlds (1953). My feeling is that this invasion, with uncounted millions dead, would mark the beginning of a profound shift in human attitudes. On the one hand, there would be a strong move away from intra-human conflict in the wake of alien invasion, on the other, there would be a strong belief in the need to maintain a defense against future invasions.

(47)See Dr. Strangelove. Killing off Ripper at this point is, to a certain extent, a "cheat" on my part. It didn't suit my purposes for this timeline, for there to be a nuclear war in 1963. On the other hand, having a military man get killed in a war is not, I suppose, all that unlikely.

(48)See note 47 above. There would've been alot of Martian technology lying around after the invasion, and I have to think that governments all over the world would've been doing their best to reverse-engineer as much of it as they could. Strangelove strikes me as just the sort of fellow who would be put in charge of such an effort. I also think that from here on, this world's level of technology would begin to differ drastically from that of our own.

(49)See Them.

(50)See Gojira (1954) and note 2 above. For me, the Rhedosaurus is "believable" as an ancient creature somehow reawakened, but to my mind, things like Godzilla, Gamera and their ilk have to be something more.

(51)Essentially, this is my way of explaining where the intelligent apes in Planet of the Apes came from, as well as the enhanced humans like Khan.

(52)See Godzilla Raids Again.

(53)See Rodan.

(54)See Varan the Unbelievable. Actually, see the original Daikaiju Baran, instead, if you can. The "Americanized" verison was really hacked up.

(55)See Plan 9 from Outer Space.

(56)See Ed Wood.

(57)See Psycho (1960).

(58)Also see note 47 above. I haven't thought about what happened to JFK in this timeline. Perhaps he became president later on.

(59)See West Side Story. I'm positing that in a world where aliens have invaded, differences between human ethnic groups have diminished enough that there is much less objection to the romance between these two, allowing them a happier ending in this timeline.

(60)See Matango

(61)See Halloween (1978). Note that I will not be including all of the sequels to this picture. One, I haven't seen them all, and two, many of them were crap, even by the standards of a man who thinks that Gamera vs. Zigra was great cinema.

(62)See Atragon.

(63)See Mothra vs. Godzilla, a.k.a. Godzilla vs. The Thing.

(64)See Ghidorah the Three-Headed Monster.

(65)See Gamera (1965).

(66)See note 6 above. Subsequent to the defeat of the X-ists, Earth and Planet X open up diplomatic relations, with an increasingly united Earth assuming a position of growing strength.

(67)See Gamera vs. Barugon.

(68)See Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster.

(69)See War of the Gargantuas.

(70)See Gamera vs. Gyaos.

(71)See Son of Godzilla.

(72)See King Kong Escapes.

(73)See Gamera vs. Viras.

(74)See note 7 above. Once Terra was brought to the attention of humanity, Earth ships would begin to explore and eventually colonize the planet.

(75)See Godzilla's Revenge.

(76)See Gamera vs. Jiger.

(77)See Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I hadn't really thought about where the Oompa-Loompas came from. Perhaps somewhere in the "center of the Earth".

(78)See Gamera vs. Zigra.

(79)See A Clockwork Orange.

(80)See Godzilla vs. Hedorah, a.k.a. Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster.

(81)See Planet of the Apes.

(82)See Godzilla vs. Gigan.

(83)See Sleeper.

(84)See Godzilla vs. Megalon.

(85)See Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (1974).

(86)See Jaws. I'm not including the sequels. I've never seen them and I've never heard anything good about them.

(87)See Terror of Mechagodzilla.

(88)See Airplane.

(89)See Friday the 13th (1980), Friday the 13th, Part 2 (1981), Friday the 13th, Part 3, and Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter.

(90)See Airplane II.

(91)See Psycho II.

(92)See 1984 (1984). Since the timeline I am imagining here isn't really like Orwell's. I put Winston into a position roughly similar to what he might have been in in a "freer" world than the one Orwell put him in.

(93)See A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). I'm including Freddy in here, since he eventually crosses over with Jason Voorhees.

(94)See Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning

(95)See Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives.

(96)See Psycho III.

(97)See Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood

(98)See Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan.

(99)See Psycho IV.

(100)See Red Dragon.

(101)See The Silence of the Lambs.

(102)See Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

(103)See Jason Goes To Hell.

(104)See Fargo.
(105)See TheGodfather Part IIi .Here I'm positing that the different events of this timeline have led to a different life for Mary Corleone, so that she avoid being killed and lives to take her father's place. Plus, I just like the idea of a female crime boss.
(106)See Ringu.
(107)See Happiness of the Katakuris.
(108)See Hannibal.
(109)See Battle Royale.
(110)See Hallwoween Resurrection.
(111)See Ju-On.

(112)See Freddy vs. Jason and Jason X.
(113)See Shaun of the Dead.
(114)See 2010: Odyssey Two.
(115)See Blade Runner.
(116)See Alien.
(117)See Aliens and Alien III.
(118)See Alien Resurrection.
(119)I am positing that at some point after the events of Wrath of Khan, humanity abandoned the Earth - posbibly due to solar flares as in Doctor Who - and that at some point afterwards, the inteleigent apes emerged from the subterranean regions and re-populated the surface world.  humanity - by now well-established on many colony worlds - was content to leave the Earth to the apes and maintains cordial relations with them.

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  • Bravo, Sir!

  • Thanks, I've updated and tweaked it a bit from what it was before.  At some point when I've got the time, I want to go into a little mor edepth on some of the more convoluted aspects of this timeline.

  • You know, I has occurred to me (and I cannot find it here) that a timeline could combine many of the late 60s/pre-Star Wars apocalyptic SF movies, though the later Planet of the Apes sequels would have to be ignored, and the dates tweaked (though the Logan's Run date, for example, is the "year of the city," and may not correspond to our calendar in any way).

    In a world where special effects are somewhat shaky:

    -Social breakdown leads to the violence of A Clockwork Orange. I suppose we can imagine Space Odyssey takes place at the same time, though presumably, the Starchild takes off for points unknown or emerges centuries later.

    -By the mid-twenty-first century, we're dealing with the crises depicted in Soylent Green.

    -Shortly thereafter, World War III breaks out, leading to the events of Damnation Alley.

    -Meanwhile, some of the surviving humans manage to hole up in one of the most devastated areas, NYC, in The Ultimate Warrior. Others leave and end up in North Carolina, where they will eventually deal with tribes of intelligent apes (the first half is also from Ultimate Warrior, but geographically, it's not bad)

    -The North Carolina society and others eventually hole up in the large domed city near DC from Logan's Run, which the apes, who have spread the eastern US, stay away from as much as they do the Forbidden Zone, and so we have Planet of the Apes.

    -In a remote future that, according to some new calendar, is 2293, the Eternals and Brutals clash (Zardoz). Unless Beneath the Planet of the Apes is history, in which case....

    Technically, one of my favorite post-apoc novels from my teen years, The Chrysalids could be happening, since we only see the religious society in Martimes in Canada and the telepath society in New Zealand. The explorers mentioned in passing who sailed down the North American coast, I don't believe ever made landfall for long anywhere.

  • Interesting. I like that.

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