Futurama Timeline

I've been re-watching this, so I thought I'd try and do a timeline for it. The things in parentheses are the episode titles that I based the references on.


17 years before the Big Bang: The Nibblonians come into existence. ("The Day the Earth Stood Stupid")


29,000,0000 B.C.: Emperor Nimballa rules over Zuban 5. ("I, Roommate")


26,988 B.C.: A tribe of Neanderthals  is trapped in an ice crevice in what will one day be Germany. ("Fun on a Bun")


3500 B.C.: Intelligent cats from Thuban 9 land in ancient Egypt. ("That Darn Katz!") 


1351 B.C.: In ancient Egypt, a time-traveling Bender Rodriguez steals a sarcophagus for the Scamedonians.  ("Bender's Big Score")


ca. 1503: A time-traveling Bender steals the Mona Lisa for the Scamedonians. ("Bender's Big Score")


1775: Time travelers Professor Hubert Farnsworth, Philip J. Fry, Turanga Leela and Bender Rodriguez prevent David Farnsworth from altering the outcome of the American Revolution. ("All the Presidents' Heads")


1947: Caught in a time warp, the Planet Express crew crashlands in Roswell, New Mexico. Philip J. Fry becomes his own grandfather. ("Roswell That Ends Well") 


1951:Pete's TV is founded.  ("A Big Piece of Garbage")


1975: Philip J. Fry is born. ("My Three Suns")


ca. the 1980's:  A young businessman has himself frozen after developing a terminal bone disease. ("Future Stock") 


1988: Philip J. Fry catches a cold while ice fishing with his father. ("Cold Warriors")



  • Applied Cryogenics has a power failure. ("Space Pilot 3000")
  • Philip J. Fry meets the dog he names "Seymour". ("Jurassic Bark")

1998: The satellites Flying Destiny and V-Chip are launched form Earth.  They collide shortly thereafter and become V-Giny. ("In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela")



  • Philip J. Fry disrupts the broadcast of the season finale of Single Female Lawyer. ("When Aliens Attack")
  • Fry's girlfriend Michelle breaks up with him. ("Space Pilot 3000")
  • Fry delivers a pizza to Applied Cryogenics. He falls into a cryo-tube and is frozen for a thousand years.  ("Space Pilot 3000")
  • Fry's future self returns to this time and ensures that history takes its proper course. ("The Why of Fry")



  • New York City launches all of its garbage out to sea.  ("A Big Piece of Garbage")
  • Philip J. Fry returns to this time, fleeing the Scamedonians, who have sent Bender Rodriguez back to kill him.  Temporal duplicates of Fry and Bender are both created.  One Fry disables one Bender, then freezes himself so as to return to the future. The other Fry flees, pursued by the other Bender. The other Bender inadvertently interferes with the US presidential election.  ("Bender's Big Score")


21st Century: 

  • Cyborgs enslave humanity. ("Love's Labours Lost in Space")
  • Philip J. Fry II becomes the first human to walk on Mars. ("The Luck of the Fryrish")



  • The robot that will one day be known as Calculon is constructed. ("The Honking")
  • Philip J. Fry's girlfriend Michelle is cryogenically frozen, as is "actor" Pauly Shore. ("The Cryonic Woman")


  • Lucy Liu is named "Sexiest Woman of the Year" by People Magazine. ("I Dated a Robot")
  • The duplicate Philip J.  Fry begins working at an aquarium, where he meets Leelu the narwhal.  ("Bender's Big Score")


2008: The first Stop-and-Drop Suicide Booth enters operation. ("Space Pilot 3000")


  • Conan O'Brien loses his legs in the War of 2012. ("Xmas Story")
  • Seymour the dog dies. ("Jurassic Bark")
  • The duplicate Bender Rodriguez tracks down the duplicate Philip J. Fry, injuring him. The duplicate Fry freezes himself so as to return to the future.  ("Bender's Big Score")

2019: Project Satan creates the original were-car. ("The Honking")


2038: Earth's petroleum reserves run out. ("Bendin' in the Wind") 


2052: New York City's garbage is launched into space.  ("A Big Piece of Garbage")



  • Lucy Liu is named "Sexiest Woman of the Year" by People Magazine. ("I Dated a Robot")
  • Earth begins fighting global warming by dropping giant ice cubes into the ocean. ("Crimes of the Hot")


2113: All ancient satellites are swept up as space junk. "("Cold Warriors")


2159: The Central Bureaucracy is established. ("How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back")

2200: Pine trees become extinct.  ("Xmas Story")

23rd Century:

  • Decapodians first visit Earth, drive anchovies to extinction.  ("A Fishful of Dollars")
  • The Star Trek Wars result in all mention of the series being banned. ("Where No Fan Has Gone Before")

ca. 2207: The League of Robots kills a sick girl scout. ("The Beast with a Billion Backs")


2208: Scientists increase the speed of light. (:"A Clone of My Own")


2275: The Fairness in Hell Act is passed. ("Hell is Other Robots")


2302: The monks of Deshuba begin scanning the heavens for God. ("Godfellas")


2308: A time-travelng Bender Rodriguez steals the Nobel Peace Prize for the Scamedonians.  ("Bender's Big Score")


2310: Prince Basil and Princess Flavia of Robo-Hungary begin having an affair. ("The Prisoner of Benda")


2400: American Express goes out of business.  ("A Fishful of Dollars")


2443: Most Twentieth Century video tapes are destroyed during the Second Coming of Jesus. ("When Aliens Attack")


2475: Washington, D.C. is re-dedicated to Washington, the Sweathog. ("A Taste of Freedom")



  • Visa goes out of business. ("A Fishful of Dollars")
  • Manhattan is made garbage-free.  ("A Big Piece of Garbage")


2511: The common cold dies out. ("Cold Warriors")


27th Century: New York elects a super-villain governor. He steals most of the world's monuments and displays them at Monument Beach. ("When Aliens Attack")


2620: The planet Uranus is re-named "Urectum".   ("A Big Piece of Garbage")


2636: Mars University is Founded. ("Mars University")


2654: Kwanzaabot begins delivering the traditional Kwanzaa book.  ("A Tale of Two Santas")


ca. 2700: With the sole exception of Leonard Nimoy, the members of the original Star Trek cast leave Earth. ("Where No Fan Has Gone Before") 


2790: Bender Rodriguez's Uncle Vladimir is born. ("The Honking")

ca. 2800: The last ghost dies. ("The Honking")

2801: The Friendly Robot Company builds the Robot Santa Claus.  ("Xmas Story")


ca.2810: The Farnsworth family first arrive in New New York. ("The Mutants Are Revolting")


2841: Professor Hubert Farnsworth is born. ("A Clone of My Own")

2851: Professor Hubert Farnsworth claims to have been born in this year..  ("A Big Piece of Garbage")


2855: Professor Hubert Farnsworth is accepted to MIT. ("Near-Death Wish")


2865: The Sith invade Earth. ("Lethal Inspection")


2900: Ogden Wernstrom attends Mars University. ("A Big Piece of Garbage")

2912: The Land Titanic sinks. ("The Mutants Are Revolting")


2922: Harold Zoid stars in A Close Shaving. ("That's Lobstertainment!")


ca 2925: Professor Hubert  Farnsworth and Doctor John Zoidberg join an expedition to capture a Tritonian yeti. ("The Tip of the Zoidberg")


2927: Professor Hubert Farnsworth designs a new type of robot that contributes to global warming. ("Crimes of the Hot") 


2931: Professor Hubert Farnsworth breaks up with Mom. ("Mother's Day")


2961: The first Planet Express delivery crew disappears in the Bermuda Tetrahedron. Doctor John Zoidberg is the only known survivor. ("Mobius Dick")


2962: The film Bigfoot: Endangered Mystery! is produced.  ("Spanish Fry")


2968: Melllvar is born. ("Where No Fan Has Gone Before") 


ca 2970: Professor Hubert Farnsworth alters dark matter so that it can be used as starship fuel. ("Bender's Game")



  • DOOP begins mining Vergon 6 for Dark Matter.  Mom enslaves the crew of a Nibblonian outpost. ("Bender's Game")
  • Turanga Leela's parents, Morris and Munda, marry. ("Zapp Dingbat")


2975: Turanga Leela is born.  ("Brannigan, Begin Again")


2976: Camp Rectifier is opened. ("Proposition Infinity")


2980: Hermes Conrad is a member of Earth's Olympic limbo team. ("A Flight to Remember")


2981: Major Angus MacZongo last kills a bone vampire. ("Fry Am the Egg Man")



  • The Decapodians institute the tradition of the claw plock. ("Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?")
  • Around this time, Elzar begins his career as a chef. ("The 30% Iron Chef")

 ca. 2984: Mrs. Mellonger begins giving holophonor lessons.  ("The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings")


2986: Eternulax the Immortal is born. ("The Butterjunk Effect")


2989: Professor Hubert Farnsworth begins cloning himself. ("A Clone of My Own")



  • Turanga Leela buys her green jacket. ("The Birdbot of Ice-catraz") 
  • Doctor John Zoidberg goes to work for Planet Express again. ("Insane in the Mainframe")


2995: Langdon Cobb stars in Bagheart. ("The Thief of Baghead")



  • Hermes Conrad is the Planet Express Employee of the Year. ("The Prisoner of Benda")
  • Bender Rodriguez is constructed in Tijuana. ("Forty Percent Leadbelly")



  • Fronty's Meat Market is founded. ("Bender Gets Made")
  • Amy Wong is the Planet Express Employee of the Year. ("The Prisoner of Benda")
  • Langdon Cobb stars in The Greatest Bag on Earth. ("The Thief of Baghead")


  • Bender Rodriguez's earliest memory is of this year. ("Bendless Love")
  • Hermes Conrad is the Planet Express Employee of the Year. ("The Prisoner of Benda")


2999: Philip J. Fry is unfrozen. He meets Turanga Leela, Bender Rodriguez and Professor Hubert Farnsworth. ("Space Pilot 3000")



  • Philip J. Fry, Bender Rodriguez and Turanga Leela go to work for Planet Express. ("Space Pilot 3000")
  • Fry meets Hermes Conrad, Doctor John Zoidberg and Amy Wong.  Leela is appointed Captain of the Planet Express crew. On a mission to the Moon, Fry re-discovers the site of the original Moon landing. ("The Series Has Landed")
  • Fry moves in with Bender. ("I, Roommate")
  • The Planet Express crew meets Zapp Brannigan and Kif Kroker.  Leela adopts Nibbler. ("Love's Labours Lost in Space")
  • The Planet Express crew meets Mom.  ("A Fishful of Dollars")
  • New York City's garbage returns to Earth.
  • Bender joins the Temple of Robotology. ("Hell is Other Robots")
  • Richard Nixon's head is elected President of Earth. ("A Head in the Polls")


  • Miss Vega Four wins the Miss Universe pageant. ("The Lesser of Two Evils")
  • Bender Rodriguez joins the Ultimate Robot Fighting League. ("Raging Bender")
  • Professor Hubert Farnsworth produces a clone, Cubert Farnsworth. ("A Clone of My Own")
  • The  Planet Express crew finds the lost city of Atlanta. ("The Deep South")
  • The Democratic Order Of Planets (DOOP) declares war on Spheron One. ("War is the H-Word")
  • Bender's Uncle Vladimir dies. ("The Honking")
  • Michelle and Pauly Shore are unfrozen. ("The Cryonic Woman")
  • Roberto the robot is born. ("The Six Million Dollar Mon")



  • The Hypno-Toad wins the Champion Pet Show.  Philip J. Fry defeats the Brain Spawn with help from the Nibblonians.("The Day the Earth Stood Stupid")
  • The 1074th Academy Awards ceremony is held.  ("That's Lobstertainment!")
  • Turanga Leela is signed by the New New York Mets. ("A Leela of Her Own")
  • Turanga Leela meets her parents, Turanga Morris and Turanga Munda. ("Leela's Homeworld")
  • Fry, Leela and Bender Rodriguez become the super-heroes Captain Yesterday, Clobberella and Super King. They battle the Zookeeper as the New Justice Team. ("Less Than Hero")
  • Fry and the Nibblonians defeat the Brain Spawn a second time. ("The Why of Fry")
  • The duplicate Fry is unfrozen, and adopts the identity of "Lars Fillmore".  ("Bender's Big Score")


3003: Roboticon 3003 is held in New New York City.  ("Obsoletely Fabulous")


3004: The Olympic Games are held in New New York City ("Bend Her")


3005: Planet Express' delivery license is revoked. ("Bender's Big Score")



  • Planet Express' delivery license is restored. Scamedonians conquer the Earth using internet scams. The Planet Express crew leads the forces of Earth in re-conquering their world from the invaders.  Lars Fillmore is killed.  Bender Rodriguez generates so many temporal paradoxes that a rift is opened in spacetime.  ("Bender's Big Score")



  • Amy Wong becomes Kif Kroker's fonfon ru. Yivo comes through the spacetime rift and takes all living beings into its universe. Bender Rodriguez leads an army of robots to bring them back.  ("The Beast with a Billion Backs")
  • The Planet Express crew disrupts Mom's dark matter production facility, and renders dark matter useless as a fuel. ("Bender's Game")



  • Bender Rodriguez wins the No Limit Hold 'Em championship. The Planet Express crew helps to defeat the last of the Dark Ones and ensure the birth of a new Encyclopod. The Planet Express ship and the Nimbus III are sucked into a wormhole. ("Into the Wild Green Yonder")
  • The Planet Express crew and the Nimbus III crashland on Earth. ("Rebirth")
  • Doctor John Zoidberg begins video-dating Zindy. ("Stench and Stenchibility")



  • V-Giny returns to Earth. ("In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela")
  • Mom releases the new eyePhone. ("Attack of the Killer App")
  • Robosexual marriage is legalized in New New York. ("Proposition Infinity")
  • Philip J. Fry and Professor Hubert Farnsworth meet Leonardo da Vinci and discover that he is an alien. ("The Duh-Vinci Code")
  • Professor Farnsworth invents a time machine that can only move forwards in time. ("The Late Philip J. Fry")
  • The Thubanians attack Earth. Amy Wong gets her PhD in applied physics. ("That Darn Katz!")
  • The Planet Express crew visits Comic-Con 3010. Matt Groening launches a new program called Futurella. The Planet Express crew helps to reconcile Lrrr and Ndnd of Omicron Persei 8. ("Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences") 
  • The sewer mutants gain the right to live on the surface.  ("The Mutants Are Revolting")
  • Bender Rodriguez goes into the witness protection program after testifying against the Robot Mafia. ("The Silence of the Clamps")



  • Turanga Leela becomes obsessed with capturing the space whale Mobius Dick. ("Mobius Dick")
  • Philip J. Fry joins the NNYPD and is assigned to the Future Crimes Division. ("Law & Oracle")
  • Bender Rodriguez uses Professor Hubert Farnsworth's duplicating machine to create numerous copies of himself. ("Benderama")
  • Bender dies and becomes a ghost, but is subsequently revived. ("Ghost in the Machines")
  • Leela creates a children's telelvision program called Rumbledy-Hump. ("Yo Leela Leela")
  • Fry hatches a bone vampire from an egg. ("Fry Am the Egg Man")
  • Fry's cold germs cause an epidemic. ("Cold Warriors")
  • Cubert Farnsworth overclocks Bender. ("Overclockwise")



  • Bender Rodriguez has a romantic encounter with the office beverage machine, which results in the birth of a son he names "Ben". ("The Bots and the Bees")
  • Mars is ravaged by solar flares. ("A Farewell to Arms")
  • Christopher Zaxxar Travers is born. His time-traveling future self is elected President of Earth, which creates a temporal paradox that results in the re-election of Richard Nixon's head. ("Decision 3012")
  • Bender becomes a paparazzo and discovers the secret of Langdon Cobb. Calculon is killed in an acting contest. ("The Thief of Baghead")
  • Turanga Leela's parents divorce and subsequently re-marry. ("Zapp Dingbat")
  • Leela and Amy Wong form a butterfly derby team.  Eternulax the Immortal dies. ("The Butterjunk Effect")
  • Philip J. Fry discovers the lost tribe of Neanderthals in Germany. ("Fun on a Bun")
  • Bender obtains a free will chip. ("Free Will Hunting")
  • Bender takes up  fox hunting. ("31st Century Fox")
  • The Robot Mafia takes over the Wong family's casino. The Planet Express crew helps take it back. ("Viva Mars Vegas")



  • Silicon Red is released from prison. Bender Rodriguez meets him and is inspired to become a folksinger. ("Forty Percent Leadbelly")
  • Professor Hubert Farnsworth joins a street racing gang. (2-D Blacktop")
  • Earth imposes a trade embargo on Omicron Persei 8. ("T: The Terrestrial")
  • Philip J. Fry and Turanga Leela are unknowingly exhibited in a zoo on Simian 7. ("Fry and Leela's Big Fling")
  • The Planet Express crew helps rescue trapped helium miners on the Sun. Bender inadvertently brings a Solar fire creature back to Earth. ("The Inhuman Torch")
  • Professor Farnsworth resurrects Calculon, but he is killed agian shortly thereafter. ("Calculon 2.0")
  • Bender is bot-jacked and the crew must recover his stolen parts. ("Assie Come Home")
  • Leela comes down with squidification. ("Leela and the Genestalk")
  • Planet Z-7 is destroyed by a Nibblonian signal which nearly also destroys Earth. ("Game of Tones")
  • The Planet Express crew goes on a corporate team-building retreat. ("Murder on the Planet Express")
  • Doctor John Zoidberg begins dating Marianne.  Bender enters a tap dancing competition, coming in second.  ("Stench and Stenchibility")
  • Professor Farnsworth invents a time button. Fry asks Leela to marry him. ("Meanwhile")


3026: Teleporters are invented. ("Neutopia")


3028: Chris Travers is sent back through time to try and prevent the re-election of Richard Nixon's head. ("Decision 3012")


10,000: Earth civilization is in ruins. ("The Late Philip J. Fry")


105,105: Earth undergoes an ice age. ("The Late Philip J. Fry")


252,525: Earth civilization has regressed to medieval levels. ("The Late Philip J. Fry")


351,120: The site of New New York City is underwater. ("The Late Philip J. Fry")


1,000,000: Humanity is enslaved by intelligent giraffes. ("The Late Philip J. Fry")


5,000,000: Humanity has diverged into two races, one small and intelligent, the other large and brutal. ("The Late Philip J. Fry")


5,000,005: The intelligent humans have been overthrown by the brutal ones. ("The Late Philip J. Fry")


10,000,000: Robots revolt and seek to exterminate humanity. ("The Late Philip J. Fry")


50,000,000: Human males have become extremely rare on Earth. ("The Late Philip J. Fry")


1,000,000,000: Life is extinct on Earth. ("The Late Philip J. Fry")


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  • Updated through Season Two.

  • Updated through "Insane in the Mainframe".

  • Updated through "The 30% Iron Chef".

  • Updated through "Where No Fan Has Gone Before".

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  • Updated through "In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela".

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