In an interview with CBR, he states that Action Comics #16 and Batman Inc #12 will be his last issues.  He is finishing the 8 issue Multiversity mini and has a few pages to go on a Wonder Woman project.  Then, that's it for the foreseeable future.

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  • It'd be cool if he came over to Marvel again. I love his run on New X-men. I'd like to see him do something crazy with Iron Man or Spider-man or both.

  • I'm glad to hear it.  Really looking forward to Multiversity and of course I loved his Batman run, but he seems to have said all he wants to with Batman, and Action Comics, whilst probably better and more adventourous than most superhero comics these days, was all over the place.  The issue with the evil corporation stealing Superman from his creators seemed to signpost the end anyway.


    I'm really looking forward to some creator owned stuff from Morrison.  I'd love to see another series like The Invisibles or The Filth, both of which are unparalleled in any medium, but that's a high bar.  Even this relatively slight-sounding Happy story will benefit from what sounds like zero editorial interference.


    Thanks for the heads up Bill.  What do you think about the news?


    To the casual observer, the Marvel and DC fictional worlds seem much the same, but Morrison has said that he's not very sympatico with the Marvel creations and can't get obsessed with them the same way he did with DC's concepts.


    Looking back now, it's a pity we didn't see quirky little projects starring DC properties this go-round, as we saw with Fantastic Four, Nick Fury and Marvel Boy during Morrison's last stay at Marvel.  But perhaps he put a lot of those kind of ideas into 52.

  • Ha!  Just read the excerpt from 'Happy' in that article.


    Looks like Grant is going overboard with the editorial freedom.  I've never seen so many cusswords blanked out.  And in front of Santa and a couple of Nuns too!

  • I'm glad to see Morrison and many other very high profile writers and artists moving toward doing their own books over the next few months.  The San Diego announcements from Image were the highlights of comic news for me.  It's the wave that hits every few years like the move from Marvel and DC by heavy hitters to Image, Dark Horse, and Legend in the 90s.  A group of great creator/fans cut their teeth on the mainstream superhero toys and then try their hands, some very successfully (Hellboy) and some not, at their own characters and stories.  The huge success of Walking Dead and Saga has allowed for a wakening that may be, creatively, better than those inspired by Todd and Rob.  Grant is part of the group that wants better control and ownership of their ideas and I'll be looking at a lot of them.  I've started downloading more comics lately and am especially fond of those from Monkeybrain (Bandette by Colleen Coover and Paul Tobin) and Top Shelf (Double Barrel by the Cannon brothers).

  • I also think that Kickstarter is helping out. Getting a book fully or mostly fully financed lets these guys find some independent freedom.

    For about a year or so now my Image buying has been more than my Marvel.

    And good for Grant if he wants to do his own thing away from DC and Marvel. Good luck to him!

  • And now, so is Rob Liefeld. So...yeah. So that's unfortunate. His work there brought so many sales to DC.

    Oh, man. I tried. I tried to like your stuff, Rob! I've supported it with my dollars. But I have to say that I'm looking forward to seeing some new blood on series like Hawkman and Deathstroke.

  • Regarding Morrison, I'm personally happy to see him working on more creator-owned stuff, whether it be for Vertigo or Image or wherever. I've loved the sprawling epic that has been the entirety of his DC work, and I've always been convinced that all of his comics work is part of a greater tapestry. I'm excited to see where he goes from here.

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