Have you seen it yet? How'd you like it? What were your favorite parts?

(Oh, and even though this is a spoiler thread, it's still really nice if you say a sentence or two before any spoilers, simply because the first line or so of text shows up in the feed. So it'd be good to extend that courtesy, especially in the first week or two of release.)

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Careful. Somebody might read this and make a Fin Fang Foom movie.

Considering all of the appearances he's made over the years, you'd think it would have been Xemnu.

Not only are the other monsters here all fakes, Xemnu (or the writer) apparently didn't know the Blip was a good guy.

Okay, assume ANYTHING I say is a SPOILER.

Here are my loves off the top of my head:

  • Groot. I love Groot. Before this movie, I only tolerated him.
  • Same goes for Rocket.
  • Also, Drax. I loved the ongoing jokes about him taking everything literally (and also when Gamorra took the "sticks up their butts" literally). Drax became a likeable character in my eyes because of his loyalty to the group.
  • I loved seeing Cosmo more than once.
  • The Nova Corps was awesome. They were more fleshed out than the Green Lantern Corps was in the GL movie.
  • Chris Pratt's performance was everything I expected it to be.
  • The ending just made you feel good. I loved how they went around to all the minor characters and showed how they move on.
  • I loved Yondu and his gang of space rednecks.
  • The way 70's music played such an important role in this movie. Every time a song started to play (or I saw Peter Quill's tape deck or he mentioned an Earth reference), it took me back to the reality that this is a part of our universe--okay, the Marvel Universe.
  • Howard the Duck? Wow. I can see a much better version in our future.

Isn't the idea with Drax that he was killed (again) and suffered brain damage when brought back? I know he wasn't that stupid in the original Thanos stories in the 70s.

So is Yondu going to live over a thousand years or get caught in a time warp or what? Or is he an ancestor of regular Yondu? And why haven't the FF ever met his people? Didn't Yondu come from Alpha Centauri? Or does Reed's hyperdrive go through the Milky Way too fast for him to notice anything?

I have no idea. All I know is that I loved this movie.

Ron M. said:

Isn't the idea with Drax that he was killed (again) and suffered brain damage when brought back?

Anyone have any idea if Moondragon is still his daughter (or even exists) in the movieverse?

Has Groot ever fought Plantman? That would be an interesting battle.

I have to admit, the one line from Gamora (and here I add a little of extra verbiage to get out of thread-preview spoiler territory) about "sticks up their butts" bugged me. It's a good joke, but it felt lazy to me, because that's *specifically* Drax's shtick. I wish they'd taken another pass at that scene to give Gamora her *own* way to be funny.

Because "pelvic sorcery" shows she definitely can be. 

Groucho Marx: "Any fool can tell a dirty joke and get a laugh. It takes talent to tell a clean joke and get a laugh."

But it takes Carlos Mencia to tell someone else's joke. Gamora was telling Drax's joke!

Nobody can tell a Henny Youngman joke.

Any alien can and probably will make jokes showing they don't get something simple. Sooner or later they all rip off Hymie the Robot. "Kill the lights, Hymie." BANG!

Here are my thoughts on this version of the Guardians vis-a-vis the classic team: 


I'll have my thoughts on the flick soon

I'm surprised they didn't call them something like The Infinity Guard, since the movies seem to be moving towards bringing in the Infinity Gauntlet.

Looking it up on the GCD, there's only a 13 year gap between the last series of the old Guardians and the series with the new one. Hardly enough time to consider the old team gone and forgotten. Does Marvel still consider the old group as existing in another dimension? Or have they given it a new name?

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