OK, I just read this last night in one of the Essential Avengers books and, yes, I realize that it's a fill-in issue...but...


OK, Jason Beere is dying so he decides to take the whole world with him when he shuffles off...so, he links his vital signs to a giant bomb set to explode when he's dead.  The solution at the end is to put him in a Stark facility in cryo-suspension forever.  Just freeze the guy.  And he was never mentioned again.  I can't believe that this has just sat there for decades and no one has done a follow-up.

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  • I agree to the point that, if I had been any of the heroes, once Beere (mmmmm, beeeeeeeeeere ;) had been frozen. I would have tracked down the bomb & either a) Disarmed it or b) had it transported off Earth somehow & detonated it. Mind you, that is just me.
  • This story is Mopee.

  • It felt very silver age DC in how it split into three parts for each Avenger and had such a wack-a-doodle ending.  Was Bob Haney ghostwriting?  ;)

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