Yay!  It'll be nice to have another Joss Whedon series on television every week -- even if his involvement will apparently be somewhat limited.

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I gave this show an honest shot, but I just didn't like any of the characters. If I can't get invested in any of the characters it doesn't matter how good the stories are I just can't watch it. In a case like this I know I am in the minority amongst geek culture, because I really don't care much for any of the Whedon shows.

Captain Comics said:

I disliked Skye in the first season, too, at least before the Big Reveal, in that she was being played as the Hot Chick we're all supposed to drool over and the ingenue we're all supposed to sympathize with. I felt neither urge, so her continued portrayal in those roles annoyed me. But it looks like The Skye Story was just one of the ways the show was spinning its wheels until Winter Soldier turned the table over, and she has been nothing like what annoyed me since. Now she's just another team member, and she's learned some skills (and brought some with her) that make her continued presence explainable. She's even dressing more sensibly, instead of all those distracting low-cut/short-hemmed dresses that did not really flatter her.

Honestly, Agent May is probably the most attractive woman on the show, and she's in her 40s or 50s. She's in great physical condition, in addition to just being good-looking.

And I agree completely with you about Ward. At first I thought they were crazy not to put a bullet in his head, but since they didn't, he is now, as you say, a completely unpredictable element of the show. Fun, except when he kills people we like. (Did anyone buy his brother's "confession"? Weirdly, it COULD be true, but it's impossible to tell!)

I was vaguely surprised about the artifact, in that it didn't look like any of the power thingies in the Marvel Universe, and they sure had plenty to choose from. But this episode MacLachlan revealed (in an amusing manner) that there's something inside the artifact. Something we'll recognize, I bet. Maybe even something Thanos wants ... ?

Philip Portelli said:

Grant Ward may be the most dangerous person in a comic-based TV show. I have no idea what his motivations are or where his loyalty really lies It's possible that even he doesn't know. He is the wildest factor. And Skye is still annoying but more sympathetic. And we definitely have to learn more about Mae.

Wonder if they'll find the Nega-Bands?

My personal theory is that the Obelisk/Diviner/Key contains the TIME GEM which is why people get all brittle and crumbly when they touch it. Only those with some alien DNA can handle it because those aliens built its container.

That would certainly check all the boxes. And the Power Gem (I think) was the Macguffin in Guardians of the Galaxy, so the Infinity Gems exist in the cinematic MU.

I wouldn't be surprised, however, if they surprised us!

Usually beings with very long lifespans can handle such objects. Like the Silver Surfer's people were established to live thousands of years to explain how the Surfer could be feared throughout the known universe but Shalla Bal doesn't look like King Tut. That would explain why it doesn't seem to affect aliens. Aging Uatu a thousand years wouldn't faze him.

If it is the Time Gem, then they could do a crossover with Agent Carter!

Saw the mid-season finale (Thank you, LOST!!). I liked it a lot. The overall story and acting was great.

Except for the BIG reveal. Sorry I was underwhelmed as to Skye's "real identity". She is better off as Skye. But we'll see in March.

I don't follow the current MU, so I had no idea who "Daisy" was, but the minute they tipped that the slightly wild-haired crazy scientist guy's name is Cal, I got all smiley!

Kyle MacLachlan is my new favorite thing on this show.  That scene with Skye, where he swung erratically back and forth between sincerely fatherly and sincerely psycho was outstanding.

I have no idea who Cal is either. Only Cal I ever heard of in the Marvel Universe was the Mimic.

Just watched it too. Didn't pick up on the Daisy and Cal references either. Apparently Cal is our old friend Mister Hyde. Daisy is Daisy Johnson, his daughter, aka Quake:

I guess that makes Kyle MacLachlan Mister Hyde.

Now we have to wait until March 3rd.

Also, the song "Daisy" is what Hal 9000 was singing as he died. I don't think that's related, I just wanted to say it.

BTW, none of Skye's father's story made a lick of sense. This is what we know, objectively:

Skye's mother was alive in World War II, as was Whitehall. She was captured, and taken to Germany for experimentation, but Agent Carter and the Howling Commandoes brought down Whitehall's operation.

Whitehall was put in jail for 60 or 70 years. (I immediately thought of Rudolf Hess in Spandau.)

Whitehall was rescued by Hydra ... what, five years ago? He found Skye's mother again, and stole all of her organs and blood to restore his own youth.

So that's what we know, through "objective narrator" scenes. Skye's father wants us to believe ...

* Whitehall found Skye's mother when he got out of prison four or five years ago, and killed her then. (Despite the objective narrative that Skye's mother was killed shortly after Skye's birth, twentysomething years ago.)

* That S.H.I.E.L.D. burst into his clinic and stole his wife. (Although he acknowledges that it was Whitehall that killed his wife -- Whitehall, who has never been anything BUT a Hydra agent.)

* That Whitehall killed his wife 26 years ago (or however old Skye is), while Whitehall was in prison.

And so forth. None of it makes a lick of sense.

It's actually called "Daisy Bell(Bicycle Built For Two)."  


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