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Once the show debuts (or "drops") there will be many  photo spoiler-1.gif

Since this is based upon a Marvel MAX imprint, be aware that it is not kid friendly:

A quote from Wikipedia:

"Early reception based on the screening of the first episode at New York Comic Con was overwhelmingly positive, with praise being given to Ritter for her performance, and the series' noir tone, approach to sexuality, and covering darker topics such as rape, assault, and PTSD."

I understand that the Hogarth character (from Iron Fist) was a male in the comic. They've changed the character into a female.

Yeah, Hogarth has had a sex change. Doesn't matter, as he was a non-entity. The TV version appears to be more important.

Today all thirteen episodes of Jessica Jones are available for streaming.

My wife and I plan pizza, wine and Jessica Jones binging when I get home (about 1 a.m.).

Saw the first episode so far. It was terrific.

Saw the first two episodes last night. I'm enjoying them.

My only wish is that they made Kilgrave's skin purple, like in the comics.

Carrie Moss as Hogarth is great and I was happy to hear that Iron Fist will still be a series and part of The Defenders.

I wish they had chosen another name for that series.  Marvel Knights would be more accurate, at least.

Oddly, IIRC Iron Fist is one of a very few 1970s heroes that has never been a Defender or even a Secret Defender. Unless one counts that zany three-issue storyline which had dozens of try-outs, and where Iron Fist decided becoming a Defender was not worth the trouble... that was, IIRC, the one and only time Danny made as much as a cameo appearance in the book.  Even Dracula has more of a claim of being a Defender!

Daredevil participated in a grand total of three Defenders storylines, by my count: the Giant Size where he cheated Grandmaster, the Sons of the Serpent storyline (where he first met Luke Cage), and, the Mandrill story.  His only other appearances where a couple of Matt Murdock cameos as Nighthawk's lawyer and that time when he attended Valkyrie's funeral.  He was a peripheral member, and a very occasional one at that.

Luke Cage was instrumental in the Sons of the Serpent story and also attended Valkyrie's funeral - and that was that, IIRC.

Jessica Jones did not even exist at the time the stories were actually published.

So it is an odd group to call Defenders.  Patsy Walker, of course, is a Defenders mainstay.  I wonder if she will be featured in that series.

I especially liked Luke in the vs the Wrecking crew issues early on in the Defenders
Luis Olavo de Moura Dantas said:


Luke Cage was instrumental in the Sons of the Serpent story and also attended Valkyrie's funeral - and that was that, IIRC..  I wonder if she will be featured in that series.

I enjoyed watching the 1st episode.

Had to laugh when I realized Trish Walker was Patsy Walker. "Sweet Christmas" was also an LOL moment.

Overall, though, the tone was pretty serious. Just like in the comics, Jessica is in a bad place mentally when the series opens. And Kilgrave's power has never been as scary as depicted here. But, like the comics, Kilgrave isn't a world threat, just a lazy, casually cruel punk.

Anybody else get a shiver when Claire Temple and Luke Cage met? In the earliest Luke Cage comics, she was his love interest. But here, two doppelgangers have a discussion without knowing what their other versions have said and done. This Claire -- Rosario Dawson -- will re-appear in the Luke Cage series. It seems likely that she'll be the one to bring everyone together for Defenders.

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