Saw a Takashi Miike picture called The Great Yokai War. "Yokai" is a Japanese term for monsters from folklore, as opposed to the more familiar kaiju. It's a kids' picture, about a young boy from Tokyo sent out to live in the countryside with his older sister and his intermittently senile grandfather. When a vengeful spirit appears, the boy gets caught up in a war between warring groups of yokai and must find his courage to become the "Kirin Rider", the hero who will set everything to rights. It's not a bad picture - nothing deep, but an amusing story. Some of the yokai are really trippy, Japanese folklore can get pretty "out there", apparently.

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I watched it last night. It's pretty entertaining, even though I think it's all a hoax. You get to see some famous street artists at work, and it asks some scathing questions about the commercial side of art and art collecting.

Jason Marconnet said:
Just watched Exit Through the Gift Shop. I had heard a lot about and thought I'd check it out. A very interesting film and if you have Netflix, it's worth checking out.
I started watching Due Date yesterday and I have about 30 minutes left. It's a pretty horrible film. I laughed a few times but it just didn't work for me. It was funnier when it was made 20 years ago and call Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

Sprung for the Criterion DVD of Sam Fuller's "Shock Corridor" (1963), a movie that was way ahead of its time. Utterly deranged and fascinating all the way.


As a bonus, the DVD's cover and booklet art is by Dan Clowes ("Ghost World"). He also illustrated the DVD art for another Fuller Criterion disc, "The Naked Kiss."

A Ray Harryhausen double-feature day for me: Jason and the Argonauts and The Golden Voyage of Sinbad.  I hadn't seen either since I was a kid, and was pleasantly surprised at just how well they held up.  This ain't great art, but both are enjoyable Saturday matinee popcorn movies (and, frankly, Jason rises a rung or two above that).

Also to my surprise, that made it a Doctor Who movie day, too.  Tom Baker plays a major role in Sinbad , which I knew, but I hadn't realized that Patrick Troughton had a small role in Jason.  He's not especially recognizable under the makeup, but the voice sounded familiar (even if it wasn't his "Doctor voice") and the body language was very familiar.  I had to look it up to be sure, but Yep, that's Pat.

Russ Meyer's "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!" (1965). A movie without which there would likely be no Quentin Tarantino.


Also the world's greatest movie title, with possible exception of "The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies' (1964).

I watched Source Code over the weekend. It was a decent movie, I had quite a number of questions though the weren't answered. I wouldn't see it in the theater though, but that is just me.


I also watched Exit Through the Gift Shop last night. After all of the buildup of how awesome it is, I was kind of disappointed. I didn't think it was a bad movie at all, but I didn't think it was all that great either.

Last week I finally saw 127 Hours. I liked it. With all the flashbacks/hallucinations it was trippier than I was expecting. Still a pretty good movie with a strong performance by James Franco.


This weekend I saw the Thing for the first time. I had seen parts of it here and there but not all the way through. Though it's as old as me, it holds up well. Really well in fact. The scene with the dogs is pretty creepy.


Sunday I watched Operation Endgame. It's a goofy spy thriller with a bunch of actors/comedians that I'm sure you've seen before. Notables include Ellen Barkin, Zack Galafinackis (i know I butchered that) and Rob Cordry (from Daily Show). It was amusing and had a decent twist to it. Nothing spectacular though.


I also watched Angus which was a favorite of mine as a teenager. It hasn't aged well even though I still laughed.


Last night I watched Fast & Furious which was the 4th installment of the franchise. Can't say I liked it all that much. Not that the franchise it still was all that great to begin with, with the exception of the first one which was decent. I will still probably see the 5th film when it comes out this weekend. So far it has gotten good reviews.

Was it the real Thing you saw or the John Carpenter re-make? Both are good films - I prefer the original version, but the re-make is enjoyable, too.
John Carpenter's version.
I just watched The Heroic Trio, a 1993 Hong Kong film featuring the gorgeous Michelle Yeoh, then known as Michelle Kwan. An invisible woman is stealing babies from hospital nurseries, and a masked heroine is trying to stop her and find out why. There's lots of crazy wire-fu, and the whole thing's like a Monogram serial in color. There's one bit where the villain orders someone to "kill the doctor," and you immediately after see a Hong Kong phone box nearly struck by lightning, which, to me, is a point of interest with the current title sequence of Doctor Who. There's also a guest appearance by the Flying Guillotine and a tribute to Harryhausen's skeletons/Terminator.
I saw Fast Five last night with my Brother & Sister-in-Law. This is the fifth installment of the Fast & Furious franchise. While the acting is pretty bad it was still a pretty entertaining movie. The action scenes while over the top were pretty cool to see on the big screen. It's probably one of the better films in the franchise.

Yesterday afternoon i watched October Sky. It'd been a while since I saw it. It's a great, underrated film. It's the story of 4 boys in late 50s/early 60s who build rockets after being inspired by the launch of Sputnick and the space race.


Last night I saw Black Swan. Pretty weird little film. It holds your attention but I can't say it was as awesome as most of the critics let me to believe.

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