There are many important and amazing things about New Avengers #16.1. First that the artwork is by Neal Adams!! Nuff Said! And it's visually stunning with inks by the almost legendary Tom Palmer with script, of course, by Brian Michael Bendis.

  • It begins with Norman Osborn in prison still haunted/tormented by The Green Goblin who wants to be unleashed!
  • The New Avengers are asked/ordered to oversee Osborn's transfer off Ryker's Island to be tried in an "international criminal court". Why? He did invade Asgard illegally but that was in the United States. Was he guilty of anything internationally?
  • As soon as Osborn breathes the free air, he is liberated by HAMMER rebels. Too bad that it was a decoy as Osborn is really Doctor Strange. But that should have put everyone on red alert!
  • The real Osborn is escorted out by Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Wolverine where he matter-of-factly states that he's going to kill her baby!
  • Wolverine pops two of his claws into Osborn's mouth! Sadly he says the most un-Wolverine thing! "May I recommend you not talk anymore?" Iron Fist, maybe but Logan? Doesn't ring true.
  • It turns out Osborn's guards are working for him and blast Wolverine's face off!
  • With his super-strength, he evades Jessica and Fist and escapes!
  • While fleeing, Norman releases a Doctor Wentworth from captivity. Does anyone know who she is?
  • The Avengers are frantic that Osborn gets away from them completely!
  • One of Norman's men brags to the heroes that Osborn is the future and he will make the world better for all!
  • Osborn is cheered by hundreds of supporters, including members of A.I.M. and apparently a new Madame Hydra who resembles the Hydra People from Earth X.
  • To be continued!

Again the art was vivid and fluid. Did Adams ever do any work on Spider-Man? His Norman looks a little young.

We don't know how Osborn planted the seeds of his escape and how he could get away from so many heroes including Spidey and Doctor Strange. Could he have gotten by the Wall-Crawler, Luke Cage or the Thing as easily? But he now commands another army who believes in him!

The most chilling moment was when Osborn threatens Luke and Jessica's baby. The consequences of that one sentance may be the most heart-breaking and/or violent images to come. Luke will kill him for that. No question in my mind because what other outcome can there be? Marvel is upping Osborn's menace factor but is it too much?

A character from Earth X walking around the current MU does raise some questions. Is that the future the Heroic Age is heading for? We have to see what Bendis has in store but I'm hooked!

Are you?




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  • Philip Portelli said:
    First that the artwork is by Neal Adams!! Nuff Said!

    Ah! I did not know that. "'Nuff Said," indeed! If I'd've know that last week, I'd've bought it. I'll give it a look on Wednesday. Thanks for the heads up!
  • I believe "Earth-X" character first appeared in Secret Warriors.
  • DISCLAIMER: I’m not a big fan of BMB and I bought this issue solely for the Adams/Palmer artwork. Neal Adams is one of those artists whose work I follow, and I’ll buy virtually anything drawn by him, and he’s been quite busy here lately, doing special covers, a new feature for Dark Horse Presents, a twelve-issue Batman mini-series (or two sixes) for DC, and guest stints such as this one.

    Having said that, I find Marvel’s so-called “Heroic Age” as different from the MU I grew up reading as the DCU is to the DCnU. Norman Osborn was a big deal Spider-Man villain (before he died), but I have a hard time visualizing him as the uber-villain criminal mastermind he has morphed into. But, as I indicated, I bought #16.1 for the art, so I set those concerns aside.

    The one thing I have to say (not already addressed by Philip) is that the art doesn’t quite synch up with the dialogue (or vice versa), especially during the dinner scene at Avengers mansion. I don’t know where the disconnect occurred, but if you compare the facial expression to the dialogue you will see that Adams drew a much different scene than Bendis scripted! I’m not convinced to add New Avengers to my reading list, but I don’t regret the purchase. I like to pick up Marvel comics occasionally just to keep my toe in, and the Neal Adams artwork was definitely the selling point of this issue.
  • Neal Adams inked by Tom Palmer just sounds ... odd.
  • I read this today. It was pretty good, but it unfortunately dealt with Norman Osborne primarily, and I think it's a little too early to bring him out of the chains. The artwork I thought was great.
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