How about comic book stories being re.ade by new regeimes, or the same one, after the original version? The most famous here might be Mort Wesinger's remakes of earlier Superman stories. Did this practice on Superman predate Mort's tenure?

  The theory that comic book readers turn over every five - If that!!!!!!! - helped spur remakes.,

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The PHANTOM comic books have traded in remakes of Lee Fall's King Features Syndicate newspaper strip stories. Some of the 1960s King Comics PHANTOM stories, and all of the Gold Key ones, were strip-Falk remakes. The massive number of Scandanavian Phantom stories produced by the company now known as Egmont apparently started with remakes Egmont now produces the Phantom newsoaoerc strip as well, and on occasion has done the same story for the strip and the comic book, apparently. I saw an Australian Free PHANTOM comic book ad ertising it bej v an issue of all Falk " reinterpretation a, IIRC. I haven't read it.
Post-CRISIS, DC toyed with remakes if DC classics remade to fit the post-Crisis landscape. Versions of " Flash Of Two Worlds " and Batman's " The Penny Plunderers " saw the light of day.
Is there a complete list of the SUPERNAN remade stories? The SUPERMAN newspaper strip in the silver Age, as a recent book reminded us, did a lot of stories in separate comic book and newspaper strip versions. We're they planned at the same time? Some strip Superman stories were redone in comic books as Superbly stories. Recently, a Len Wein (RIP) story for a BATMAN/SUPERMAN annual that involved the Composite Superman (though not calling him that) was credited as a remake, but not saying what of. I recall in the 1870s fan press reading of Michael Fleisher selling Julius " B. O. " Schwartz a re a Dr story without telling him that, which P.K.'d Schwatmrtz, who vowed not to buy from him again. Can anyone here back this up? I recall reading a reminiscence of Jack Oleck going through his files and rewriting his old (presumably non-superhero) stories and reselling them to new publishers. I recall reading of DC's Code-era mystery titles explicitly doing remakes from Simon & Kirby's BLACK NAGIC (presumably not all by Oleck). One, the story " After I Die! ", was my favorite story in HOUSE OF SECRETS #94! I even made my dad read it. I didn't know it was a remake then. How many other DC BM remakes are there?
Marvel partially reprinted, with new material, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDERMAN #1's feature story in the main ASM years later, creating a continuity laradox, I was told. I remember a 90s retelling of Reed and Sue's wedding. What I think was an early stab at the Adventures title concept by 9ps Marvel, PROFESSOR X AND THE X-MEN, retold original XM stories issue by issue
...It was HOUSE OF SECRETS #€× of course and some misposts got by above. I hope you can forgive.
I lost a draft:-(. The Boom! PEANUTS comic book did a lot of remakes of Sparky strip stories, at one point switching over to them entirely. I'm told the 50s Dell Peanuts title had some remakes as well. I think that remakes gave been common in general among comic-book extensions of humorous newspaper strips? Bud Sagendorf had remakes of Segar strip stories in his POPEYE comic book. Did anyone here stick with those IDW reprints of them to the end? How were they?
The THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN strip (RIP) strip at one 20th Century point switched over to strip remakes of comic-book stories, with Spidey introducing this switch!
Marvel's MARVEL AGE Adventures titles of.the early 21st Century explicitly, with specific credit, remade Marvel Universe stories. Marvel's specifically TV-linked Adventures titles gave remade TV scripts that, basically, redo Marvel stories --- with credit for the TV writer but not the original Marvel writers! I think DC's Adventures titles have stayed away from explicit remakes?.
I"m told Archie has remade scripts of the Riverdale bunch. Old-school Disney comics remade MICKEY MOUSE newspaper continuities ad comic books - sometimes more than once! Today's European-produced Disney comics have done remakes of Carl Barks stories - but only the story-only products of Barks' later years? I mentioned one from a recent issue in this night's posting!

...I'm told the 40s WONDER EOMAN newspaper strip ran remakes so similar to the original comic book stories that they've been mistaken for cut-up actual reprints! When Robert Kanigher regained WONDER WOMAN in the early 70s, he did remakes.

...Okay, some misposts above. I sowwy. I presume the original thought was understood?

...I actually was asking about some things, directly or implicitly, here. Doesn't anybody know anything?

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