Something is Killing the Children Vol. 4
James Tynion IV, writer; Werther Dell'Edera, illustrator; Miquel Muerto, colorist
Boom! Studios, 2022

The previous collection ended with the disaster at Archer's Peak, which might have left an even larger body count, if not for some careful maneuvering. It ended with Erica heading out of town on a bus, having severed her ties to the Order of Saint George. Instead of picking up the narrative from there, this collection takes a step back. This is a prequel which reveals Erica's origin story: how she survived a monster attack which killed her entire family, and came to join the Order of Saint George. She hurt a very powerful monster, and a hunter named Jessica came in and finished the job, trapping the monster in Erica's stuffed octopus Octo. Standard operating procedure called for Jessica to kill Erica, so there would be no witnesses. But she sensed something special in the girl, and chose to recruit her instead. Erica had barely made herself at home in the House of Slaughter before she had to pass her initiation test. She did so with flying colors, confounding all expectations and establishing her natural talent for monster hunting.


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