Stray Dogs: Dog Days

Stray Dogs: Dog Days
Tony Fleecs, writer; Trish Forstner, artist; Brad Simpson, colorist; Tone Rodriguez, layouts
Image Comics, 2022

The original series was about a group of stray dogs living together in the home of the serial killer who murdered their mistresses and kept them as trophies. But it was told almost entirely from the perspective of the new dog Sophie, who was able to remember her former life. This prequel presents a series of short stories about all of the other dogs. We see a bit of their former lives, often including their mistresses' first (or last) interactions with the psychopath at the center of all of their stories. The final story includes a bit of resolution to the entire thing, and the Cover Gallery includes a number of very clever references to a wide variety of comics, books, television, and movies: everything from The Exorcist to The Walking Dead to R.L Stine's Goosebumps and Stephen King to Stranger Things.

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