In Superman #304 (O'76), we are introduced to DOCTOR JENET KLYBURN, a beautiful, red-headed scientist attached to STAR Labs. She was brilliant and helpful to the Man of Steel and Superman came to depend on her for support.

But was she intended to be a potential love interest? Even though her initials weren't "LL", she certainly could have filled that role. She had none of Lois Lane's or Lana Lang's weaknesses and was superior to them in many ways.

Did Superman miss a great opportunity? Or were they better as friends?

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Her name is so similar to Jeanette Khan's, the publisher of DC Comics for a while, that I have to believe there's something we don't know.

I never made that connection, but I'm guessing you're right to make it. 1976 is also the year Ms Khan became publisher of DC. I don't know when exactly she started so I can't exclude the possibly that the character appeared before she was hired. Initially the character was a scientist who was friendly to Superman at S.T.A.R., which was run by Albert Michaels, who hated Superman. Michaels's hatred for Superman was eventually explained as due to his being a member of Skull, and Klyburn replaced him as head of S.T.A.R. after that revelation. Her first story was written by Gerry Conway. (S.T.A.R. Labs had been introduced earlier by, if memory serves, Len Wein. Michaels was reportedly introduced in Superman #303, by Conway. Martin Pasko revealed him to be a Skull leader and then turned him into the Atomic Skull.)

Captain Comics said:

Her name is so similar to Jeanette Khan's, the publisher of DC Comics for a while, that I have to believe there's something we don't know.

It could be a coincidence. They appear to have been consciously avoiding creating more "LL" characters, in a break from the past. OTOH, Wikipedia's DC Comics entry says:   "Jenette Kahn, a former children's magazine publisher, replaced Infantino as editorial director in January 1976." She wasn't yet publisher, but she was in their management.

At least if that's supposed to be a self insertion character based on an employee, she was a normal person, (even if being friendly with Superman might be considered today "Mary Sueish"), not an all powerful god that killed superheroes then brought them back just to prove he could and picked fights on Celestials just so he could show off beating them up like a certain very tall Marvel editor in chief who shall go nameless came up with.

One fun fact about her is that, Post-Crisis, she was supposed to be the love interest of the ALL NEW FLASH. He was to have energy powers and no connection at all to Barry Allen. Despite hints and promos, DC decided to go with the Wally West version instead.

Sounds a bit like what Stan Lee came up with for a Flash.

It does seem like somebody called "Flash" would have the power to make blinding lights like a camera.

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