American League East
1)The Boston Red Sox
2)The Cleveland Indians
3)The Gotham City Knights
4)The Metropolis Monarchs
5)The New York Yankees
6)The Omegapolis Allies

The American League North
1)The Central City Pioneers
2)The Chicago White Sox
3)The Detroit Tigers
4)The Milwaukee Brewers
5)The Minnesota Twins
6)The Toronto Blue Jays

The American League South
1)The Baltimore Orioles
2)The Philadelphia Athletics
3)The Saint Louis Browns
4)The Springfield Isotopes
5)The Tampa Bay Devil Rays
6)The Washington Senators

The American League West
1)The Kansas City Royals
2)The Los Angeles Angels
3)The Oakland Oaks
4)The Seattle Mariners
5)The Star City Rockets
6)The Texas Rangers

The National League East
1)The Boston Braves
2)The Brooklyn Dodgers
3)The Gotham City Griffins
4)The New York Giants
5)The New York Mets
6)The Philadelphia Phillies

The National League North
1)The Chicago Cubs
2)The Cincinnati Reds
3)The Metropolis Meteors
4)The Montreal Expos
5)The Neopolis 49ers
6)The Pittsburgh Pirates

The National League South
1)The Atlanta Crackers
2)The Florida Marlins
3)The Houston Astros
4)The Paragon City Heroes
5)The Saint Louis Cardinals
6)The Washington Nationals

The National League West
1)The Arizona Diamondbacks
2)The Astro City Stars
3)The Colorado Rockies
4)The San Diego Padres
5)The San Francisco Seals
6)The Seattle Pilots

Oh, and there's no DH or in-season interleague play.

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  • This is mostly done for amusement value.  I realize some of these are impossible - for example, I'm aware that the Montreal Expos and the Washington Nationals are the same team, really.  Also, I promoted a minor league team or two, and LA really should be an NL team, but I wanted to leave the Dodgers in Brooklyn. And I guessed at the locations of one or two of the fictional cities.

  • Oh, I meant to note - the Atlanta Crackers were a real baseball team, I didn't make them up.
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