When US Army intelligence agent Lieutenant Steve Trevor crashlanded on the island of Themiscyra in 1941, Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons decided to return him to his own people accompanied by an Amazon who would serve as an ambassador of love in a world increasingly dominated by Mars. When a contest was held to determine who this ambassador would be, Hippolyta was horrified to discover that the victor was her own daughter, Diana. Nevertheless, Diana was sent out into the world. Arriving in America, she adopted the identity of U.S. Army nurse Diana Prince, and began fighting evil as Wonder Woman. She soon made quite an impact, and in 1942 she helped inspire Helena Kosmatos to begin fighting crime as the Fury.

Although Diana had not come out into the world seeking romance, she found it, and in 1947 was married to Lieutenant Trevor. Their daughter, Stephanie Trevor,  was born in 1948.

While Wonder Woman was not a founding member of the Justice Society of America, she joined the group during the war years, and served with them on-and-off for decades. In 1960,  Diana joined with several other heroes to found the Justice League of America.


In 1961, a magical accident resulted in the creation of a thirteeen year old duplicate of Wonder Woman.  After some discussion, she came to live with the Trevors as Diana's "orphaned niece", Donna Troy. That same year, Stephanie Trevor and Donna Troy began fighting crime as the Wonder Girls (Thye would begin calling themselves Wonder Woman II and Wonder Woman III in 1968). In 1962,  Diana and Steve Trevor had a second daughter, Hippolyta "Lyta" Trevor. In 1968,.


Meanwhile, in 1976, Felix Faust created an infant duplicate of Ororo Munroe as part of a plot against the X-Patrol. The plot was foiled, but the infant was believed lost at sea. However, the child was washed ashore on Themiscyra in a cradle marked only with the name "Ororo". The child was adopted by Queen Hippolyta, and raised as Princess Ororo.


In 1983, Lyta Trevor began fighting crime as the Fury II, helping to found the team Infinity, Inc., along with several other young super-heroes. Lyta married teammate Hector Hall in 1985. Their son Daniel Hall was born in 1986.


In 1992,A Chinese woman named Tung became Wonder Woman IV, fighting as a member of the Heroic Trio.


In 1996, Princess Ororo became Wonder Woman V. Three years later, Cassie Sandsmark was granted powers by Zeus and became Wonder Girl III. (She became Wonder Woman VII in 2006.) In 2002, Maria Mendoza became Wonder Woman VI and helped found a Los Angeles-based branch of the JLA.  In 2016, Peng Deilan became the Wonder-Woman of China.

Little is yet known about how the legend of Wonder Woman continues beyond this point, although it is known that even in the far future of the 857th Century, Wonder Woman VIII was a founding member of Justice Legion A.

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