The story of the Westchester School began in 1963 when Professor Charles Xavier and Niles "The Chief" Caulder met in a coffee shop in New York City. Discussing their future plans, they decided to combine their efforts, founding the Westchester School for Gifted Youngsters and its affiliated field operations team, the X-Patrol. The initial members of the X-Patrol were the Angel II (Warren Worthington III), the Beast ( Henry McCoy), Cyclops (Scott Summers), Elasti-Girl (Rita Farr), theIceman (Bobby Drake),  Marvel Girl (Jean Grey), Negative Man (Larry Trainor) and Robotman II (Cliff Steele). The school quickly became a haven and a training ground for mutants, metahumans and other unique individuals. The X-Patrol soon made a name for itself as a super-team, with many members serving with distinction, with several serving on other teams, such as the Avengers, and the Justice League of America, as well as helping to found other teams, such as the JLX and the X-League.

As the years passed, several of the school's original students became members of the faculty, in particular Scott Summers and Jean Grey, who married in 1970. The Summers' eventually had four children, Rachel, born in 1970, Raymond, born in 1971, Beatrice, born in 1972, and Jean (The Younger), born in 1973. All of their children would eventually attend the school themselves and go on to serve with distinction on various super-teams. When Professor Xavier left in 1980 to study the mystic arts, the Summers' took over the operation of the school, the Chief having passed away some years before.  The Summers' were instrumental in the founding of an affiliated institution, the school called "Hero High", aimed at younger students.

Scott and Jean Summers took early retirement in 1997. Operation of the school was taken over by Doctor Deirdre "Doomsday" Dey, a former colleague of the Chief's. In 2004, the Westchester School formally affiliated itself with P.S. 238, a school for younger metahumans founded on the advice of Professor Xavier (now known as Doctor Strangefate) and funded by the Wayne Foundation and X-Patrol alumnus James "Logan" Howlett. The new school's first principal was Benjamin J. Grimm, a member of the JSA and formerly a member of the legendary Fantastic Four. Between them, P.S. 238, Hero High and the Westchester School were able to aid in the development of pupils of almost any age.

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