(Note: For those characters that don't have a fixed birth year, the ages are estimations based on when I imagine they were born, assuming they aged normally.)

The Avengers (Headquarters: Avengers Mansion, New York City)

1)Captain America (Freddy Rogers) - Age: 35. Formerly known as "Captain America Junior", he is the son of Steve Rogers and Kara Zor-El (a.k.a. "Linda Lee Rogers").

2)Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau) - Age: 58. A being of living energy, she doesn't appear any older than she wishes to. One of several heroes to bear the name "Captain Marvel".

3)Ginormica (Susan Murphy) - Age: 30. Once called a "monster", she proved her worth after helping to save the Earth from an alien menace.

4)Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) - Age: 26. Heir to the mantle of Clint Barton.

5)Iron Woman (Antoinette "Toni" Stark) - Age: 41. Daughter of Iron Man, She oversees the team's financial needs.

6)The Quizmaster (Edward Nigma III) - Age: 36.  Grandson of the Riddler, he seeks to restore the family's reputation through his heroic career.

7)Sailor Mercury (Mizuno Ami) - Age: 39. A former member of the Sailor Senshi, she came to the US to study, and stayed on. she is the team's computer expert.

8)Spider-Man (Miles Morales) - Age: 20.The youngster of the team.

9)The Vision (Victor Shade) - Age: 47.  (His age reflects the number of years since he was constructed.) The longest-serving current member of the team. In many ways, he is the heart of the group.

Since the Avengers is not a "legacy" group like the JSA, I tried to throw in a few "curveballs" here, with heroes that you might not have expected.


The Justice Society of America (Headquarters: The JSA  Brownstone, New York City)

1)The Atom-Smasher (Albert Rothstein) – Age: 53. This is the earlier, "earnestly trying to honor Al Pratt's legacy" Atom-Smasher, not the later "tormented war criminal" Atom-Smasher. He is married to Shadowcat.

2)The Flash (Jay Garrick) –Age: 96. My take on the super-speedsters is that they can't possibly be more than roughly akin to normal humans.  As far as I'm concerned, Jay Garrick only looks old because he thinks he ought to.

3)The Green Lantern (Alan Scott) – Age: 98,  Alan Scott is another hero who is effectively immortal, kept alive by the Starheart energies of his ring

4)Mister Terrific (Michael Holt) – Age: 41, The "brains" of the team.

5)Ms.Marvel II (Kamala Khan) – Age 18. One of the team's younger, "legacy" heroes.

6)Power Woman (Karen Kent) – Age: 60. I don't think that Kryptonians are immortal, but I do think  they're extremely long-lived, even a half-Kryptonian like the Earth-44 Karen. I figure she probably still looks around 25, until you look into her eyes.

7)Shadowcat (Kate Pryde Rothstein) - Age: 48. Al and Kitty are very much "Mom and  Dad" figures to the younger JSAers. (I never went for the Kitty-Piotr romance. As far as Earth-44 is concerned, Kitty's adolescent crush on Colossus is something that Kate looks back on with amusement.

8)Spider-Woman IV (Gwen Stacy) – Age: 19. As I stated in the notes, this is not the Silver Age Gwen Stacy.

9)Starwoman (Courtney Whitmore) – Age: 32. A former "kid" hero, now an experienced veteran.

10)The Thing (Benjamin J. Grimm) – Age: 90.  I always thought it would be interesting if the "plus" side to Ben's condition was an extremely prolonged lifespan.  With the other FFers no longer active, Ben now hangs with his fellow old-timers in the Society.

11)Wildcat (Ted Grant) – Age: 95.I never really liked the "Ted Grant has nine lives" gimmick. I just figure that Ted is like an Occidental version of those "Ascended Master" types you see in martial arts stories, sort of like the Kame Sen'nin in DragonBall.

12)Wonder Woman VII (Cassie Sandsmark) Age: 29. Another former "kid hero". I imagine her as closer in style to the way the character was originally presented, than what she later became.

Overall, I tried to stick to the "older heroes tutoring legacy heroes" theme of my favorite JSA stories. I notice younger heroes are female. That's not deliberate.  

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  • I'll be adding more teams to this as I think them over.

  • Just like the Bronze Age JSA where the men were for the most part older than the women.

    Yeah, Atom-Smasher needs to be rehabilitated! Hated what they did to Infinity Inc.!

    It never occurred to me but yes the Thing with his WWII service would be a contemporary to the original JSAers! Another tip of my hat to you, Sir!

  • Added in the Avengers.

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