The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles


1.1 The Calendar Man - p
1.2 The Top of the Tree - p
1.3 The Light Keepers - p
1.4 False Coronets - p

2.1 The Evolving Dead - p
2.2 The Day Before They Came - p
2.3 The Melting Pot - p
2.4 A Tragical History - p

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  • First of all, thanks to Bob for indexing this series ten months before I was ready to start listening to it.


    "Answering a cry for help, the Doctor and Amy arrive on a misty colony world – but nobody thinks anything is wrong. Nobody, except for one young woman, hiding in shadows and scribbling in her notebook. Soon, Amy is on the trail of missing colonists, while the Doctor strides into the fog in search of a fairy-tale. But time is running out, and the Calendar Man is flicking through the pages of their lives…"

    Big Finish has hired an actor named Jacob Dudman to do the voice of the Eleventh Doctor, and his impression if Matt Smith is positively uncanny. This being a "chronicles" series, it's more like an audiobook than the full cast dramas I usually listen to. Dudman is the narrator and also provides the voice for Amy Pond as well as the Doctor. He does a reasonable facsimile of Amy's Scottish brogue, but is obviously not a woman. He Doctor is remarkable, though. Each story has one or two other actors to flesh out the cast. The "Danny Horn" listed on the cover above is not the blogger we know from "Dark Shadows Every Day" and "Super-Heroes Every Day." 

  • Tracy's car is in the shop so I'll be driving her to and from work for as long as it takes to be repaired, perhaps longer. That means more Doctor Who during the commute for the duration. But we both miss our commute time, I think, and we only stopped it when gas prices got so damned expensive (it just didn't make sense to make two 20 mile round trip drives per day when one would do). But now gas prices are back to normal and we have a backlog of audios to listen to.

    I thought we had listened to the first two episodes of the first set, but either we listened to only one or I forgot to say something about "The Top of the Tree." It doesn't matter much if we listen out of order because they're all standalone, anyway. In any case, we listened to "The Light Keepers" this morning. As I mentioned above, the "chronicles" aren't the full-cast dramas we prefer, but rather narrated "dramatic readings" with multiple voices and sound effects.

    THE LIGHT KEEPERS: "Dorium Maldovar has a problem. The self-styled ‘Beacon People’ are bad for business, and now they’re in his shuttle park, digging for mysterious minerals. When the Doctor crashes into his life once again, Dorium enlists him to find out what these scavengers are really up to inside their lighthouse. But a lighthouse signals danger – and this beacon was placed to warn of something more ancient and powerful than anyone knows. Something that is returning."

    The "lighthouse" is in the shape of a colossus with a beacon atop, but it is actually built to absorb light energy rather than send it out. The thing is, it has imprisoned a god/alien which exists as light. Not a bad one to start back up with. Tomorrow we'll have to go back and listen to the one we skipped. 

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