This is a re-post of something I originally posted on the old board, which I will update and edit as I can.  It's my thought and reflections on all the Dalek stories (and a few non-Dalek stories that refer to the Daleks), with my thoughts and questions. It's not done in "broadcast order", but instead in the order that I imagine the stories occurring from the Daleks' viewpoint, which sometimes is broadcast order and sometimes isn't.  Readers (if any) are encouraged to praise, mock or ignore my theories as the spirit moves them.

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"Resurrection of the Daleks"

In the future, the Daleks free Davros from the prison the humans have placed him in. The Movellans have defeated the Daleks by using a virus that attacks Dalek tissue, and the Daleks need Davros to work on a cure. Meanwhile, Davros has his own plans, and begins converting Daleks to be loyal to him. The Daleks have used a time corridor to store samples of the virus in an abandoned warehouse in 1984 London, where the Fifth Doctor, Tegan Jovanka and Vislor Turlough soon arrive.  They discover that the Daleks have been using duplicates of human leaders to surreptitiously gain control of the Earth, although these duplicates tend to throw off their conditioning. The Doctor manages to defeat the Daleks by releasing the Movellan virus, apparently killing them all, and Davros, too.


24)The Doctor seems to consider the Daleks' time corridor technology dangerous. The Daleks have obviously advanced in bioengineering, although the conditioning of their duplicates is faulty, and the original personality tends to re-assert itself.  Davros is shown to be aware of the existence of the Time Lords and Gallifrey, and views them as a target (perhaps the Doctor mentioned them under duress during "Genesis").


"Revelation of the Daleks"

The Sixth Doctor and his companion Peri Brown visit the planet Necros, home of Tranquil Repose, a combination cemetery/suspended animation center, to pay their respects to a recently-deceased friend of the Doctor's. There they discover that Davros, posing as the "Great Healer", has been converting the people in suspended animation into Daleks loyal to him.  Two staff members summons Daleks from Skaro who battle Davros' Daleks and take him to Skaro for execution.  The remaining Daleks on Necros are destroyed.


25)Interestingly, Davros knows the Sixth Doctor by sight, having erected a tombstone with the Sixth Doctor's face on it as a gag. This would imply an unrecorded encounter between the two (or perhaps Davros has been spying on him).  Interestingly, the Daleks from Skaro do not recognize the Sixth Doctor as their old enemy. No explanation is given as to how Davros survived the Movellan virus, or set himself up on Necros. This is the first time we are shown humans being physically converted into Daleks. The Daleks are seen to be based on Skaro again, perhaps having set up shop there after the events of "Destiny".


"Remembrance of the Daleks"

In 1963, two factions of Daleks vie for control of the Hand of Omega, an ancient Gallifreyan stellar manipulator that the Doctor has left in London. The Seventh Doctor and his companion Ace try to keep the human race out of the crossfire. Eventually, Daleks loyal to the Emperor (who turns out to be Davros) gain control of it, but it self-destructs upon reaching Skaro, destroying the planet.


26)No explanation is given as to how Davros escaped execution or gained control of Skaro.  He must've pulled off a really good trick, since his Daleks now control Skaro, and the Daleks not loyal to him are now considered renegades. Dalek time travel technology seems to have improved, as the Imperial Daleks moved their mothership through time. Even more impressively, the Renegade Daleks apparently travel through time using a Van de Graaf Generator. Both sides use heretofore unseen technology. The Imperial Daleks have a Special Weapons Dalek, which is heavily armed and armored. The Renegades use a battle computer to which they have slaved the mind of a human girl.  It is implied that the Doctor himself made the Daleks aware of the location of the Hand of Omega, although he wasn't expecting two Dalek factions. (Actually, the Doctor's plan seems unnecessarily convoluted here.  Why not  just use the Hand against Skaro himself, if he wants to? Why leave it in the middle of London? Why not some lonely planetoid where there's no chance of anyone getting hurt?) For that matter, it is implied that the First Doctor left the Hand of Omega as a trap for the Daleks, even though in "The Daleks" he didn't seen to know who they were.  Davros again threatens the Time Lords, indicating that he considers the Time Lords his primary enemy. Though the renegade Daleks and the Imperial mothership are destroyed, Davros is seen to use an escape pod.


"The Chase"

The Daleks have built a time machine capable of pursuing the TARDIS through spacetime, and chase the First Doctor and his companions Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright and Vicki.  The Doctor and friends defeat the Daleks, and Ian and Barbara use the Dalek timeship to return home before it self-destructs.


27)We see here that the Daleks finally have time travel capabilities close to those of the Doctor. It is possible that they targeted the First Doctor in the hope that eliminating him would alter history in their favor.


"Mission to the Unknown"

A Space Security Service agent from far future Earth visits the planet Kembel, where he discovers a Dalek base and a plot against humanity. However, he is killed before he can report back to base.


28)This was a one-episode prelude to "The Daleks' Master Plan" in which none of the regular characters were featured. It's fun to speculate that Kembel became the new base for the Daleks after the destruction of Skaro.


"The Daleks Master Plan"

The Daleks, with the help of a host of alien allies, the Meddling Monk and the treacherous Mavic Chen, plot to complete their ultimate weapon, the Time Destructor and gain control of Earth's Solar System.  The First Doctor and his companions Steven Taylor and Katarina work to stop them.


29)The Daleks development of time technology continues apace, though one wonders how much help they had from the Monk. We see that they continue their pattern of using alien allies as they see fit. While they have no real use for these allies, humanity seems to be a chief obsession with them.

Well, that's all the Dalek stories from the original series. Next will be the Dalek stories from the new show.



The Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler visit Utah in 2012, where they discover a lone Dalek survivor of the Time War being held by industrialist Henry Van Statten. Absorbing genetic material from Rose, the Dalek regenerates itself and goes on a rampage. However, infected by Rose's "Human Factor", the Dalek ends up questioning itself, and finally suicides.


30)This Dalek is more formidable than any seen before, having a rotating midsection and a projectile-melting force field. Additionally, it can cause anyone that touches it to burst into flames if it desires. It stands to reason that for the Daleks to make war on the Time Lords, they would've upgraded their capacities considerably.  The Doctor describes the Time War as "the last great Time War" implying that there may've been other and/or lesser Time Wars.  The Doctor describes a final battle in which ten million Dalek ships, were destroyed, along with Gallifrey and the whole of the Time Lord race. "I saw it happen, I made it happen", the Doctor said. Myinitial  impression was that the Doctor engineered the destruction of the Daleks, but that the Time Lords were too closely engaged with them to escape whatever destroyed their enemies. As we will see later, this was not quite correct.


"Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways"

The Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness are drawn to  Station Five in the far future, where they find humans being forced to compete in lethal gameshows.  They find that the Emepror Dalek, having survived the Time War, has been secretly manipulating humanity, harvesting the dregs of Earth to create a new army of Daleks, who worship him as a god. Rose absorbs energy from the TARDIS and destroys the Daleks.


31)There is no indication that the Emperor here is Davros - the Doctor certainly doesn't seem to recognize him as such. The new Daleks know of the Doctor, he is a legendary bogeyman to them, the only thing they fear. It is revealed that in the legends of Skaro, the Doctor is known as "the Oncoming Storm".

"Army of Ghosts"/"Doomsday"

The Tenth Doctor and Rose return to Earth to discover that there has been a worldwide plague of "ghosts". Their exploration of the ghosts leads them to Torchwood Tower, where they discover a mysterious sphere that the Doctor recognizes as a void ship. The ghosts are revealed to be the Cybermen of a parallel universe.  As they overrun our Earth, the sphere opens to reveal four Daleks who call themselves the Cult of Skaro, and who are guarding something they call the Genesis Ark, which turns out to be a Time Lord prison ship. The Daleks and Cybermen come into conflict, and the Doctor manages to trap them all in the void. However, at least one of the Cult of Skaro is seen to escape through time.


32)The Daleks say that the Ark is all that remains of the Time Lord homeworld. It's fun to speculate how the Daleks recovered it. Perhaps a raid on Gallifrey during the war?  Considering that this story appeared to take place before "Dalek", one wonders how it is that Van Statten had no idea what a Dalek is. Either history has been rewritten, or Van Statten wasn't so clever as he  liked to think he was.


"Daleks in Manhattan"/"Evolution of the Daleks"

The Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones visit Manhattan in 1930, where they discover that the Cult of Skaro have set up shop under the Empire State Building, kidnapping the homeless as part of a plan to create a race of Dalek/Human hybrids. Dalek Sec becomes the first such, and begins to question the Dalek way of life. The others turn on him, and in the ensuing battle, the Dalek/Humans are destroyed, along with all of the remaining Daleks except for Dalek Caan, who again escapes into time.


33)We see that all four members of the Cult of Skaro survived "Doomsday" (in that episode, we only see Sec escaping). One has to wonder if all Daleks have time travel capabilities, or just the important ones. I lean towards the latter view myself.


34)I also wonder if Manhattan was a deliberate choice of destination for the Cult, or if it was more of a desperate "any port in a storm" choice. It's fun to suppose that they remembered the Empire State Building from their previous (from their point of view) visit during "The Chase".


35)I'm always amused by how, whenever Daleks are "tainted" by humanity, they start to become "good". I sometimes think it might be more realistic to have a "humanized" Dalek who stays "evil" if perhaps in a somewhat less "Dalek" way.


"The Stolen Earth"/"Journey's End"

The Daleks  and Davros hijack the Earth, as part of an attempt to destroy all of reality. They are defeated and (supposedly) destroyed by the Doctor and his friends.


36)I do wonder if the Earth had to be one of the 27 planets - that is, whether each of the 27 planets had some peculiar quality that made them the only suitable planets the Daleks could use, or if choosing the Earth was a sort-of "in your face" from the Daleks to the Doctor.


37)One could ask where Davros - with only the deranged Caan to help him - got the materiel to rebuild the Dalek race and to build the Crucuble. My assumption is that there were probably hidden Dalek bases and/or weapons dumps scattered around spacetime, and that Davros accessed one of these.


38)Davros has abandoned the "Emperor" module he wore in "Remembrance". Too constricting, perhaps?


39)If Davros created the new Daleks from scratch, one could wonder how he let them get away from his control again. I suppose it's just in the nature of Daleks that they're going to overcome any attempt to control them.


40)In one scene, the Daleks demonstrate a sort of "revved-up" attack that we haven't seen before.  They've also overcome the "impaired vision" problem, evidence of the ways they've learned to improve themselves.


41)The Doctor refers to the entire war being "timelocked" - presumably some sort of set-up to prevent either side from going back and reversing their defeats or undoing the other side's victories. Of course, the fact that Caan managed it once means that it can be overcome, and that, inevitably, someone will do it again.


42)Reference is made to something called the "Nightmare Child", presumably a weapon of one side or the other.


43)The Daleks are shown to have developed "TARDIS trapping" technology - necessary if you're going to fight Time Lords.


44)Even more amazing, they've learned to speak German.


45)The basic problem I have with this whole "Reality Bomb" scenario is the same problem I had with the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" - that is, to destroy infinite universes would require infinite power and take an infinite amount of time.


46)The final question is: What if the Daleks had won? What were they planning to do?  Presumably, they would exterminate the inhabitants of the 27 planets and then settle the worlds with Daleks, but then what? They'd have only the finite resources of the 27 worlds to live off of, and once they'd used those up, there'd be nowhere for them to go, and nothing for them to do.


The Baron said:

"... - with only the deranged Caan to help him - "


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