This is a re-post of something I originally posted on the old board, which I will update and edit as I can.  It's my thought and reflections on all the Dalek stories (and a few non-Dalek stories that refer to the Daleks), with my thoughts and questions. It's not done in "broadcast order", but instead in the order that I imagine the stories occurring from the Daleks' viewpoint, which sometimes is broadcast order and sometimes isn't.  Readers (if any) are encouraged to praise, mock or ignore my theories as the spirit moves them.

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I know its only Doctor Who, but the Daleks plan to destroy the entire universe made no sense!  Where's the percentage in that?


Also, where the hell was the percentage in running Earth as a Big Brother (TV show) obsessed society?  It's not the Daleks' style is it?


Modern Who was made with only the mass audience in mind who would watch each show once on a Saturday night, and just be carried away by the "Yikes!!!" moments, without thinking too much about them.


"Doctor Who trapped in the Big Brother House!  Yikes!!"


"The Daleks about to destroy the whole universe.  THE.  ENTIRE. UNIVERSE.  Yikes!!!"


Moffat does write with one eye on the DVD repeated watches market, but sticks loads of nonsensical "Yikes!!!" moments in there too, for the Saturday night crowd.  Maybe he falls between the two stools.


I've only skimmed most of your posts as I've only watched a tiny fraction of the Who shows out there.  Still, I'm curious as to why you placed the 8th Doc TV movie so early in Dalek history?


(Great thread, by the way.)

 Still, I'm curious as to why you placed the 8th Doc TV movie so early in Dalek history?


It seemed like a good idea at the time.   :)

Does Skaro get blown up at any point?  That would boost your choice.


Were you tempted to interleave any of the novels or audios this go around?

I don't know enough about them.  Our Jeff would be the man to do that, if he had a mind to.

Does Skaro get blown up at any point?


Skaro gets blown up at the end of  "Remembrance of the Daleks". Of course, given what we've heard about the Time Wart, then for all we know, it got un-"blown up" at some point.

"The Waters of Mars"

The Doctor attempts to alter the fate of a doomed Earth colony on Mars.


47)Adelaide Brooke recounts her encounter with a Dalek during the events of "The Stolen Earth"/"Journey's End". The Dalek looked at her, but then left without exterminating her. The Doctor specualtes that the Dalek sensed that Adelaide's death was a fixed point in time, and so refrained from killing her.  I've wondered about that, sinc eif the Daleks were planning to destroy all of creation, why would killing her make a difference? I've thought of a few possibilities:

a)Maybe that particular Dalek didn't know the full story of what they were planning - Joe Average-Dalek maybe isn't necessarily prviy to the Supreme Dalek's plans


b)Maybe the Dalek did know but didn't want to disturb the "Web of Time" until the Daleks were sure they were going to be able to destroy it.


c)Maybe the Dalek got called away right at that moment - it got orders to go elsewhere, and stopping to kill one kid wasn't worth whatever penalties its superiors would exact for tardiness.


"The End of Time"

The Master returns with one of his sillier plans, but it's all only a prelude to the return of the Time Lords.


48)At the beginning of Part Two, we are vouchsafed a glimpse of the last day of the Time War. We see that the  Citadel of the Time Lords has been heavily damaged, and is surrounded by crashed Dalek saucers.  It certainly looks as though the Daleks made a desperate assault upon Gallifrey.  Perhaps this was the assault in which the Daleks recovered the Genesis Ark?


49)We also hear that the Doctor has fled Gallifrey with something called the "Moment" which he will use to destroy both Daleks and Time Lords. No idea what the "Moment" is, but it certainly sounds like a time-based weapon to me.


50)The Doctor describes several things/beings that arose during the Time War: The Skaro Degradations, the Horde of Travesties, the Nightmare Child, and the Could-Have-Been King and His Army of Meanwhiles and Never-Weres.  In my mind, these could be weapons developed by either side, or just horrors just arose as side effects of the war.

"Victory of the Daleks"

During the London Blitz, the Eleventh Doctor finds the Daleks posing as servants of humanity.


51)Yet another device where the Daleks need the Doctor's help to get it open.  I'm a little sketchy as to how the progenitor device knew that that the Doctor was the Doctor and how it knew he was telling the truth.  Maybe the Daleks sent a bioscan along with the Doctor's "testimony".


52)Yet again, one Dalek ship survives the Doctor's latest attempt to kill them all.  These Daleks are most likely survivors of ""Journey's End", although it's conceivable that they're survivors of "The Parting of the Ways", since the Daleks in both stories weren't "proper" Daleks.


"The Pandorica Opens"/"The Big Bang"

A huge alliance of aliens traps the Doctor in the perfect prison, which he promptly escapes from.


53)The Daleks are part of the Alliance that traps the Doctor. No explanation has been given on how that was arranged - at least, not yet.

"The Wedding of River Song"

Searching for information on the Silence, the Eleventh Doctor extracts data from a heavily-damaged Dalek.


54)No explanation is given as to how the Dalek got damaged. Maybe the Doctor was responsible, or maybe he was simply exploiting a known Dalek defeat. The Dalek seems to be a "new paradigm" Dalek, although I can't tell what color it is. Oddly, the Doctor taunts the damaged Dalek. Taunting a helpless enemy - even a Dalek - strikes me as an "un-Doctorish" thing to do.

Prepare to update this thread with new, previously unknown information concerning the Daleks once you have seen the series seven season opener. 'Nuff said!

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