• I got it, it's not bad despite the changes in the Rip Hunter character from the Silver Age. He's more of a loner and a brooder. Dan Jurgens has been handling Rip for a while now so he's in good hands. Superman, Green Lantern and Booster Gold are in it, too along with Booster cast members Skeets, Goldstar and Supernova. As for villains, there's Per Degaton and Despero.

    Rip is not happy searching for Bruce and has several secrets he's keeping from the heroes and us. One is easily guessable in the first few pages. If you like Booster Gold or want a companion piece to Return of Bruce Wayne, I easily recommend it!
  • In Zero Hour, Rip Hunter looked like a poor man's Cable, which is unfortunate as Cable himself looks like a poor man's dog's dinner! Hopefully, he's moved on a bit.

    I was tempted to get this as I have been enjoying the Time Masters' appearances in RoBW, but sometimes you have to know where to draw the line...

    For me, Jurgens time on Superman didn't quite suck, but it didn't sing either, which is another mark against this series (for me).
  • Other than as a means to maintain the trademark on characters that haven't been seen in a while (Claw, the S&S Starfire), I'm not sure if this story has a point. It's already jumped the rails and apparently has nothing to do with the story unfold in the Search for Batman.
  • Of course it has a point.

    ...A vanishing point.
  • Thanks for your opinions, guys! I had been enjoying Jurgens work on Booster Gold, but nevertheless dropped it a while ago during a "cut-back phase" with the option of tradewaiting in the future. I'll consider buying a tpb of this series if it's collected, but in the meantime, if the story gets significantly better (or worse), I'd be interested to hear about it in this thread.
  • Vanishing Point made a return to the DCU in one of last week's Convergence crossover/spin-offs. It piqued my interest, but I couln't remember reading it or why I didn't buy it. I'll check if my LCS has the backissues of tbp in stock this Wednesday. If not, anybody want to trade?

  • I know I saw that book for half off at my LCS recently, or maybe even more dirt-cheap--and by "recently", I mean "within the last few years", but I just couldn't bring myself to buy it.

    Jeff of Earth-J said:

    Vanishing Point made a return to the DCU in one of last week's Convergence crossover/spin-offs. It piqued my interest, but I couln't remember reading it or why I didn't buy it. I'll check if my LCS has the backissues of tbp in stock this Wednesday. If not, anybody want to trade?

  • Vanishing Point has much more to do with tying up various loose ends from Jurgens Booster Gold series than Return of Bruce Wayne.  As such, if you were going to read that volume of Booster Gold from start to finish, you'd have to read this.  (And also, reading VP without it's Booster Gold context would be p[retty thankless.) Having said all that, it all goes nowhere due to Booster doing such a pathetic job of protecting the time-stream, as the most useless hero that no-one has ever heard of.

    I suppose all DC series go nowhere at this point, which kind of fascinates me, but Booster Gold threw shapes as if it was doing something a little bit counter to Flashpoint with some developments that might have survived it, but I'm gathering that all the character 'arking' came to naught.

  • Last week, I checked the shelves for the tpb and the bins for the back issues, but didn't find it. In the interim I realized I looked under "V" when I should have looked under "T" (for "Time Masters: Vanishing Point"). I checked again yesterday, but still no luck. I've found it online, but there's still a local place I can look.

    I did find several BG tpbs that pick up from where I left off buying the series, and my LCS is going to be holding an anniversary sale in a couple of weeks. I've bee doing some internet research, too, and found that BG leads into "New 52" JLI, which leads in turn into the "Future's End" one-shot (which leads into Convergence). I bought the "Flashpoint" issues of BG (#44-47), the first issue of "New 52" JLI, and the "Future's End" one-shot.

    I've asked this before but I've never gotten an answer. Now I think I've discovered it for myself. I read the Flashpoint, but I wasn't clear how it came about. Flashpoint leads directly into "New 52," but led to Flashpoint? It's Vanishing Point, isn't it? One thing that turned me off about the "New 52" is I really had no idea how we got there. Flipping through Flashpoint last night, I see issue #5 does kind of explain it (I think), but a simple footnote would have been nice. It was a simple footnote in the BG "Convergence" spin-off" that led me to this (vanishing) point.

  • What led to Flashpoint?

    DC's sales approach of tailoring all their books towords the same ever -dwindling cohort of 40-something (and upwards) fanmen, chewing through all the storytelling capital built up over decades without adding muc that was new to the pot bears a lot of the blame. Then, as Marvel kept beating them at the comics sales game, and the penetration of the mass-market game, Johns, DiDio and co had to risk all on one last reckless throw of the dice. Clearly it was all done in an unseemly rush, as many tales from the creative end of thi gs will attest, and indeed as much of the product released in the 3 years since will attest.

    My point is that it was all done in such a rush that it's hard to trace the run up to it as any sort of creatively planned process. The answer we got was that Zoom didn't kill Flash's mum, and thus Superman is suddenly wearing his uptight armoured costume, causing bad temper and much gritting of teeth! It's not much of a set-up for a cosmic reset, but it's all we got. Hey-ho. Geoff Johns wrote it and he's the big man on campus.

    Has your reading of BG got past the point where Jurgens leaves - I think it is concurrent with Vanishing Point. Keith Giffen kind of illustrates a different approach to the endless recycling of old stories that BG provided up to that point. (and that DC were heavily dependent on linewide then.) He brings in a new cast member that completely disrupts the status quo and redefines the regular cast somewhat. He also created a whole new world with a dictator called something like egbert the unprepossessing or something. It gave me a chuckle at this less than awe-inspiring loser. But my main point is that Gifffen created him out of thin air and added him to the pot. Have you read my last DC 1,000,000 post? It kind of tracked DCs sorry decline in the run up to Flashpoint, using Booster Gold as our guide.
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