I thought a thread of this kind might help out our new members. If anyone has a question, just ask away.

When you're writing a post, you can make the html tags in it visible by pressing the 'html' button (the rightmost one above the reply box). This is particularly helpful if you want to put a "reply" quote at the start of your post. When you press the "reply" button immediately below a post you want to respond to, the board brings up a box with the post's text in a blockquote (at the bottom of the box). If you bring up the html, you can place your own text after the quote by placing it after the /blockquote instruction.

I sometimes write my posts in Word and then transfer them across. This can result in unwanted formatting effects, so when I do this, I switch to html format and cut out the chaff I don't want.

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Click on the tab "My Page." Select "Settings." At the bottom on the Settings screen there is a button labeled "Leave Captain Comics."

Kevin Ahearn said:

   Please tell me how I can get totally removed from this website. That's a tip I can use!

The other day, one of us noted that if a post was at the end of a page it can be overlooked.

If I go to a post from an email notice or from the home page and find myself at the top of a new page I've trained myself to check the previous page and go to the bottom to make sure I haven't missed something.

Often I find that I would have missed something if I hadn't done this. 

Today, on one of the threads I follow, three postings only resulted in one email notification.

Occasionally I have to look at the threads listed on the home page. If there was only a single posting for a particular thread sometimes I receive no email at all (even for the requested newly added threads). Looking at the home page helps to avoid missing these postings.

Probably because I haven’t finished migrating to 3.0. That’s just a guess, tho.

I just saw Ahearn’s message above for the first time. Glad you answered him, Richard. What was his complaint?

He wanted someone to read his fanfic. 

That's what it was.

Jeff of Earth-J said:

He wanted someone to read his fanfic. 

Oh, right, now I remember.

I tried....

I slogged through it slowly. Time I will never get back.

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