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I'm Craig Shutt, aka the "Mr. Silver Age" behind the Ask Mr. Silver Age column for the Comics Buyer's Guide. Captain Comics has generously offered up this space due to the ongoing troubles with maintaining a Forum over at CBG's site. I hope to continue the interesting historical discussions and wacky fun we’ve had there for many years.

Don’t let the “Silver Age” portion of the title confuse you: discussions here can range over any portion of comics history or even current comics that relate to ideas or stories from the past. If they were that restrictive, I wouldn't be able to post the cover I just did over to the left, which has been one of the favorites at the CBG Forum, don't ask me why.

There’s really no restriction on what we can talk about here, except that we must remain respectful of others’ opinions, even as we explain why they are dead wrong. In other words, just like Cap’s other sections.

Likewise, don’t take that “ask” portion of the CBG column literally.Certainly, questions are always welcome (and there are only a few dumb ones). But any topic someone wants to start a thread to discuss is fair game. Just like Cap’s other sections.

I  look forward to regathering the Legion of AMSA Fans at our new home and hope that you regular habitués of Cap’s Forum will quickly add this section to your regular haunts.

-- MSA

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Welcome to our dysfunctional family, Mr. S.A.!
Yes, welcome aboard!

Well, I'm glad you got that Goody Rickels cover out of the way early.  Where's Justice League of America #11?

I hope we don't break this forum like we did the one at CBGxtra!

Thanks for adopting us, Captain!



I actually considered posting JLA #11 in the initial post, but then I decided not to busy it up with too much. And it would make the point better that we were willing to talk about anything here to have that (shudder) cover all by itself there. 

Because, really, if a guy is willing to post that cover to kick off a Silver Age-themed discussion section, it's apparent that there's really nothing off limits.

But you're right, The Greatest Silver Age Comic cover does need to be posted here quickly, just so I feel at home.

It also gives me a chance to try out the Image function in the Reply section, which is just as easy as it is to start a Thread. I especially like the Resizing button, which lets me post a picture any size and position it. It doesn't get much easier.

No doubt we will quickly learn the limits of posting covers, etc. here, and I'm looking forward to it. Rumors that we broke the CBG site are just that, unless using it is what broke it. Most people weren't taking that chance. 

Glad to see you here, Hoy! I hope the rest of the AMSA Forumites find their way here shortly. I'm looking forward to getting back to talking about old comics.

-- MSA

Glad to see you here, Mister SA! I've missed your forum! Welcome to Dave and Hoy from Starcommader1!

Flash's Rogues are probably a separate discussion worthy of a thread of their own, Mark. To some extent, I think Captain Cold is Flash's arch foe, in that arch foes are the opposite of the hero (Lex, Joker, Sinestro, etc.). Professor Zoom obviously qualifies, but the Flash is Mr. Speedy Molecules, while the Captain slows them down.

The Mirror Master has a long pedigree, and I'd have to check some of them to see what his weapons have been. More recently, he's become scary as the Mary Worth of villains, showing up in mirrors, which has real potential. Start up a separate thread so it's not buried here and see what people think.

Glad to see you, Star! I knew you hung out around here from my earlier visits, and I hope you'll join in the new Forum. I figured combining forces would work out well for some members who are familiar with both sites.

-- MSA

Mark S. Ogilvie said:

I was curious about the Flash Rogues Mirror Master and Captain Cold.  I haven't seen many issues and while I think Captain Cold's offensive skills are obvious I'm really not sure how effective going from mirror to mirror would be in combat.



We've already discussed you're joining our august group of bloggers off line, Craig, but let me say it here, as well, officially:


Welcome aboard!  We're glad you're here!


Thanks, guys! I want to mention that, for those of you who follow bookmarks to get here or to other areas, you should go back to the Main page just long enough to admire that new Ask Mr. Silver Age logo added to the list of blogs along the left side.

Cap (through his web guru, Rich Lane) dressed it up and slotted it in there to take visitors directly to my blog, and I think it looks pretty snazzy. 

-- MSA

Nice to see we're back on the air!  I was going to post the JO141 myself before I found this end of the discussion - I found myself originally at the Superman on Trial post by following Mr. Age's email link - so it's nice to see that Mr. Age, as usual has taken the bullet for all of us. I'm a little unclear exactly how this all works as I only found my way to this threat by accident so is there some kind of info post that we can look at?

Aside from that, it's good to be back!


There's no real info post that I know of. At the top of the page is a list of options:

Main takes you to the front page, where you can click on my logo to go to my blog;

Groups takes you to the specialized discussions listed along the right-hand side of the page, which you can join if you're inclined;

Blogs takes you to a list of the Blogs, in chronological order, so right now my first one is at the top, but it won't stay there;

Forums brings you to a list of sections, of which Mr. SIlver Age is one, but General Comics has most of the action (but don't forget Movies & TV further down the page).

You can post new threads in the Forum sections as well as replies there and to Blogs and edit them, post photos, etc. Heck, you can write your own Blog post if you want. It's pretty intuitive I think, but ask any questions you want if you can't figure it out. Somebody will know the answer. It seems pretty easy to me--significantly smoother than CBG's last version, and we managed that one.

The only question I have is why the Forums have replies listed in chronological order, which makes sense to me, whereas Blogs have them listed in reverse order, so the most recent are at the top. That takes some getting used to.

-- MSA

As perhaps the first person to post a cover of Goody Rickels on the old Mr. Age Forum, I am quite pleased to see the Goodster given his proper due as the mascot of all that's good and wonderful about Silver Age discussions (even if they veer slightly outside the boundaries of the Silver Age itself).


Since Goody has already made his first appearance, I guess it would be up to me to throw a note of caution out there to those new to the Mr. Age Forum: Sometimes, it can get ugly around here, particularly when the topic comes up as to which comics did the greatest damage to the Silver Age, threatening in some cases to bring the entire decade of the 1960s crashing down around our heads as kids ran screaming from the spinner racks in fear and disgust, and angry parents vowed to the hapless shopkeepers, "I'll see your store closed down if you dare expose my innocent young son to that kind of horror ever again." Like, say, this here comic book.


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