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I haven't seen the original UK version. When you find time, I think you'll enjoy the US version too. It just started its second season. I've watched them all and love it. Those of you that enjoyed iZombie will be happy to see Rose McGiver as the living woman who can see and talk to them.  

Jeff of Earth-J said:

GHOSTS: Tracy found out about this show somewhere. We watched the first episode last night and I thought it was mildly amusing. We watched the second episode tonight and I am hooked. I think there's an America version as well, but we're watching the original British one. 

Rarely do I binge-watch, but I ran quickly through the first season of High School, adapted from Tegan and Sara's autobiography. Changes to the source notwithstanding, they did a good job. The book moves between the sisters' two perspectives and the series uses this technique, but the episodes also include events from the perspective of significant supporting characters: their mother, stepfather, and close friends. The coming-of-age tale features a number of angles: queer teens, twin tensions, developing musicians, and a portrait of a lost time and place, Calgary in the mid-1990s. Railey and Seazynn Gillilanda may be a tad too old at 21 to play fifteen-year-olds, but they give strong performances. It's beguiling to realize their remarkable depictions represent their first professional acting jobs. High School also benefits from strong writing.

In all fairness, the first season consists of eight half-hour episodes, so it's a quick watch.

"When you find time, I think you'll enjoy the US version too."

There are only 21 episodes in three "seasons" of the original, so we'll likely do that soon.

I haven't seen the original U.K. version of Ghosts, but I enjoy the American remake. I like how its structured so it can tell the stories of the main casts, flashback to the past when needed, add the occasional guest star ghosts (like Hetty's husband and the prom queen perpetually asleep in the attic), and also has Sam see ghosts when she ventures away from the property.

Will have to check out Ghosts.

Our current watch schedule includes Andor, Avenue 5, Barbarians, Pennyworth, The Peripheral, Stargirl, Titans and Yellowstone. This is not as big as our usual list, so we abet with movies now and then, almost randomly.

The new kid on this block is The Peripheral. It's by the same people who did the amazing (and occasionally incomprehensible) Dark, and yes, it features related stories in multiple time periods. But it's good, and we're hooked. Some really great cyberpunk stuff going on here, which is hardly a surprise, since it's an adaptation of a William Gibson book.

One thing to add: Chloë Grace Moretz and Jack Reynor play siblings in western North Carolina (Blue Ridge Mountains), and their Southern accents are fantastic. Absolutely flawless. I don't get to say that very often -- and, in fact, many of the other characters have terrible Southern accents -- so I'm glad I get to say it. Moritz has a leg up, in that she grew up in Atlanta. But Reynor is a wonder. He's Irish, but sounds like one of my cousins. Yes, as my wife points out, much of the South was settled by Scots-Irish immigrants -- my ancestors almost certainly among them -- and there's a distinct British Isles sound to some Southern accents, especially upscale South Carolina. But for a Brit to so completely master one of the local dialects is really impressive. It'd be like me suddenly sounding like one of The Beatles good enough to fool a Liverpudlian, instead of an American doing it badly.

I'm adding The Peripheral to my Prime watch list. Chloë Grace Moretz can do no wrong!

No. No, she cannot. Fantastic actress.

I'm enjoying The Peripheral as well. One of the few times I keep checking back for new episodes in advance of their release. I recommend the book very highly, too. I read it too long ago to testify to the accuracy of the translation to the screen. But it feels right: nothing has struck me as a distortion of the source material.

I made a mistake above. The Peripheral isn't by the same people who did Dark. The new show 1899 is by those people. (And it's on my list to sample.) We apologize for any inconvenience.

The Walking Dead, series finale. It was good. I hope everyone who bailed over the past season or so had a chance to see the end. (What am I saying? Here in the future, virtually everyone has a chance to see everything.)

We didn't watch it Sunday night, but we plan to watch it soon.My wife stopped watching TWD several seasons ago, and I stopped after the first 8 episodes of this season. We probably won't know what's going on, and won't care (since all the characters we care about except those with spinoff armor are dead), but hey, we'll do our due diligence and see who takes a dirt nap.

In the meantime, we've added The Great (Hulu) to our repertoire, and it is very good. (Maybe great.) It's verrrrrrry loose with actual history, but Elle Fanning is good, and Nicholas Hoult is fantastic as about the worst human being you'd ever care to meet.

GHOSTS (British): We finished watching season three last night. Little by little, how each of the ghosts came to die has been revealed. Although Kitty has had a "spotlight" episode, I was disappointed that her death was not revealed. This morning Tracy told me that there is a fourth season that is not yet available in the U.S. (Miranda was only three seasons; for some reason, I assumed Ghost was, too.) We will soon begin watching the American version of the show.

OUR GANG: I am still stuck in 1926. Tracy doesn't enjoy these as much as I do, and I seldom watch TV by myself. I'll get back to it, though. 

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