Criminal Minds: "Amplification"

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The Season 2 finale of Mission: Impossible.  Willy (dressed as a repairman) just distracted (and buddied up to) a guard by offering him a cigarette.

If he tried that trick today, the guard would have said "Are you trying to kill me!?!  You must be an American spy!"

I loved how most of the time Barney just walked around "fixing" things. Just act like you are supposed to be there and nobody will bother you. Sometimes that still works today.

Just act like you are supposed to be there and nobody will bother you. Sometimes that still works today.

I use that one all the time.

Doctor Hmmm? said:

HUB just started running Alf re-runs daily. 

Another show that Action Lad is gonna love, and The Lovely and Talented is going to give me the "What did I do to deserve this?" face about.

Phone call yesterday from The Lovely and Talented: "Your son loves ALF. {pause} Thank you so much."

Imagine icicles hanging off those words.  

I’m still working my way through season one of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Last night I watched the episode “Invaders.” Man! Star Trek’s “Space Seed” is an almost bet-by-beat rip-off, except featuring Robert Duval instead of Ricardo Montalban. (That, and the ending is more reminiscent of “[Doctor Who and] The Silurians.”)

Here’s an online synopsis from IMDb:

I polished off Season One of Eureka the other day, and am now working on Season Two.  It was a good refresher for last night's series finale.

Right now... 2nd season of B.L. STRYKER, 9th season of COLUMBO (when Peter Falk took over and it finally got GOOD again!), 1st season (of 6) of WKRP (don't let anybody tell you otherwise-- the revival 9 YEARS later was a legitimate continuation), the 5th season of THE AVENGERS, the B&W episodes of THE SAINT (the channel I taped the off of didn't run in them in any coherent order), and the only season of THE FLASH.

... and a partridge in a pear treeeeee.

The Green Hornet serial from 1940 (currently running on TCM).  Serials are sometimes a tough slog.  This one isn't -- it just may be my favorite serial ever.

Season One-And-Only of The Middleman. {Middleman!}  Curse you, ABC Family!

Also, I watched the first episode of Misfits last night.  (It's running on Logo,)  Partway through the show, there was an onscreen "ad" that said, basically, "If you want to see the version that was too racy for broadcast at 9:00 p.m., tune into the rerun at 1:00 a.m."  And I thought, "If all you're going to do is "unbleep" the F-word, I can figure that out for myself.  And if you're saying you censored out more than just that ... Holy Cr@p!"

I've been watching a little bit of Heritage Auctions live auction online. Comics way out of my price range.

The more episodes of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea I watch, the more I realize how indebted Star Trek is to its undersea predecessor. I have already mentioned the striking similarity of Trek’s “Space Seed” to Voyage’s “Invaders,” but last night I discovered another such example. Remember “The Ultimate Computer” from Star Trek’s second season? It’s the one in which the M5 computer was given complete control of the Enterprise during a series of war games and it destroyed another starship. “The Human Computer” starts with a very similar premise, but goes in a different direction.

On Voyage, Captain Lee Crane is the only man left aboard during the war games (so that a foreign power couldn’t board the ship as derelict and claim salvage rights under maritime law). Little does he know there is a spy aboard who has sabotaged the computer and plans to deliver the Seaview to his own country. Once Crane discovers evidence of the spy’s presence, a tense game of cat and mouse ensures, as the unarmed Crane tries to capture the armed spy and regain control of the ship.

Gene Roddenberry may have pitched Star Trek to NBC as an outer space western (a “wagon train to the stars,” as he put it), but it’s clear his writers were drawing inspiration from something other than westerns.

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