• Ghost Town
  • In order of which gets the most viewing time: Red Wings-Blackhawks, Nuggets-Lakers, and Red Sox-Twins.
  • Mental: "Pilot"
  • Dead Like Me: "Send in the Clown"
  • Extras on the Middleman DVDs.
  • We just watched last week's episode of Modern Family. It's the episode called "Coal Digger," and you can watch it online (for now, at least) at It has a line in it, about midway through the episode, that had me laughing so hard I literally* almost threw up.

    For my money, this is the best new show of the season.

    *I mean literally literally.
  • Just finished watching Firefly: "Serenity." An episode of season one of Damages is paused on another DVD player but I'm watching Scrubs: "My Musical" on the TiVo.
  • Doctor Who: "The Mind Robber"
  • Alex & I are watching Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. It's really good, thus far.
  • The Many Faces of Zorro, a 1999 documentary about the history of the character, its influences & imitators, and some real California history.
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