Criminal Minds: "Amplification"

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Jeff of Earth-J said:

SHE-HULK: We've tried to watch this two or three times now, but can't get connected to Disney+. We're paying for the channel but can't connect. Tracy says the problem is on Disney's end. Is anyone else having this problem?

I've had problems in the past connecting to Disney+, but not recently.

1) If you are using a cable-based Wi-Fi service it will sometimes be harder to connect depending upon how many of your neighbors are home and using Wi-Fi streaming.

2) If you are watching on the regular internet make sure you are connected to the U.S. website. I was trying to adjust something on one of the other streaming channels. After going nuts, I realized I was accidentally trying to log in to the Australian site.

3) If you are watching using a Roku or similar device, delete the channel from the device and add it back. It will likely tell you to go to the website on your computer to obtain a code which you will input on the TV screen. This will connect the streaming device to your account, verifying you're a paying customer.

We tried rebooting the router last might to see if that might help and we ended up losing the internet entirely for 24 hours. We've got the internet back now, and we're going to get a new router on Saturday. tonight we watched last night's...

TALES OF THE WALKING DEAD: The second episode was more like Doctor Who or Star Trek than TWD as Parker Posey and another woman are apparently caught in a time loop. 

Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella. ABC did a special retrospective on the movie in 20/20 just before the rebroadcast, that included interviews with all the surviving cast members -- sadly, we've lost Natalie Desselle-Reid and Whitney Houston since it first aired in 1997 -- and some behind-the-scenes footage.

At the time, Cinderella was the biggest hit ABC had on a Sunday night in two decades. It boasted a multicultural cast, with Victor Garber as the king, Whoopi Goldberg as the queen, Paolo Montalban as the prince, Bernadette Peters as the stepmother, Veanne Cox as stepsister Calliope, Desselle as stepsister Minerva, Houston as the fairy godmother, and young pop star Brandy as the first Black girl to play the title role.

At the time, it boasted the largest budget for a TV movie -- $12 million -- and you see every dime of it on the screen, in the elaborate sets, lavish costumes, and dozens upon dozens of dancers performing meticulous and intricate choreography.

And it was, and is, enchanting. Montalban and Brandy as the two caught up in love at first sight really make you believe it.

When it first aired, we watched it and videotaped it and watched it again the next night. And the next. And the next. And the next ... and the next ... and the night after that ... and the night after that ... and the night after the night after that ... 

... all told, we watched it every day for 30 STRAIGHT DAYS. I kid you not.

Last night when I watched it again, I was mesmerized. I was crying tears of joy throughout the whole show. I really can't articulate how wonderful and special it is to me.

Here's my favorite song:

THE ORVILLE: Season three of The Orville is just as big of an improvement over season two as season two was over season one. If you dismissed the show as "Star Trek with dick jokes," you really should give it another look. The Orville is now a serious science fiction show in its own right. Which is not to say there's no humor. In a scene reminiscent of the diplomatic dinner scene from Star Trek VI, check out this scene of the Union hosting the Krill for a performance of Annie, and the Krills' reaction to "the repeated prophecy of the orphan child."

TALES OF THE WALKING DEAD: S1 E3: This is, essentially, "The Origin of Alpha, Pt. 2" (my title, not the official one). We have already seen a flashback episode within the original series in which Dee took the first steps toward becoming "Alpha." This episode takes place among a group of refugees on a paddle wheeler in a swamp and takes the story up to where she encountered the "Whisperers" for the first time. 

OUR GANG: We are now up to v5 (1935-1936) and Alfalfa Switzer has joined the cast. 

STARGIRL: S3 E1: Could Starman be any more unlikeable?

Oh, I think he's PERFECT for the role he's playing. And that role (I suspect) is "Barry Allen" in Stargirl's adaptation of The Return of Barry Allen. 

Jeff of Earth-J said:

STARGIRL: S3 E1: Could Starman be any more unlikeable?

Interesting. Yes, you could be on to something there. 

It's funny -- watching Dark Shadows has made me more cognizant of stories being adapted but with different characters (and sometimes different outcomes). I mean, it's happened forever -- Avatar is pretty much Dances with Wolves starring the Blue Man Group, and of course, Dark Shadows precedes that, and there are tons of other examples -- but this one jumped out at me. It's a great DC story, but one that the Flash tv show is incapable of telling.  

And in this case, Pat and Courtney share the Wally role -- it's Courtney who's being replaced, but Pat's the one who loved and looked up to the man. So already there's a wrinkle that'll change the texture of the story.

TALES OF THE WALKING DEAD: S1 E4: A character study of two diverse personalities. The plot is pretty even-handed between both points of view. There is a choice to be made at the end but it is left up to the viewer to decide which option was chosen. Good episode. 

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